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The Dance Towards Death 

The Dance Towards Death, by Tejas Desai, is the third volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle. It narrates the story of some of the survivors in a criminal world. Among them, there’s the former private investigator Niral that is involved in drug affairs, and policeman Nat who’s looking for his son after having abandoned him and trying to understand what’s behind his parents’ death. Even being the third book in the series, it stands alone, and readers are given enough background in the opening chapters to not feel lost in this action-packed conclusion to the series.

Desai writes in a descriptive manner, taking readers to Thailand, India, Chiang Mai, and Queens, New York. Readers will experience the dramatically different cultures and ways of life from the images that Desai creates with his words. While experiencing the diverse cultures of the world, readers are given plot twists and suspense as the characters go through their thrilling adventures seeking to solve their own mysteries that have caused their lives to intertwine.

I really appreciated the insight into different cultures and religions, primarily focusing on different characters and their backgrounds from chapter to chapter. There are different stories that take place in different parts of the world, but they’re all interconnected. The respectful nature that Desai treated the different cultures and religions that he writes about is commendable.

The character’s backgrounds, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islamism, are integrated into the storyline rather than just thrown out as information that may otherwise feel out of place. This is important to show a clash of cultures. We also get to see significant social problems such as racism and homophobia. In addition to that, many Indian, Thai, Australian and American terms are frequently used, making it feel more authentic. Still, readers won’t be lost in translation as at the end of the book, there’s a glossary with all the necessary terms.

This action-filled novel will take some time to experience all the characters’ journeys and follow them on their search for freedom or for relatives. However, in my opinion, the most meaningful point of this novel is the focus on what the characters find along their path, not necessarily what they’re looking for.

The Dance Towards Death is a riveting novel that will have readers in suspense as the characters navigate the thrilling adventures around the world. Readers looking for an authentic experience with different religions and cultures will find this crime thriller the perfect escape.

Pages: 417 | ASIN : B08BBGKHJX

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