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Quantum Love

Quantum Love by [Adrea L. Peters, K P Weaver]

Quantum Love is a quote book by Adrea L. Peters and Karen P Weaver. It is a collection of twenty-two quotes by two of the best-selling authors in the genre of affirmations and quotes. With titles like Harmonize, Growth, Connect, the quotes follow an underlying theme of self-love and connecting to oneself before connecting to the world. Every quote follows an affirmation on the topic.

In a world filled with self-help books that are constantly asking us to work harder and longer and more efficiently, self-love and self-care often take a back seat. Thus, it is refreshing to find a book like Quantum Love that does not talk about getting twenty-five hours’ worth of work done in twenty-four hours. What I like about the book the most is that it feels relaxed. The layout, artwork and words beautifully combine to give a unified experience to the reader. The author’s note at the starting of the book sets a warm and welcoming tone for the book by talking about the “pure love for everything. Good and bad. Right and wrong.” Even though with every single page, the author tries to challenge and widen our definition of what love is and what it means to love oneself, however, they do so in a very gentle way where, rather than making us feel defensive of our views; they gently invite us to look inwards and come to terms with who we are. They invite us to look at ourselves for who we are, gently peeling away the layers we have built over our true selves, acknowledging it, and learning to love it.

Quantum Love has a calming and soothing effect that provides a retreat from the hustle culture of today’s fast-paced life. This is an exceptional affirmations book that can be read over and over again, as and when one needs to, in no particular order.


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