All The Demons Of The Past

The Curse tells the story of a boy who is invaded by a mysterious demonic spirit that manipulates his mind and lures him toward something dark and sinister. How did you come up with the idea for the setup to this novel?

Honestly, Joseph’s backstory comes from my own, minus the evil entity possession. Witnessing his mother’s years of abuse at the hands of his own father is similar to my own childhood. Writing his story in a way was like my own private therapy, releasing all the demons of the past. As I brought the Shadow, a.k.a demonic spirit, into the story, his character represents all the trauma I carried throughout my life. So, my fictional characters, Joseph and the Shadow, represents the battle between good vs evil. Adding my Breedline characters to the story just gave me a channel to express my imagination and love for the supernatural world.

What were some ideas you wanted to explore with the relationship between Joseph and Carrie?

I’m a sucker for a fairytale love story, so I wanted to create two characters who were somehow brought together by fate. And no matter what crosses their paths, nothing will break the chains that binds their love.

How do you balance story telling for long time fans with making your book accessible to new readers?

This is a tough strategy, especially for an indie author. For me, although I’m excited to introduce a new book to my series, it’s important to showcase each one. Advertisement and continuous promotion are key components.

What excited you about writing this book?

Although the story is based on Joseph and Carrie, I was excited to reintroduce a character from my fifth book, The Immortal. Without mentioning the character’s name, I believe bringing “him” back into story at the end will give the readers closure to “his” character.

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Set in the world of the Breedline—a secret species of humans born with the power to shape-shift into wolves—The Curse tells the story of a young boy, Joseph, who, grieving over his mother’s death at the hands of his abusive father, finds his world turned upside down. While his father awaits sentencing, Joseph is placed into the system, going from one foster family to another. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, an evil entity invades his body, introducing itself as the Shadow.

Twenty-one years later, this mysterious demonic spirit continues to inhabit Joseph’s body and manipulates his mind, luring him toward something dark and sinister, something that is beyond his control.

Carrie Randall, a substance abuse counselor who is unsuccessful at dating, comes face-to-face with death when two men approach her in a dark alley. Amid her assault, something resembling a werewolf, comes to her rescue in the nick of time. As she tries to process everything, unsure if what she witnessed was real or fantasy, her world suddenly collides with a handsome stranger as though they were somehow brought together by fate.

Despite her past relationships, Carrie finds herself spellbound, falling for Joseph Parker, a handsome, yet mysterious, journalist who works for an esteemed newspaper in Berkeley, California. But when Carrie discovers his terrifying secrets, she begins to fear for her life.

Now, Carrie is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. She can turn her back on Joseph, or stay and help him fight the demon who desires her soul.

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