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Miracle Man

Who would have ever thought a pure and wholesome love would awaken something so vile and hideous? Milton Fisk was a kind, plain librarian at the library down the street who’s had a crush on his best friend’s sister, Debra, for years. All he ever wanted was to live by Debra’s side, doing the most mundane things and loving her forever. But things changed when one day, he stumbled upon an incredible power that he knew not the origin of. After that, everything seems to be going fine until one bad decision after another, greed and rejection later. Suddenly the plain librarian down the street was no more. Now he wants to make the world forget about the powerful man from Nazarene and put into action his plan for a new world. He’s willing to go to any length to accomplish his goals, whatever it takes.

Miracle Man by Ken Stark is a dark fantasy horror novel revolving around a man who came to wield such incredible power the world had only read about in books. Milton Fisk, his longtime sweetheart, Debra, and his best friend, Frank, were unsure what to do about this great power. Until Frank came up with a brilliant idea to utilize this newfound power to earn them a fortune. Milton’s love and devotion for Debra kept him on the right track, not losing sight of his true self amidst attention and money. However, one bad conversation later and Milton slowly began to slip away.

Author Ken Stark has written a gut-wrenching horror fiction story. Miracle Man had me on a roller coaster of emotions. At first, it was all roses and sunshine, and then the light switched, and everything became darker, appalling…yet intriguing. The character development of Milton, now Elijah Zion, is intense and mindblowing. Readers can follow the protagonist’s vile thought process and still be shocked and horrified. The change and progression in this character will keep readers on edge and glued to the pages as his devious plot unfolds and mere humans are left to try and stop him.

Miracle Man is a gripping horror novel that takes readers into a spiritual battle that will alter human existence. Ken Stark has written characters that readers will love and hate, but one thing is for sure, they will not forget them. This work of art was unapologetically flawless. Therefore, I recommend this book to dark fantasy and horror-loving readers. The author holds nothing back, and the book contains graphic sexual violence and gory scenes that are intended for mature readers.

Pages: 324 | ASIN : B0B9YTYX35

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Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You

Children need to know that they are special, and loved, and that they can rely on Jesus. Author Abbey Feldkamp has written a dazzling children’s book that will warm children’s hearts. This vibrant picture book is a love letter to young ones. I can imagine me saying this quote from the book to my child, “I love you so much, in all of your ways, in all of our moments, all of our days.” Every rhyme contains wonderfully emotive, loving and empowering words just like this.

Every page of this inspiring picture book contains a wonderfully hand-drawn illustration that depicts different children in a variety of joyous situations. I loved the diversity in this book. There are so many different people from different cultures and races represented in this heartfelt kid’s book. There is even a beautiful child with vitiligo on one of the pages, which I think is underrepresented in children’s literature. Children will love how bright the artwork is and how expressive each character is. The stunning artwork will surely keep the attention of little ones as their parents read them this magnificent story at bedtime. And what a sweet message this book sends them off to bed with.

Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent is a short but impactful children’s book that will inspire faith in kids and motivate them to think about what makes them special, and to embrace it because God made them that way. This is a picture book that exudes love and is filled with cute illustrations. I highly recommend this to parents or to anyone who wants to give a beautiful gift to a young child.

Pages: 20 | ASIN: B0BKR6T4YC

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Holy Parrot

Leonard is, by his own description, a “twenty-one-year-old nerd” in Columbia on a research grant from Australia. Maria is a sixteen-year-old local claiming to be a pregnant virgin, set to give birth to a new Christ, as prophesied by her pet parrot. Despite having exactly nothing in common, a chance meeting brings the two together to form an instant, unexplainable bond that neither could have imagined. Over the course of their friendship, Leonard is forced to question everything he has ever believed about the conflicting ideologies of religion and science. Maria also must confront new ideas and experiences as she faces an ordeal far beyond her years.

Holy Parrot, by Angel A, is a beautiful and thought-provoking novel set in the lush, idyllic landscape of Buritaca, Columbia. The friendship between Leonard and Maria is established almost immediately while treated in a delicate tone that never comes across as either inappropriate or predatory, despite their age difference. It’s easy to understand how Leonard is so quickly spellbound by both Maria and his surroundings, as both are written in such a way that creates a heady atmosphere. Soon Robin is introduced, and he fills out the trilogy of main characters with a group of people who are so incredibly different yet complement each other wonderfully. There are actually few books where each and every character brings the perfect amount of support to a story, but this one manages that feat quite well. Every character, no matter how minor, is a necessary addition to this miraculous tale.

