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How She Begins to Recover

Jessica Piro
Jessica Piro Author Interview

The Dragon of Russia finds Leila living with a team of Spetsnaz and facing down a sinister fate. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book one?

I wanted to expand further on Leila’s struggles with her personal demon and how she overcomes it by finding balance and learning to open herself for love again (romantic and friendships/found family).

Leila Wells continues to evolve in interesting ways. What were some challenges you felt were critical to her character development in this story?

I thought it crucial to show her hitting rock-bottom and how she begins to recover.

What scene did you have the most fun writing?

Pretty much any chapter with Alek (because he’s so fun), but I really enjoyed writing the scenes that has Leila delve into her psyche/reflects on herself.

What can readers expect in book three of your Phoenix Trilogy?

A return to the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament for confrontation with Bryan Foster, more drama that makes Leila question herself, and a worldwide paranormal threat revealed.

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A phoenix can only bring about destruction.
The Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament made Leila Wells embrace her dark side, known as the Phoenix. When its destructive nature becomes uncontrollable, Leila must tame it by leaving again.
Danger in Russia forces her to live with a team of Spetsnaz and their menacing leader, Dragunov—the feared Dragon of Russia. As events unfold, her heart finally starts to open. But a sinister fate lies ahead of them and they can’t escape it.

Book Two in The Phoenix Trilogy

The Dragon of Russia

The Dragon of Russia (The Phoenix Trilogy Book 2) by [Jessica Piro]

When the destructive nature of Leila’s dark side becomes uncontrollable she departs on a quest to gain control. She’s compelled to fall in with a group of Spetsnaz. Her heart finally starts to open but will she be able to fend off the ominous destiny ahead of her?

The Dragon of Russia is another riveting entry in Jessica Piro’s action thriller series. Leila is struggling with grief and relearning how to connect with others. Bryan Foster, another main character, was always scheming and plotting while Leila and her comrades (Russian soldiers) were trying to stay one step ahead.

I really enjoyed how the characters, old and new, continue to evolve throughout the entire book. Leila continues to be a complex and compelling character that is struggling to fight her inner demons, which sets her on an inevitable course of self-destruction. This unpredictable character transformation is something that I really enjoyed in the first novel as well, and this second entry in the series shows that the author has a real knack for character development.

Bryan Foster is the designated villain and his ‘crimes’ and schemes are continuously developing and are usually unpredictable. I like this aspect of the story because it kept me on the edge of my seat and always looking forward to seeing how the story would twist because of his actions. I’m not very familiar with Russian culture, but I think this novel does a great job of immersing readers in that culture, and it gives this novel a unique Russian flavor that I wasn’t expecting.

Leila must learn to love again, but not in the typical romance story sort of way. Her story is not one that is excessively written about, this makes her relationships with others very fun to read and captivating overall.

With solid action and a gripping continuation of the storyline from book one, The Dragon of Russia is a must read for fans of the series or of Jessica Piro’s writing. I can see her evolution as a writer and the improvement really shows in this novel.

Pages: 372 | ASIN: B0945RY6ZS

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