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A Letter from a Gorilla

This creative children’s rhyming book explains the perils that gorillas face in the wild. The narration is provided through a letter written by Silverback Jeremy, a mountain gorilla that pens a letter to humans in hopes of educating them on all the man-made challenges that gorillas face.

A Letter from a Gorilla, while cute, tells a very serious story. This story explains, in very simple terms, how gorillas face extinction and shows the different ways that man is endangering them. What I really liked about this story was that it went beyond stating the ways that their species are at peril and provides different ways for people to change and take action to protect these majestic creatures that, as we learn through the story, are much like us.

The beautiful illustrations really drive the points home with some vivid, dramatic, and well-drawn imagery. The language is easy for children to understand, but I think the book should be read with adults as this book provides plenty to talk about afterwards. This picture book provides readers with a sad but very important story that is perfect for teachers to add to their curriculum about primates, endangered animals, and how our actions affect nature.

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1916184855

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