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Rock Step Triple Homicide

In Rock Step Triple Homicide, author Doug Dorsey delivers a captivating and intriguing read that merges two distinct genres. Detective Evann Myrick, the protagonist, has retired from law enforcement after solving The West Coast Swing murders. At the urging of his friend and love interest Victoria, Evann embarks on a dance cruise to take a break from his routine. However, what was supposed to be a leisurely and enjoyable trip turns into a perilous game of murder and deception.

Dorsey expertly weaves a complex plot that is fraught with suspense, surprises, and unexpected twists that will leave you guessing until the very end. The story immediately grips you with its intense and ominous opening scene, making it difficult to put the book down. The author’s innovative approach to incorporating dancing into a murder mystery adds an element of fun and originality to the genre. The book’s immersive descriptions of the various dance styles and techniques create a vivid picture of the cruise’s atmosphere, giving dance enthusiasts an extra layer of enjoyment. Dorsey’s attention to detail in creating well-rounded and unique characters makes it challenging to identify the real killer until the book’s final pages. In particular, Victoria’s character adds levity to the narrative and encourages Evann to explore new experiences outside his comfort zone.

In conclusion, Rock Step Triple Homicide is a refreshing and enjoyable read that blends murder mystery and dance genres seamlessly. Doug Dorsey’s writing style keeps you engaged and entertained throughout, making it an ideal choice for readers seeking a gripping and captivating story that will keep them on the edge of their seats. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and engrossing read.

Pages: 271 | ASIN : B0BYP45YQS

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The Genesis 6 Project

The Genesis 6 Project is a fast-paced action spree from author Michael Ferguson. A mix of sci-fi and biblical fiction, the story centers around a United States research team and a newly rediscovered dangerous threat to man: the Nephilim–powerful creatures born of fallen angels who once ruled the earth. Tamir-Benob is one such creature. He is a giant who has lived for thousands of years and dispatched armies of men throughout history. The capture, understanding, and, most importantly, militarization of this being will impact the balance of world power for ages. Different factions come to a head as Tamir-Benob rampages through rural Montana, leaving soldiers and tribal Crow warriors broken in his wake.

Paced exceptionally well, The Genesis 6 Project is a really tight read. The action ramps up early and is pretty much non-stop. The different characters from the rival factions, especially Dr. Kathryn Ryan and Indian Affairs agent Ironhorse Whitman, really stand out. Ferguson does an excellent job of switching perspectives between the hunters and the hunted, and those roles reverse many times throughout the story.

At times the novel really reminds me of Rambo: First Blood, and that’s not a bad thing. But unlike John Rambo, Tamir-Benob is a genuinely menacing villain who has plans to lay biblical waste to mankind. The action is fun, and there is also a delightful amount of cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Different individuals are each vying for the power they believe the Nephelim holds. Seeking to use science to unlock the ancient mysteries of what they believe is the descendant of an actual angel, there is plenty of backstabbing and treachery.

The Genesis 6 Project is a suspenseful Christian thriller that blends seamlessly with science fiction themes. This novel will captive readers looking for an action-packed story that keeps them on edge from the open pages till the exciting end.

Pages: 301 | ASIN : B0BN2NWL4L

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A Pastor’s Pit

Preston Curtis could not have predicted the hint of what awaited him in the name of the city when he accepted the pastorate at Grace Bible Church in Pitfall, Oregon. Being a passionate believer in the Bible’s truth, he has no inkling that he would be prosecuted for a religious hate crime for exercising his religious freedom in preaching the Bible’s words. Judge Roy Sparkman’s A Pastor’s Pit is Preston’s fight against what he considers false religions and politically charged circumstances for a Christian in the U.S., dismissing constitutionally protected religious liberties and, thus, the virtue of the Bible.

A Pastor’s Pit depicts the dilemmas a Pastor has to overcome as a minister and counselor to people as a representative of God. Pastor Curtis is shown to be revered and admired, but he is equally criticized for conduct infringing on the consciences of previous supporters and admirers. He is shown as a devoted husband and father, as well as a true friend, delighted in the love and companionship of friends and family as anyone would, while also determined not to compromise his teachings of word-for-word Bible translation regardless of what the court ultimately determines. On the other hand, R.T. Glassman, his attorney, and best friend, does not retreat when defending his friend from prison, showing a beautiful example of what a loyal friend should be.

With the author being a former judge and practicing attorney, the court hearing with all of the legal terms, rhetoric questions, and cross-examinations by attorneys come across as authentic, without overdramatic and unreal situations. As informative and rhetorical as they are intriguing, the court hearings in the fiction greatly captivated me.

The topic raised in the novel is deserving of attention and explains laws molded for political ends. The novel brings to light the type of interference there is in religious liberties, no matter what the religion is. The book contains three examples of religious liberties being exercised or dismissed: the exercise of religious liberty in Pastor’s teachings and Umran’s choice of faith; dismissal of liberty in the persecution of Pastor and the threat of hell on infidels.

The novel deftly implement legal terminology, court hearings, and political intrigue to great dramatic effect and emerges as an informative work of fiction. A Pastor’s Pit is a riveting legal thriller with provocative questions at its core and an intriguing protagonist that lures you into this riveting novel.

Pages: 237 | ASIN: B08SDYCQ6X

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