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Peter Baker Author Interview

The Professional Voiceover Handbook is a comprehensive guidebook designed to help readers go from beginner to professional voice actor. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I have been a professional voice over artist since the 1970s, and since I am getting ready to retire, I thought I would put all my knowledge I have accumulated over the years into a comprehensive, fact-filled book to help people new to the industry hit the ground running. I have already created many video based training courses on, and they have been well received by people, but the courses were all about types of voice work, or separate niche’s of the voice industry. This book really includes all the information from voice acting, character work, narration, as well as straight voice over work such as for commercials and so on. It shows how anybody who is prepared to work hard, and enjoys using their voice to set up their own business in their own home studio.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about being a voice actor?

Many people feel that voice over work is barking out commercial scripts all day, but nothing can be further from the truth. You can if you want to, specialise in recording just commercials, but for most of us it’s a very small part of general day of a voice artist. You are more likely to work on corporate or training scripts, or tourism duration, which can be very interesting, as well as audio books, so you actually get paid for recording and putting your personality on a factual or fiction book. Every day is different!

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I want people to know that the voice is a very important instrument, and it can be incredibly flexible once they understand the exercises you can do to show what it can perform. This is not just in the depth or range of the human voice, but also in accents and character voices, and getting into the world of voice over can be extremely enjoyable and very lucrative as well. This book is a one stop information volume with plenty of facts and minimal waffle!

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This comprehensive book details how to set up your own voiceover business in your own home studio. With sections on voice training, creating powerful showreels, setting up your website and getting your first jobs in, the highly experienced voice artist Peter Baker will take your hand from complete beginner to pro as you work through the chapters. It really is possible to earn a yearly 6-figure income from recording a variety of scripts in your home studio, and you don’t even need an exclusive LA agent to represent you! Learn the insider secrets and efficiency shortcuts of a veteran voice talent who will share sometimes unusual but powerful techniques to attract interesting, often fun and lucrative voice jobs, including acting for video games, tourism guides, fiction and factual audiobooks, TV and radio commercials and much more!

The Professional Voiceover Handbook

The Professional Voiceover Handbook (Voiceover training 1) by [Peter Baker]

The Professional Voiceover Handbook by Peter Baker is a professional’s how-to, that for once, fully delivers. Author Peter Baker provides everything you will need to embark on a journey into voiceover as a new career.

There’s no holding back with Baker. He wants you to succeed and to join the ranks alongside him as a professional voiceover artist. That he loves his work and the field itself is incredibly obvious as you read through this book. He provides clear and simple instructions without making it seem as though he’s talking down to a beginner who knows nothing. He doesn’t just mention different types of jobs one can do in voiceover, he actually goes through several in great detail. For example, there’s a respectable chunk of text describing everything you might want to know about how to record audiobooks, even specifically addressing authors who might want to attempt to record their own books themselves. He’s not narrowing down his audience or excluding anyone; he’s written this guide as an open invitation for anyone to try out voiceover, not just those already dabbling in the field. Baker details every last piece of equipment you’ll need, as well as sharing those that he considers the best or most effective. He talks about the pros and cons of getting an exclusive agent versus going it alone as a freelance artist. He also discusses the best software programs to use, even going so far as to outline exactly what settings to use for different types of jobs. And best of all, he shares an extensive list of websites where a beginning (and honestly even a seasoned) voiceover artist can find trustworthy, paying gigs.

There’s so much valuable, practical information in these pages that I almost felt encouraged to pull out my own microphone and try to record a few practice scripts, just to see how I’d do. I love that you can feel the passion this man has for the work. Other books of this nature that I’ve read always seem to hold back just enough to where you might feel inspired to try but still not know exactly what to do. You won’t need a anything else to get started, and it’s not just the act of voiceover that he discusses. Baker even addresses the more business-related side of the work, answering questions you might have about client communications, how to handle payments and invoicing, even at times providing actual templates for emails that you can copy and use to get started right away.

This was a very easy-to-read book, written in a casual, friendly manner, and there’s no difficult technical jargon to slog through–as even the most technical parts he’s written are easily understood. I highly recommend Professional Voiceover Handbook to anyone interested in a career in voiceover or even anyone who’s just looking into it as a possible hobby or side hustle. Baker’s handbook and his invaluable tips and templates will let you hit the ground running.

Pages: 233 | ASIN:  B093QPD7LM

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