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Marieke Lexmond Author Interview

The Magical Tarot Deck follows a magical family who is targeted by a stranger that stole a tarot deck, allowing him to attack the family from afar, they must find out who it is before they disappear. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Clearly, I love tarot cards! How they work, the different decks! This is how the Madigan Chronicles came into existence all those years ago. The thought that it would be so cool if the main characters represented the Major Arcana and what would happen if the cards came to life and got used against them. It started as a screenplay for a movie, but it was too complex for an hour and a half story. Many years later it had changes completely, but “the Magical Tarot Deck” did end up being the main focus of a whole book!

What was your inspiration for the interactions and backstories of their characters?

This is a difficult question. I get inspired by many things and it’s something I actively pursue. I’m a big believer that creativity inspires creativity, so I like to do things that touch on my stories. Long walks in a forest or along a beach. Make spells, which I sell on my website . Life is about experiences, and writing is molding these experiences, observations, feelings— mix it with a healthy dose of fantasy and create characters and stories. It’s an opportunity to explore dualities in us, as a re-occurring theme in my books is ‘balance’. There are always two sides to a coin!

When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

I generally know where a book is going, but I leave plenty of room for surprises when I write. This will eventually be a six-book series and even though I know how it must end, story lines have been changing along the way. If I plot in too much detail, I lose interest in the story. I like to be taken on a ride sometimes with what goes on in my head!

What can readers expect in book 3 and when will it be available?

“The Wand” the Madigan Chronicles #3 is available! In the third installment of the Madigan Chronicles, the struggle to keep the elemental powers safe continues, and the family dramas deepen.

Ceri has a hard time finding the balance as the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human. Alienating her daughter, who finds a dangerous friend in Mab, the Queen of Fairy.

In the meantime, Maeve must face up to her teenage trauma and wrestles with accepting her true self. Bridget does her utmost to help her twin, to make up for some of the pain she had caused by leaving her behind all those years ago. At the same time, she is forced to take on a responsibility she never wanted and upsets the entire family in the process.

Currently I’m writing “The Cup” the Madigan Chronicles #4 in which the world expands, and we also get to know more about Luna and Freya.

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“The Magical Tarot Deck” is an exciting fiction novel that readers of fantasy will love. In this gripping sequel of The Madigan Chronicles, the Madigans thought they could relax after they retrieved the Dagger of Consciousness, but malicious Lucy takes possession of the family’s Magical Tarot Deck. Now they must get it back in time before she will use it against them. Lucy sees her chance not only for revenge but also to pressure the Madigans to return the Dagger. More family secrets are forced into the open and magical talents emerge.

The Magical Tarot Deck is comprised of twenty-two cards, and on each card, a family member is illustrated. When a question is asked and a particular card comes to life, the person on the card gets ripped from wherever they are in their current life, until they fulfill the question.

The Magical Tarot Deck

The Magical Tarot Deck by Marieke Lexmond is a fascinating fantasy novel that transports the reader into a magical world filled with fairies, tarot cards, and witches. Book 2 of the Madigan Chronicles follows the Madigans once more as we pick up where book one left off.

This time the Madigans learn that Seamus, Tara’s husband created magical tarot cards to hide the Dagger in. Within these magical tarot cards made up of each member in the family and if anyone uses the card, you will get pulled from real life until they fulfill the question of the person who pulled the card. The cards are stolen by a mysterious man and now the Madigans, fearful that the stranger may be using the cards against them set out to find who stole the Tarot Cards. Can they find out who took the deck before it’s too late and each family member starts to disappear one by one?

Author Lexmond has done it again with her creative writing skills and free-flowing imagination she immerses the reader into the family drama with a dash of magic. The author seamlessly provides a brief recap of book one and then moves into the plot of book two without disorienting the reader. This shows the author’s expert craft at showing rather than telling. The characters that you either love or hate in book one are back in book two along with their emotions and personalities. It was great to see Bridget maturing and being the voice of reason for her family and seeing her come to terms with her witch side. The pace of the story is a smooth one as the reader gets a recap of what the family has gone through, what they are going through now up to their current issue which is the tarot deck disappearing.

I highly recommend The Magical Tarot Deck to those who are looking for a refreshing magical read that will transport them into a different world filled with fantasy and mystery.

Pages: 286 | ASIN : B096G6B5SD

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