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For My Sister

For My Sister by Puja Shah is a novel that follows two sisters, Asya and Amla, and how a sequence of events impacted their lives, shaping who they become. The first major life event they remember was when their mother became ill, how the suddenness of this tragic situation cements a bond between the sisters and during later events in their lives.

This coming-of-age story shares the lives of two individuals who, despite their close relationship, are vastly different in many ways. The author narrates from a profoundly personal but unique perspective that captures the reader’s attention, so they want to learn more. The significance of the girls’ early years quickly sets the foundation for many other changes and events later in life, which is well emphasized and woven into the story.

For My Sister by Puja Shah is a beautifully written and intriguing tale that delves deep into the struggles of women from around the world. For this reason, I really enjoyed the appreciation of the theme of this book, which is enhanced by exceptional storytelling. I would highly recommend reading this book, and sharing it, as it provides an important message of resilience, with rich characters and their experiences.

Pages: 284 | ASIN : 1646637968

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The Music We Make

The Music We Make tells the story of Santiago DeAngelo, who discovers he is the sole survivor of a car crash where his mother died at the scene of the accident. When Santiago wakes in a hospital to this devasting news, he soon learns that his emotionally distant father blames him for the incident. Santiago struggles with grief and shame, which complicates his relationship with family and friends.

The author does a great job of portraying the complexities of grief and how loss can profoundly impact the people involved and those closest to them. As Santiago tries to cope with his grief, he instead unravels and goes down a path of self-destruction, looking for an escape. Only when the unexpected inspiration comes to him does he realize his new journey is to pursue a life creating music. As Santiago embraces his new life, he must first face his past, battling his fears and inner demons, before he can find success. This emotionally-resonant story is well written and touches on many aspects of how loss can impact a person’s life and decisions. Santiago feels inspired when he believes his mother sends him to write a song in her honor.

Author Michelle Rene DeBellis delivers a heartfelt story that is conversational and straightforward and dives into Santiago’s psyche so that the reader has a clear idea of his emotions and reasoning from one scene to the next. It’s a tale that carefully captures the dynamics of grief and how inspiration can prevail over the darkest moments in one’s life. I enjoyed this compelling story, but I would have it enjoyed it more if the author described Santiago’s challenges in greater detail. The overall story was narrated well and touched on many aspects of the character’s experience, including how he was able to make a significant turnaround in his life. I recommend The Music We Make as I feel this book is a great read and an excellent inspiration for anyone struggling with grief and loss.

Pages: 393 | ASIN: B0B6XJJXP1

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