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The #noboringbooks Process

Julie Broad
Julie Broad Author Interview

Self-Publish & Succeed provides readers with a guide they can follow to get write, publish, and promote a nonfiction book that sells. Why was this an important book for you to write?

There are some great books on writing and some good guides on self-publishing but there wasn’t a comprehensive guide on writing a book with marketing in mind and setting it up for self-publishing success. This is the #noboringbooks process for writing a book with the reader in mind, publishing a top quality book, and setting yourself up sales success.

What is a common misconception you feel authors have about publishing a book?

That writing the book is the hardest part. I believe marketing the book is actually the most difficult, and if you haven’t positioned the book for marketing success right from the start you’re setting yourself up for a lot of additional challenges and struggles.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given before you published your first book?

Focus on the reader with everything you do. If you focus on your goals and your desire to be a bestseller you become the product instead of the book and it puts your ego in charge. Your ego doesn’t make good decisions when it comes to your book. Your book might be about you, but it’s not for you. It’s for your reader.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

The inspiration and steps to write a book that will have a massive impact on both the readers life and the life of the author.

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You can write a book—anyone can. But if you want to write a book that people will want or even need to read, it’s not as simple as sitting down to write. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful authors make.

Writing a book can be one of the smartest moves for your business success. But you need more than writing skills to create an impressive book that readers will love. You also need a plan to market, sell, and leverage your book into a new level of leadership within your industry to reach your professional goals.

In Self-Publish & Succeed, trusted best-selling author and entrepreneur Julie Broad shows you that writing a successful nonfiction book starts long before you write your first chapter. To write a book that boosts your brand, generates a profit, and makes you an influencer in your industry, you need the #noboringbooks way.

You’re about to discover:The reason why you’re not finishing your book—and how to overcome it.
Why most books are boring, and how to keep yours from being one of them.
Which editors you need to perfect your story and where to find them.
The one simple page that could generate thousands of sales.
Seven places to sell your book (and only one starts with “A!”).
Nonfiction doesn’t mean no fun. Write a money-making book that delivers meaningful impact. Self-Publish & Succeed is your step-by-step guide to writing, publishing, and marketing a book that will get attention, explode your career, and change people’s lives—including yours.

Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells

Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells by [Julie Broad]

Self-Publish & Succeed provides detailed step by step instructions, along with motivational anecdotes, that will help aspiring nonfiction writers understand everything they need to write and publish a book. I was amazed at how defined all the steps were and how it literally takes you from ideation, to publishing, to promoting and selling. Author Julie Broad has provided authors with an informative authorship guidebook that provides easy to understand advice and actionable information with proven techniques that she has used for her books and other authors at Book Launchers.

Each chapter covers a new topic and each topic is like a brick in the road to self-publishing a nonfiction book, from start to finish. With an easy and conversational tone readers are provided with plenty of anecdotes from the authors life and experiences that help set the right expectations and puts readers in the right frame of mind to absorb the information that is about to come. What I liked about this book the most was that it provided detailed instructions on how to specifically put into action the advice provided in the book. This is a nonfiction book about writing a nonfiction book. I say this because, along with all the tips in the book, you get to see the lessons put into action within this book. From the hook, to chapter titles, and down to starting a chapter by grabbing the reader’s attention. All of this helps to understand the points being made and provides great examples of how to execute it. This is like having a full publishing seminar all in one book. Where the information is too dense, the author provides links and resources for continued learning outside the book.

The title of chapter one is, “The Life Changing Book”. This is can be a life changing book for any aspiring nonfiction author that is struggling to get started, has no idea where to even begin, or anyone that has the desire but needs a roadmap. Self-Publish & Succeed delivers specific guidance and encouragement all in a friendly tone and easy to follow process.

Pages: 239 | ASIN: B08R16WBPT

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