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Critically Endangered

Wayne Gerard Trotman
Wayne Gerard Trotman Author Interview

A Letter from a Gorilla explains the man-made dangers that gorillas face and tells readers, in a cute rhyming story, what can be done about it. Why was this an important story for you to tell?

Gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans after chimpanzees and bonobos and are among the most endangered apes in the world. Both the Eastern and Western Gorillas are critically endangered, despite having a population as high as 200,000 individuals. Human activities cause the main threats to their survival, such as poaching, habitat destruction, and disease. By educating future generations, we can help ensure the survival of these gentle creatures that are so similar to us.

What is one simple thing that people can do that will help gorillas?

Donating to conservation organizations that protect mountain gorillas is probably the most effective way to help the species. Even if we cannot help financially, we can all become more mindful of our impact on the environment and adjust our habits.

If someone wanted to take action and help gorillas in a big way, what should they do?

Some people, such as Dian Fossey, have dedicated their lives to the welfare of gorillas and paid the ultimate price. However, we can all make our voices heard to lawmakers and government officials to support conservation efforts.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

We can all make a difference in the survival of gorillas and other endangered species by educating ourselves and our children and by taking positive action to protect the environment.

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To Whom It May Concern:
I am a gorilla, you may be surprised to learn
And, although my words may bite and burn
With this letter, your respect I hope to earn
Silverback Jeremy is a mountain gorilla who lives in Africa. If he could write us a letter, what do you think he would say?
Discover why the mountain gorilla has become critically endangered and learn what we can do to protect these noble animals in this beautifully illustrated rhyming story for ages 5+.

A Letter from a Gorilla

This creative children’s rhyming book explains the perils that gorillas face in the wild. The narration is provided through a letter written by Silverback Jeremy, a mountain gorilla that pens a letter to humans in hopes of educating them on all the man-made challenges that gorillas face.

A Letter from a Gorilla, while cute, tells a very serious story. This story explains, in very simple terms, how gorillas face extinction and shows the different ways that man is endangering them. What I really liked about this story was that it went beyond stating the ways that their species are at peril and provides different ways for people to change and take action to protect these majestic creatures that, as we learn through the story, are much like us.

The beautiful illustrations really drive the points home with some vivid, dramatic, and well-drawn imagery. The language is easy for children to understand, but I think the book should be read with adults as this book provides plenty to talk about afterwards. This picture book provides readers with a sad but very important story that is perfect for teachers to add to their curriculum about primates, endangered animals, and how our actions affect nature.

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1916184855

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