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When you Know you Know

K P Weaver
K P Weaver Author Interview

The Power of Knowing shares insights and strategies readers can use to rediscover their ability to KNOW. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Yes, it does. Knowing is a simple yet highly effective concept. One that we all have the ability to access. It is one of our most valuable assets when it comes to decision-making. It will save us precious time, money and gifts us unwavering faith in the decisions we make and so fear subsides. That is something I am very passionate about sharing.

The Power of Knowing is book 2 in a 7 book series sharing the principles I have used to create a very successful life as an entrepreneur whilst not compromising any of my core values. I write as K P Weaver and am an entrepreneur as Karen Mc Dermott.

What is the biggest obstacle many people face on their journey to knowing?

When you Know you Know. But until you Know you don’t Know. The biggest obstacle is belief in their ability to know. Many people second question themselves and lean outwards for affirmation and when others’ views penetrate a decision it can take a whole new direction and meaning, many well-intentioned because of their fears and some to sabotage your intentions. Either way to live a confident and successful life we need to trust in our own knowing as it works 100% in favour of our highest potential.

What were some key ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

The key ideas are to:

  1. Share my insights in Knowing.
  2. Share how to reconnect with your ability to know.
  3. Share Knowing stories in motion.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hope that readers find their way back to Knowing and experience first-hand the incredible power that it can gift us in pursuit of our goals and intentions. It is a fun concept to play with and when you get you head around it there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Collectively this series is designed as a toolkit to live a life without fear and on purpose.

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Book 2 of The Alchemy of Life Magic Collection

Do you know how to know?
In The Power of Knowing author K P Weaver will share insights, strategies and personal stories that will help you rediscover your natural ability to KNOW!
In a time when a lot of people search outward for answers to inward issues there is no better time to reconnect with the natural born nstinct we all have to Know exactly what the next is. 
Are you ready to make decisions with unwavering confidence? 

Award-winning entrepreneur, author, publisher, mentor and renowned speaker Karen McDermott delivers an inspirational message to everyone who wants to live a life free of regrets and unrealised potential.

Karen is an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives. Through the art of manifestation she has created a highly successful publishing business, financial freedom and a life she loves.

We all have access to this incredible life-changing inner power – harness it with love and it will serve your best interests.

In The Power of Knowing, you will be inspired to take back control of your destiny, because youhave had the power to know all along, you need only learn how to reconnect with it. 

Are you ready to do what it takes to be the difference in YOUR world?
There is no better time than right now to embrace The Power of Knowing!
With personal knowing stories shared by Elizabeth Gilbert, Joanne Fedler, Jane Talbot, Bernadette O’Connor and Michelle Weitering. You will have the opportunity to read about Knowing in motion.

The Power of Knowing

The Power of Knowing (The Alchemy of Life Magic Collection Book 2) by [K P Weaver]

Reading The Power of Knowing will make you realize how important it is to be self aware. The author writes in depth why it is crucial to understand self, know your environment and get to work on your goals. The text is friendly and one can easily resonate with what the author is talking about. I enjoyed reading The Power of Knowing especially because the author writes about relatable content. The examples she gives in the book, encounters and situations demonstrated in the book are all significant to either one reader or the next.

The major theme in the book is about knowing, but the chapters in the book are diverse. The first chapter is titled ‘Feel It’. This is one of my most valued chapters in the book. The chapter consists of three sub topics that are helpful to anyone trying to discover self. One of my most treasured lessons discussed in this chapter was on how to prioritize things. The author discussed in depth why it is imperative to know what to prioritize. She even demonstrated how one can do it and went ahead to explain how to accomplish set targets. K P Weaver’s words will be a blessing to many, especially those that have challenges with procrastinating.

The first chapters in the book were especially great as they enable one to see how much power they have. K P Weaver will have you examine yourself and your traits. She will have you change some habits and have you embrace better. I loved the topics on embracing adversity, essence of faith and healing. These topics spoke  to me on a personal level and I am grateful to the author for the wisdom she shared. The stories in ‘Knowing Stories’ were fascinating to read and had tons of knowledge not just for women, but different people as well.

The Power of Knowing is an illuminating self help book that you read once and carry with you for further reading. The brevity and short number of pages make it a great accessory in one’s bag as it is not heavy to carry. K P Weaver teaches that part of growing and knowing is unlearning bad habits and knowing what works best for you as an individual. I recommend this book to readers that enjoy motivational works and people who are ready and willing to make a positive change in the lives.

Pages: 139 | ASIN: B08DDK43YR

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