To Kill a King

To Kill a King: A Hollystone Mystery: Book 4 (Hollystone Mysteries) by [Wendy Hawkin]

To Kill a King by W. L. Hawkin, is the fourth installment in A Hollystone Mystery series following an enchanting archeologist named Sorcha O’Hallorhan, who is trapped in iron age Ireland. With a spellbinding blend of magic, treachery, love, jealousy and a game of gods, Hawkin has woven a captivating tale that readers will surely fall in love with. On a journey through time, with the horned god at their aid, Sorcha is determined to save the man she loves. While breaking barriers and ignoring the rules she stubbornly does everything she is advised against and that, in my opinion, makes this book a tale so thrilling, yet so tragic!

For someone who wishes to travel the world, Hawkin transported me to Ireland. The culture she portrays is so vividly written. Hawkin writes To Kill a King with a uniquely artistic and flowing style that conveys the story from various points of view. We catch a glimpse of all our characters and what they feel. This is a character driven story that provides so much depth to its backstory and unique lore that it blends seamlessly with modern mythology; mixing Celtic legends with fey, witches, vampires and more. I love a fantasy tale that is bursting with imaginative and striking mythical creatures. Because there is so much going on I feel like it could overwhelm some readers. But if you are looking for a well defined fantasy novel written with depth and intelligence than you will be engrossed in this supernatural adventure.

I’m not familiar with Irish folklore, so I found this aspect to be exotic, and it is conveyed so eloquently that it leaves me wanting to learn more. The most magnificent thing about this book was the polyamorous nature of characters. I love reading steamy romance and Hawkin is able to capture the love the characters felt for each other beyond the physical aspects. The sweetness of Conall’s love for Ruairí, the passion Estrada feels for Micheal and his lovers, Sensara, it is truly meaningful and memorable. I never imagined a relationship, or love that could expand horizons in such a way and I am glad I read this book, because it has earned a special spot on my bookshelf.

To Kill a King has a bittersweet end, but I really look forward to the next part of the series. If you’re looking for a well defined young adult historical fantasy then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in W.L. Hawkin’s emotionally charged sword and sorcery adventure story.

Pages: 292 | ASIN: B08YP712DP

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