Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is about a shy girl named Lucy-Lou that wants to make friends at the playground. Each day she plays alone or sits on the bench by herself. One day while Lucy-Lou plays alone on the swings, a mouse named Billy asks for a ride on the swing with her. Together they play, and Lucy-Lou smiles for the first time at the playground. She and Billy become friends. Billy teaches Lucy-Lou how to make new friends so she won’t be alone at the park anymore, and she too can make other shy kids smile.

Author Kim Adams and illustrator Ayesha W. have created a heartwarming picture book that teaches children how to make new friends. The story reads easily with some rhymes, and the illustrations are bright and bold. The book explains that making friends happens in four simple steps: Say hello, Smile, Share, Play nicely and take turns. The simple language is perfect for preschoolers to understand, and when accompanied by vivid illustrations, children will actively engage with this beautiful story.

One thing that stands out in this delightful children’s book is all the diversity that is pictured. For example, children from various ethnic backgrounds and different abilities are pictured playing at the park. This is a great message to show children that you can still make friends and play together no matter what you look like. The message of diversity and inclusion is presented through the pictures and is a great way to open conversations with children about accepting everyone for who they are, no matter how different from you they are.

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is a captivating picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten students. Teachers and parents can use this book to teach kids about making friends and including everyone when playing. It is a wonderful book that would be a great addition to a library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09PZH8MFJ

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