Humanity’s Biggest Problem

Alan Felyk
Alan Felyk Author Interview

Damaged And No Longer Under Warranty is book two in your Infinity’s Trinity series. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book one?

I think we all agree that nothing in this world is perfect. And if we believe in a creator, be it an individual or a force, does that mean the world was designed to be imperfect? Or did the creative force just have problems with all the details? I chose to explore that latter possibility. In addition, I often thought about what I would do to improve the world if I had the power of deity. I agree with Kurt Vonnegut, who believed that loneliness was humanity’s biggest problem. So, that became Paul Tomenko’s biggest challenge at the end of the novel.

I enjoyed the variety of characters in your story. Who was your favorite character to write for?

Allie Briarsworth was my favorite. She was the only character in the book who was “built from scratch.” I patterned everyone else in the book after a real-life character or celebrity. For example, Maggie Mae Monahan was an ex-girlfriend who required no embellishment. I still think she was the smartest person I’ve ever met. Whenever I wrote about Dr. Peter Lexington Townshend, I envisioned actor Peter O’Toole and that devilish smirk that he always seemed to display. But Allie was a patchwork of several women that I’ve known. She was a blend of intelligence, beauty, stubbornness, and sarcasm—someone who could easily embarrass Paul in public settings with sexual innuendos.

You tackle some grandiose scientific ideas in your story. What interests you in science and how do you bend that for your stories?

Some people believe that all science fiction writers understand such disciplines as astrophysics, biology, and chemistry. Certainly, there are those who could teach college-level courses in such areas. I tend to explore the “big picture” and not get bogged down in scientific detail. I’m the writer who will tell you the USS Enterprise used a warp drive for propulsion. Other writers will include a “word schematic” of the drive that includes all the parts and pieces. I don’t have the scientific knowledge to do that, but I’m smart enough to know that someone would shout “BS” if I tried. I like to focus on all the questions we have about our existence. No one really understands time and how it functions. We just assume that “yesterday you” and “today you” aren’t sitting in the same chair simultaneously. But then again, can we really say that isn’t happening? Hahaha.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next novel, Time To Split, is about an everyday man who discovers that his universe is a computer simulation created by an interdimensional race. Not only are they manipulating the lives of everyone, but a group within the simulation is creating their own alterations. It will raise some interesting philosophical questions. Should we actually care if someone is pulling the strings in the background? It’s not like we can do much about it. Or, CAN we?

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Damaged And No Longer Under Warranty (Infinity's Trinity Book 2) by [Alan Felyk, Cindy Swanson]

The battle to preserve eternity continues …

For Paul Tomenko, relocating trillions upon trillions of life forms on Earth to the Paraverse wasn’t all that difficult. So easy, in fact, he does it in his sleep. After slipping into a coma, Paul uses his latent divine knowledge to create the Paraverse while imagining 50 more years of continued life on Earth. Then he dumps—no pun intended—an incalculable number of souls residing in his lower intestinal tract into the new domain with the simplicity of a bowel movement.

But preserving the promise of eternal existence comes with a cost. Forced to abandon Maggie Mae Monahan, one of his two lovers, and two neo-Neanderthal children (Gronk and Grita) in what becomes known as the Originverse, Paul travels to Neoterica to begin anew with Allie Briarsworth, his other lover.

As default caretaker of the new expanse, Paul discovers he has committed a string of blunders that endanger forevermore. He can’t remember how he structured the Paraverse, and the schematics are deep inside him, retrievable piece by piece only when he makes eye contact with Allie. Unable to summon a heavenly version of Home Advisor to repair his expanse, Paul reassembles the Bioprovidence research team to make the needed modifications. But the crew lacks three of its essential members who are still in the Originverse. Challenged to create duplicates of the trio, he reluctantly does so, worried that a replica of Maggie Mae will re-create the love triangle that tormented him on Earth. And if all that wasn’t enough, the Cassamarians, fire-breathing alien insectoids determined to destroy humanity’s standing as the chosen species, have breached the barrier separating the Originverse and Paraverse.

In this sequel to Damaged Beyond All Recognition, Paul discovers how the cosmos began and who created the first universe. In doing so, he realizes he might have the power to do what untold gods before him did not: eliminate the number one scourge for all life forms.

Most of the supporting cast from the first Infinity’s Trinity novel returns in this book: Cher the Gatekeeper and Katharine Ross the Librarian, figments patterned after two celebrities for whom Paul has lusted; Gronk and Grita, two “resurrected” six-year-old neo-Neanderthals who are the most intelligent humans on Earth; Tsutomu Yamaguchi, an innovative bioengineer named after a Japanese man who survived nuclear bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and Dr. Peter Lexington Townshend, the former head of Bioprovidence now forced to assume a job he detests. In addition, some new characters join the ensemble: Dzhambo the Ukrainian Vodka-Drinking Circus Bear, Paul’s self-appointed bodyguard; a sassy Tina Turner-lookalike who patrols the most significant storage unit among the stars; and Rovert, an asylum-seeking Cassamarian who is desperately in need of dietary change.

Buckle up for an existential trip oiled with humor that glides across all that has been on the way to all that we hope will be.

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