Holy Parrot covers many ideas and themes throughout its pages, including love, loss, religion, faith, and family. At its core, it could be argued to be a story about destiny, setting your own path while finding your true self amid past pain and present conflict. Leonard positively shines as the story’s narrator, slowly revealing himself to be a character with an incredible amount of depth, stepping outside his comfort zone time and time again in the unexpected role of protector. Even as he struggles to justify his own actions, Leonard never fails to stand up for Maria or stand beside Robin, all the time traveling toward a better understanding of what it truly means to live a fulfilled life.

This book gets an easy 5 out of 5 stars from me. It was extremely hard to put down, and the characters became as familiar as old friends. Even though I would love to know more about their lives after these events, I think the book ended in the most perfect way it could have. In addition, the ideas presented in regard to faith left plenty to consider far beyond the pages of the book without weighing it down with a glut of religious dogma. It was a perfect balance in every way!

Pages: 300 | ASIN : B0B8SL82J6

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Peyton’s Promise

When Peyton arrived at Calumet Castle for a summer job, she had only a vague idea of what to expect. She knew of her wealthy employers and that her progressive ideas and choice of career made her a target for the social circles but little else. It came as a huge shock to find herself working alongside her childhood best friend, Patrick, and in turn, they were both shocked at how much their three-year absence from each other had changed them. Rekindling her relationship with Patrick, navigating new feelings for him, rediscovering her faith, trying not to anger the staunchly old-fashioned housekeeper of the castle, and doing her actual job give Peyton a busy and conflicted summer to contend with.

Peyton’s Promise is the third novel by Susan Mathis in her Thousand Island Gilded Age Series. Set in the Thousand Islands, on the St. Lawrence river, these stories take the setting and make it a palpable part of the story being told. Peyton’s Promise is no exception, describing the sights and homes of the area with beautiful depth and recreating what it might have been like in the early years of the 20th century when the area was a popular destination for many of the wealthy elite in society.

Mathis is adept at weaving historical figures into her fiction and has done so in this story with the Emerys. Calumet Castle’s owners function as the mostly absent champions of Peyton’s work, an upholsterer beyond her apprenticeship. Mathis always includes a brief note to explain the real history she has included, with details about the families, their homes, and more about the area.

Peyton’s Promise has a similar feeling to the other Thousand Island stories. Readers will find enjoyment and take comfort in returning to the beloved landscape and having the experience of revisiting a favorite vacation location. The storyline moves quickly with an internally conflicted heroine, a love interest that seems too much at odds to ever succeed, and a rival antagonist that seems on the cusp of bringing disaster more than once. This book is truly wonderful and difficult to put down! The pacing has readers engaged from start to finish. Additionally, the amount of detail included about the Islands is just enough to encourage some further research. They are perfect for a light read for those that love a Christian historical romance novel.

Pages: 291 | ASIN : B09N6J5X6M

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Eve of Awakening: The Onoma Series

Author Alisa Hope Wagner’s Eve of Awakening is set within a dystopian world, but there is a beacon of hope that shines throughout this Christian fiction novel. The author takes readers on a journey to a vivid futuristic world, where humans are strictly divided into two classes – Efficientists and Colonialists. It’s a world where everything is controlled by machines, high performance and high productivity is encouraged, while faith and religion have taken a backseat. The protagonist, Eve, is one of the champion performers of this world – a top-order Efficientist. 

Her outlook on life changes after having a near-death experience. She returns to the life of devotion that she has shunned to prioritize productivity. Readers will follow Eve’s profound journey of awakening to the power of God and learn how he can restore peace and happiness in one’s heart. 

Eve of Awakening is anything but a typical Christian fiction novel. The author has vividly illustrated an ultra-tech-savvy futuristic world while subtly hinting toward the gloomy future humanity is headed towards. Readers will recognize current institutions and technology that parallel the world that the author has created. Covering everything from communications, remote working, shopping, and how we socialize, there is an eerie feeling that our society could be headed in a similar direction as those in the novel.

The author uses easy to understand language to tell her captivating story. It’s easy to get swept away with the story within the first few pages because of how simple language that allows you to lose yourself within the story. The character of Eve is developed with care and attention, giving a detailed back story and showing her growth as she discovers a past she had forgotten. Eve’s internal conflict is relatable to those who have struggled with their spirituality and worked to find their way back to God.

Eve of Awakening is a captivating Christian science fiction novel with a compelling plot and a captivating protagonist. Everything from the characters to the storyline has a sense of intrigue that seems baked into it, which is something that kept me coming back to this novel again and again.

Pages: 291 | ASIN : B00RS1HLLU

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Solitude Of Light

In Solitude of Light’s not-too-distant future, Tomás Estéban Chen-Diaz engages in a heartfelt attempt to save his brother’s soul by joining him on a remote island. Believing himself to be following God’s will, Tomás spends years training at a facility for Christians hoping to travel to Mars before being ordained. He faces challenges to his faith along the way but none more difficult than his brother Francisco’s strict and aggressive adherence to atheism and his disdain for religious practices of any kind. Francisco’s attitude makes attempted reconciliations for past wrongs difficult, and if Tomás is to succeed, he must prove faithful to what he believes is right and just.

