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Some Laneys Died: A Skipping Sideways Thriller

Some Laneys Died: A Skipping Sideways Thriller by [Brooke Skipstone]

Some Laneys Died by Brooke Skipstone is a truly wonderful science fiction thriller that explores alternate realities based on the choices Laney makes. The book follows Delaney West the books main protagonist as she delves into the world of quantum physics. Occurrences that happen across different realities leak into her own reality making her doubt her sanity. The story narrates Delaney West’s quest to understand these strange ordeals as best as she can. The book is sure to keep readers turning pages from the very beginning. The story is set in the town of Austin, Texas and is narrated from the point of view of a normal high school student facing not so normal problems.

The approach used by the author to make the books main protagonist a normal high school girl has proved key in making the book as riveting as it is. The author expertly uses vivid description in the narration of this story, while only rarely going into excess. This has aided greatly in giving the intended audience a general feel of the story and also in character development in general. Apart from this the author has also used direct speech to further develop the story and engage the audience as the story unfolds. These stylistic devices have proved effective in making the book the wonderful read that it is. In addition to this, the author seeks to speak on certain issues that affect the everyday human being. While this book is a sci-fi exploration of alternate universe theory, like all good science fiction Brooke Skipstone uses this as a vehicle to tell a human story that explores issues of family breakups and sexual assault.

This story takes a deep dive into the minds of its characters, focusing on character development in a story that is character-centric. The author writing style is punctuated by witty and clever storytelling that ensured the story was continuously entertaining. Lovers of sci-fi thrillers will find this book hard to put down as it is quite an interesting read.

Pages: 306 | ASIN: B08BWLSD6F

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The Day Momma Made Me Dance

The Day Momma Made Me Dance by [Brown, Patrice]

The Day Momma Made Me Dance, written by Patrice Brown, is a colourful children’s book depicting the consequences of what happens when children misbehave. The story follows a young girl who is constantly up to mischief, whether it’s in the form of skipping chores, fighting with her brother or doing cartwheels in the hallway. Her momma ignores her naughtiness, and it seems like the little girl will continue with her mischievous ways. Finally, momma has had enough of her daughter’s behaviour and decides to inflict some interesting forms of punishment.

The Day Momma Made Me Dance is a short story that takes a look at children’s behaviour and using physical punishment as a result of “naughty” or “bad” behaviour.

The story begins with a touching dedication which gives credit to mothers and the strength they carry through motherhood. In particular, it dedicates the story to her mother who has sadly passed and the strength they have had raising their children as a single parent. It sets the tone for the story and provides relevance to the types of punishment used for the children.

It then goes on to continue with a forward and preface section where the author outlines the love for her family and her daughter. It’s clear to see that Patrice has a strong love and bond for her children and family and values the childhood that her mother was able to provide for her. It also indicates how similar punishments of “making her dance” were used on her and her siblings and how she understood and accepted the reasoning behind the particular types of punishment.

The Day Momma Made Me Dance appears to be targeted towards children, however, the underlying message is created for adults as it pushes towards building an understanding of what constitutes abuse and discipline. The choice of punishment is a form of corporal punishment where the child experiences being whipped for her misbehaviour.

The Day Momma Made Me Dance could be used as a talking point of what parents may consider appropriate punishment for their children. At the end of the novel, Patrice Brown discusses what she believes to be abuse and what she feels is discipline. Patrice also goes into depth on the importance of not using sexual abuse as a form of punishment and how abuse can occur in many ways- emotionally, physically and mentally. There are questions you can use to discuss with your children on how they feel about being disciplined and how you can better your relationship with your child. These questions put a positive spin on the story and open up the passage of discussion of what you consider to be unfair or inappropriate discipline.

I would recommend this to parents who were comfortable in the use of corporal punishment or were looking for a storybook to open up the conversation of what family members considered to be abuse or discipline.

Pages: 39 | ASIN: B075KLRNLQ

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