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Kim Adams Author Interview

Billy Be Kind helps young readers find the courage they need to tell the truth. What was the inspiration for the idea behind this children’s book?

This book, like all my books, is inspired by authentic situations and real conversations that I’ve had with my three children. Like most parents, the importance of honesty is something that I emphasize regularly to my children. In particular, this book was inspired by a discussion I had with my son who admitted to telling a lie to avoid getting into trouble. I realized that all kids lie, but it’s up to us as parents to create an environment that encourages honesty. 

The art in this picture book is vivid and cute. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Ayesha W? 

Since I have collaborated with my illustrator Ayesha Warusavitharana on other projects, she has a clear understanding of my vision. I begin by sending her my storyboard and stick figure drawings. She then sends me her interpretation of my ideas. We often go back and forth until we are both satisfied that the artwork matches my vision. Her humility, patience, attention to detail, and her desire to excel in her field make it easy to work with her.

What is one piece of advice you would give to parents that are trying to teach their kids about honesty?

The best way to teach honesty is to be honest. We are our children’s first teachers. Have the “honesty conversation” early and look for ways to acknowledge and appreciate their choice to tell the truth, especially when it may have been easier to tell a lie. 

What can readers expect in the second  book in the Billy Be Kind series? 

In the second book, Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend, the readers are introduced to a new character, Lucy-Lou. She is a shy little girl who has a hard time making new friends. Billy Be Kind, the kind little mouse, encourages her to be brave and take the first step in meeting someone new. The readers can expect rhyming stories, colorful illustrations, and themes that teach valuable lessons simplified for young children. 

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Billy Be Kind: The Kind Little Mouse – Honesty, is the story of two young boys faced with a dilemma of whether or not to tell the truth and the kind little mouse that encourages them to make the right choice.
This wonderful, rhyming story is part of the Billy Be Kind Children’s Series.
The Billy Be Kind Children Series is a collection of short stories with important lessons simplified for young readers. The series offer eye-catching illustrations, diverse characters and relatable themes that help children thrive to reach their full potential. Ages 2-5

Billy Be Kind: The Kind Little Mouse

A kind little mouse scampers around the house cleaning, taking out the trash and mopping the floors, all while young Anthony and Ryan watch T.V. When their mom get’s home she asks the young boys if they did their chores. They lied and said they did, but their deception bothers them and, with a little help from a kind little mouse, the boys confess. The boys learn that lying is not good, and that the truth comes with its own rewards.

Billy Be Kind is an educational children’s book that informs young readers while entertaining them with cute imagery. I enjoyed how focused this story was on the singular lesson, because young children can get lost in the nuance of more detailed stories. Author Kim Adams does a fantastic job of distilling the moral problem down into something young kids can understand, and then explaining why it’s bad in terms that anyone will be able to comprehend. This is all done through rhyme, which adds a lyrical aspect to this wonderful kid’s book.

Every page is magnificently illustrated. There are a lot of little details throughout the house that build a backstory for the family. Billy Be Kind always has bright shiny eyes and a smile which made him feel welcoming and charming. The children are also emotive, making it easy for young readers to pick up on their emotions while parents read the story to them.

Billy Be Kind: The Kind Little Mouse tells a relatable and educational story about the importance of honesty. Children will learn that lying is bad and they’ll also learn to admit to their mistakes and trust that their parents will treat them fairly once they come clean. This is a cute story for kindergarten and preschool aged children and will be a wonderful addition to any teachers lesson plans on honesty and trust.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0B6L3Q3WS

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I Wrote A Book I Needed

Kim Adams Author Interview

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is an amazing children’s book on how to make friends that preschoolers can understand. Why did you feel this was important to write about?

I wrote a book I needed growing up as a shy little girl. Now that I am the mother of a shy daughter, I know the importance and impact friendships have on a child’s self-esteem and emotional health. I hope to simplify important life lessons with my short stories while teaching social and emotional skills to children at a young age.

The art in this book is fantastic it really jumps off the page. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Ayesha W.?

Since I have collaborated with my illustrator, Ayesha W. on several projects, she has a clearer understanding of my vision. I begin by sending her my storyboard and stick-figure drawings. She then sends me her interpretation of my ideas. We often go back and forth until we are both satisfied that the artwork matches my vision. Our personalities work in a manner that allows us to create and collaborate effectively.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I thought it was important to explore the theme of friendship. I used a shy protagonist in my story to show children that you can be shy and still be brave. Additionally, exploring the theme of friendship allowed me the opportunity to incorporate inclusion, diversity, and of course, kindness, a theme repeated throughout the entire series.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on 3 books that should be released by the end of 2022.

Billy Be Kind: My Big Feelings

Billy Be Kind: I Can Do Anything

Billy Be Kind: Sharing

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Lucy-Lou is a shy little girl that has a hard time making new friends. Will Lucy -Lou overcome her fear? How will Billy Be Kind help her?

Making a new friend when you’re shy isn’t always easy. It often requires putting in a little effort. Billy Be Kind the kind little mouse is there to help!
This wonderful, short, rhyming story is part of the Billy Be Kind Children’s series. Billy Be Kind is a kind, little magical mouse created to teach and encourage young children to be honest, brave, kind, to listen and so much more.
Parents, teachers and caregivers understand how challenging it is to grab and retain the attention of children. These engaging, short, rhyming stories will grab and keep their attention from the beginning to the very end.
Come join the Billy Be Kind family and make this series a part of your child’s library.

About the Author
2021 Black Caucus American Library Association Best of the Best book list -Honorable Mention
Kim Adams is a wife, mother, and the author of the Billy Be Kind children’s series. She fell in love with the art of storytelling at a very young age and has been inspired ever since. Kim hopes to simplify some of life’s important lessons as well as strengthen social and emotional skills through her short, rhyming stories. She has always taught her children to lead with kindness and hopes to help spread her message to every little boy and girl.

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is about a shy girl named Lucy-Lou that wants to make friends at the playground. Each day she plays alone or sits on the bench by herself. One day while Lucy-Lou plays alone on the swings, a mouse named Billy asks for a ride on the swing with her. Together they play, and Lucy-Lou smiles for the first time at the playground. She and Billy become friends. Billy teaches Lucy-Lou how to make new friends so she won’t be alone at the park anymore, and she too can make other shy kids smile.

Author Kim Adams and illustrator Ayesha W. have created a heartwarming picture book that teaches children how to make new friends. The story reads easily with some rhymes, and the illustrations are bright and bold. The book explains that making friends happens in four simple steps: Say hello, Smile, Share, Play nicely and take turns. The simple language is perfect for preschoolers to understand, and when accompanied by vivid illustrations, children will actively engage with this beautiful story.

One thing that stands out in this delightful children’s book is all the diversity that is pictured. For example, children from various ethnic backgrounds and different abilities are pictured playing at the park. This is a great message to show children that you can still make friends and play together no matter what you look like. The message of diversity and inclusion is presented through the pictures and is a great way to open conversations with children about accepting everyone for who they are, no matter how different from you they are.

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is a captivating picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten students. Teachers and parents can use this book to teach kids about making friends and including everyone when playing. It is a wonderful book that would be a great addition to a library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09PZH8MFJ

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