S. Kirk Pierzchala’s Solitude of Light takes place in a creative near-future setting with much to recognize from our own time and with the added fictional elements complimenting our own technology rather than appearing too far advanced to be realistic. Because of this, the fictional future seems plausible, perhaps distressingly so given some of its darker elements, as scientific advancements continue along the same trends they follow today.

With the narrative split into two parts, the first often seems slightly removed to the extent that it appears to be a lengthy prologue to the second part, which is where the real heart of the narrative resides. Despite this, part one is essential for the context, which gives part two much of its emotional weight.

With only two characters alone on an isolated island, there is potential for the story to become repetitive or drawn out. Still, Pierzchala manages it admirably with an excellent and often emotional portrayal of two diametrically opposed brothers engaging in a battle of wills. Interspersed between these moments are excellent scenic descriptions which lend their backdrop to this narrative of fraternal compassion, arrogance, and self-superiority.

Solitude of Light is a thought-provoking dystopian novel that takes readers deep into the emotional battle between two brothers. The suspense builds as the brothers battle for moral ground and examines their complicated relationship.

Pages: 474 | ASIN : B09WG4VY3N

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Acts of the Women

After Jesus’ crucifixion, the women in author Patrick W. Andersen’s cast of characters take center stage, influencing the plot and world history through their teaching, diplomacy, and public relations abilities. As a result, Acts of the Women is a different take on the Bible. As the author himself states, “In the decades after the crucifixion, men gave speeches and wrote history books about their own noble deeds. But women did most of the work.”

The book additionally begins with a “cast of characters” page that is very helpful for those with limited knowledge of the Bible. Those familiar with the Bible will recognize many of the characters and events. Still, Andersen’s well-developed plot and exciting spin on the material will keep even those religiously inclined engaged. I personally benefited from having this list of characters easily accessible to keep me oriented while reading.

The story opens with the crucifixion of Jesus and the aftermath from the perspective of the women who helped him. The disciples are also in disarray, having scattered after Jesus’ arrest. However, they soon reunite and begin to regroup. The women in the story, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Rachel, and Susanna, are instrumental in this process. The women themselves know this, often giving men the “Stare” and even stating, “The men did most of the talkin’, but the women did all of the work.” Andersen weaves together biblical events with his own flair and imagination, making the stories come alive. He has an effortless, fluid writing style that makes the book a quick read. The characters are well-developed and likable, making it more interesting to see how their faith sustains them through their hardships.

Andersen does an excellent job of making the material accessible and engaging. He brings new life to familiar characters and events. His writing style is clear and concise, with short chapters and an easy-to-follow plot.

Acts of the Women is an intriguing work of fiction based on historical events and biblical accounts. It provides a new perspective on Christianity and its origins. This well-written and enjoyable book is ideal for anyone interested in the Bible or history.

Pages: 264 | ASIN : B09PGRGKKP

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Interviewing a Regular Joe

Interviewing a Regular Joe is a conversation between two people; Gabrielle and a character named David. Gabrielle asks an array of questions while David gives his authentic responses. I enjoyed reading through the questions and answers as the interviewer posed questions on different subjects. The two talk about religion, politics, the environment, work, music, death, education, friendships, family, and many others. At first, readers have no idea where the interviewer is going with the questions, but we soon get in the flow after a couple pages. Gabrielle is a fantastic interviewer and it shows through the questions that are asked of David. The interviewer is able to then provide follow-up questions to ask to keep the conversation running smoothly.

Author John Rose wrote this book for readers who enjoy one-on-one conversations and meaningful discussions. David’s answers show readers that each of us has an individual preference and view on life. David’s mind is fascinating, to say the least. How he answered questions, the words he used, and how he thinks is admirable. You do not have to subscribe to some of his beliefs, but you can admire his logic when challenged with life’s situations.

Interviewing a Regular Joe would be a good reference book for young readers that have ambitions in the mass communication career path. Gabrielle’s approach as an interviewer is fascinating. He shows how to ask questions that are hard while not crossing boundaries, and how to guide the discussions even with viewpoints that the interviewer may not agree with. This is an important skill to have in communications.

This interesting book’s style is conversational. It is just an easy-flowing and easy-to-follow conversation. The author does not give in-depth background information at the start of the book, but that does not make the characters less interesting. On the contrary, you learn more about them as you read on, which is exciting as it gives one the impression of solving a mystery.

Interviewing a Regular Joe is a religious and spiritual novel told through an intriguing interview with an anonymous man. Filled with religious and historical facts, this novel will entertain readers of historical or religious fiction.

Pages: 131 | ASIN : B0915LSMSY

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