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The Law of Love – Book Trailer

What does love mean to you?

Do you know that you can harness its energy and use it as a super fuel to create the life of your dreams.

In The Law of Love, Karen Weaver gifts insights into different aspects of love and how you can navigate it to get the most out of every scenario you encounter.

Love helps things grow and when you learn how to make it work for you, you will be the master of your own destiny.

The Law of Love in the fourth of seven life principles that multi-award-winning publisher, author, coach and TEDx speaker Karen Mc Dermott (Karen Weaver) uses every day in her life, and it is at the centre of the collection for a reason. It is the beating heart that helps her live life at the highest vibration, on her terms and all as a hands-on mum of six, author of over 40 books and CEO of 3 thriving publishing companies.

Are you ready to learn how to embrace love at a whole new level? The Law of Love has the answers your heart desires.

With contributions from Cliona O’Hara, Kym Oakhill, Taryn Claire, Patricia Lovell and Leanne Murner.

Quantum Love

Quantum Love by [Adrea L. Peters, K P Weaver]

Quantum Love is a quote book by Adrea L. Peters and Karen P Weaver. It is a collection of twenty-two quotes by two of the best-selling authors in the genre of affirmations and quotes. With titles like Harmonize, Growth, Connect, the quotes follow an underlying theme of self-love and connecting to oneself before connecting to the world. Every quote follows an affirmation on the topic.

In a world filled with self-help books that are constantly asking us to work harder and longer and more efficiently, self-love and self-care often take a back seat. Thus, it is refreshing to find a book like Quantum Love that does not talk about getting twenty-five hours’ worth of work done in twenty-four hours. What I like about the book the most is that it feels relaxed. The layout, artwork and words beautifully combine to give a unified experience to the reader. The author’s note at the starting of the book sets a warm and welcoming tone for the book by talking about the “pure love for everything. Good and bad. Right and wrong.” Even though with every single page, the author tries to challenge and widen our definition of what love is and what it means to love oneself, however, they do so in a very gentle way where, rather than making us feel defensive of our views; they gently invite us to look inwards and come to terms with who we are. They invite us to look at ourselves for who we are, gently peeling away the layers we have built over our true selves, acknowledging it, and learning to love it.

Quantum Love has a calming and soothing effect that provides a retreat from the hustle culture of today’s fast-paced life. This is an exceptional affirmations book that can be read over and over again, as and when one needs to, in no particular order.


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The Power of Knowing

The Power of Knowing (The Alchemy of Life Magic Collection Book 2) by [K P Weaver]

Reading The Power of Knowing will make you realize how important it is to be self aware. The author writes in depth why it is crucial to understand self, know your environment and get to work on your goals. The text is friendly and one can easily resonate with what the author is talking about. I enjoyed reading The Power of Knowing especially because the author writes about relatable content. The examples she gives in the book, encounters and situations demonstrated in the book are all significant to either one reader or the next.

The major theme in the book is about knowing, but the chapters in the book are diverse. The first chapter is titled ‘Feel It’. This is one of my most valued chapters in the book. The chapter consists of three sub topics that are helpful to anyone trying to discover self. One of my most treasured lessons discussed in this chapter was on how to prioritize things. The author discussed in depth why it is imperative to know what to prioritize. She even demonstrated how one can do it and went ahead to explain how to accomplish set targets. K P Weaver’s words will be a blessing to many, especially those that have challenges with procrastinating.

The first chapters in the book were especially great as they enable one to see how much power they have. K P Weaver will have you examine yourself and your traits. She will have you change some habits and have you embrace better. I loved the topics on embracing adversity, essence of faith and healing. These topics spoke  to me on a personal level and I am grateful to the author for the wisdom she shared. The stories in ‘Knowing Stories’ were fascinating to read and had tons of knowledge not just for women, but different people as well.

The Power of Knowing is an illuminating self help book that you read once and carry with you for further reading. The brevity and short number of pages make it a great accessory in one’s bag as it is not heavy to carry. K P Weaver teaches that part of growing and knowing is unlearning bad habits and knowing what works best for you as an individual. I recommend this book to readers that enjoy motivational works and people who are ready and willing to make a positive change in the lives.

Pages: 139 | ASIN: B08DDK43YR

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