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Terry Tumbler
Terry Tumbler Author Interview

Simply Spiffin! follows the exploits of a P.I. from the 60’s into the 22nd century. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

The original 77 Sunset Strip character Edd Byrnes, song Kookie Kookie Lend me your Comb.

Spiff’s character build-up in earlier books.

Spiff Tracey is a consistently entertaining character with uncanny investigative skills. What was the funniest scene for you to write for his character?

The seduction scene at the Temple of the Oracle at Delphi.

Stav the Stallion’s attempts to seduce Spiff’s wife Mata Hari.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

Pure story-telling enjoyment, coupled with technical editing skills I’ve acquired over the years.

Your stories usually have some humorous aspects. Is this intentional or a natural facet of your writing?

I do enjoy a good belly-laugh. The humor comes to mind naturally.

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Spiff Tracey, private eye, that was his handle in the 1960s.The exploits recorded herein, on his behalf, occurred over a long period, from the 1960s till the 22nd century. Yes, you’ve guessed it: like many talented people, he had been gifted with longevity in the world of the future.Cast in the same mold as his role model, Judge Dee, a circuit magistrate of the Tang dynasty, he gravitated from being a happy hippy private eye to that of a top-level roving justice enforcer, acting on behalf of the World Council. With future means at his disposal, Spiff achieved a nigh-on 100% conviction hit-rate.Early on in his career, he came to the attention of wealthy entrepreneur Thomas Beckon, who liked his style. This inventor of the driverless flying car was to play an influential role in his life.Spiff Tracey, Investigative Magistrate, that is his handle.Simply Spiffin!

Simply Spiffin!

Simply Spiffin! by [Terry Tumbler]

Spiff Tracey is one in a million. Case by case, he takes on the world. Fortunately for the world, Spiff outlives everyone and everything around him. His ability to continue to thrive well into the future is matched by none. Spiff also remains unmatched in his ability to investigate and bring the guilty to justice. When he is tasked with something quite different from all of his other cases to date, Spiff feels he is just the man for the job. Nothing is too difficult and nothing too challenging for a man of his means and vast experience.

Simply Spiffin!, by Terry Tumbler, is the third installment of the Carousels of Life series. Spiff Tracey, the book’s main character is virtually ageless and manages to bring his brand of investigative genius into every decade and every major world event. This futuristic tale smacks of science fiction while at the same time offering humor and bits of intrigue and drama. There is nothing Tumbler hasn’t thought of in book three of this series, and for a third in the series, I feel it can stand alone well.

It is always a breath of fresh air to come across humor in a book otherwise steeped in drama. Tumbler’s books have all of that and more. The bigger-than-life characters are well-developed and stand out against a backdrop of what can sometimes be overwhelmingly technical elements. Each new character is a treasure in Tumbler’s writing. It is not often that readers find themselves just as enamored with the supporting characters, but Tumbler manages to achieve just that effect.

One of the most unique aspects of Tumbler’s writing is the inclusion of song lyrics. There is nothing quite like Tumbler’s work. Nowhere else will readers be able to find the words to their favorite classic tunes woven throughout a work of engaging science fiction. It’s a special blend of music and mayhem and, as odd as it may sound, a nice fit. It’s a technique that is present in each of the works I have read by Tumbler and always makes me look forward to the next one.

Tumbler has again handed readers a fantastic main character, a stand-out cast of supporting players, and a wonderful science fiction plot. Spiff Tracey, the private eye and world traveler, will invite readers in, but Tumbler’s unique brand of writing will keep them coming back for more.

Pages: 336 | ASIN:  B08Q9YKT6L

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