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Love For The First Time

Véronique Iswery Pasquet Author Interview

The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson follows a man living with a curse who must find a way to break it if he ever wants to experience love and happiness. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

First of all, my aim when I started to write this book was to create an unconventional hero. I wanted to make him being hated by the readers in the beginning and then slowly through the pages, I wanted to bring them to forgive him and like him at the end. Second, one of my favorite tales is “the Beast and the beauty.” So, I took inspiration from that to create this story. In both, the hero is cursed, and only true love can liberate them from the spell.

What do you think were some of the defining moments in Robinson’s development?

Actually, two things. First the encounter with Oscar, his cousin, who become his mentor. And second, the encounter with Gwendolyn, his sweetheart.

Robinson is a spoiled young man, until he met Oscar who teach him about self-discipline. Despite being surrounded by people, Robinson lacked of a guide. So far no one had the gut to tell him his wrong doings. When Oscar did, he recognize his faults. We all need a mentor to walk straight in life. That mentor could be parents, a teacher or God.

With Gwendolyn, my hero experience love for the first time. From a selfish human being, he becomes a caring man who is ready to sacrifice his life to save hers. This was only possible thanks to the unconditionally love he got from her. The more you receive, the more you give. That’s the law.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes that I wanted to explore are about romance, emotion and love. How far a human beinggoes on and on to forgiving someone? My heroine, out of love forgive his lover for murdering her. She knew that he is doomed to kill out of love. Instead of escaping her fate, she embraces that. Only out of love. Love is a powerful weapon thanks to what the impossible can become possible. Many parents have forgiven the blunders of their child. How they managed? It’s all out of Love. Thanks to that gesture, the criminals got a chance to express remorse, redeem themselves.   

What is the next story that you’re writing and when will it be published?

The next book is about a paranormal romance. It tells the story of young woman who lives in Mackinac Island. When her grandma and cousin died. She has to come to her hometown to assist the funeral. Unfortunately, she has to stay a few more weeks to take charge of her parent’s hotels while their absence. A few days later, she is victim of aggression from an invisible entity during her sleep. She wakes up with scratches and bites on her body. Thanks to the friendship of a hitchhiker whom she met on her way home, she will find the courage to get rid of that entity.

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Can a killer turn a new leaf?
Robinson Appleson is one lucky bastard!
We get only one life. He has had four so far.
And it’s not like he deserved them, either.

In his first life, he was a Porcian prince who was known to devour humans. His obsession with eternal youth and beauty made him addicted to the
taste of human flesh, much to the dismay and terror of his kingdom’s subjects.

Reborn as a rich kid in Beverly Hills, California, he has no recollection of his past life and thinks of himself as a blessing to mankind. He holds no respect or feelings for women and treats them like objects. It leads to everyone avoiding him like the plague.

His third life is different, as he is born as a jaguar in the African savannah. Filled with new wisdom, he fights against his instinct to hunt while the smell of prey drives him mad with hunger.

His last life lands him in the body of a beautiful but poverty-stricken Black woman who was also unfaithful!

Each of his lives has been different from the last, except that it looked as if he was doomed to make the same blunders. The woman he loves dies in his arms in all of his lives, because of a curse placed on his family.

Having been selfish and cruel in his previous lives, he attempts to change this forever. Using a range of tricks learned from Oscar, his mentor, he hopes to suppress and destroy the evil lurking inside him.
Would he manage to escape from his fate?

The four lives of Robinson Appleson

Explore the ideas of reincarnation, family curses, redemption, and a roller coaster of emotions in The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson by Véronique Iswery Pasquet. From a dashing young prince, to a rich kid from Beverley Hills, to a jaguar living in the jungle, and finally a woman experiencing poverty, Robinson Appleson tries to redeem himself in each life he is given. But despite his efforts, he still has his shortcomings and must watch the love of his life, Gwendolyn, pass away due to his cannibalistic urges. Will he ever be able to break his wretched family curse?

The writing abilities of Pasquet are astonishing, and her ability to play upon the senses is nothing short of perfect. I loved the way she used scents and smells when writing the presence of a specific character. It added a tantalizing effect to the words on the page by further immersing one’s self into the story. I could often feel myself watching a scene play out as if it was happening in my own home, thanks to her illustrative sensory descriptions. Also, the motifs between the main character’s cannibalistic habits and his love, Gwendolyn, creatively shed light on a much deeper topic. The idea of how intense passion, toxicity, and what feels like curses (trauma) can lead us to “devour” those we love.

The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson by Véronique Iswery Pasquet is a captivating paranormal and urban fantasy novel that takes readers on a journey to find a way to break a family curse. All in all, I think this book is amazing, and I can’t wait to read more from the author. I highly recommend The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson as it is an immersive and wonderfully written story of reincarnation.

Pages: 312 | ASIN : B0BSFL1Q1Z

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