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Dave Mason
Dave Mason Author Interview

EO-N follows five lives on a gripping journey through the cruelties of war to the relentless pressures of corporate greed. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I’ve had a long fascination with archaeology and ‘things being found,’ and have always felt an odd connection to the events of the Second World War – maybe as a result of being the child of parents whose cities were bombed when they were kids. At some point I’d read a news article about a boy who’d discovered an aircraft, complete with pilot, buried in the mud of his father’s farm, and aside from the awe of that revelation, I began to wonder “what if?” What if that buried aircraft had contained things that had no business being there?

Your characters were intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I simply wanted them to be ‘real.’ The central characters are all just doing the best they can, with whatever they have, in difficult circumstances.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the characters parallel each other, although they may be living in different decades or wearing different uniforms. Love and loss, courage and fear, guilt and redemption, and cruelty and kindness are universal to human experience, and luck (or lack of it) and the personal choices people make both weigh heavily in life. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which of those things is most responsible for an eventuality, or for a path taken or not taken. And finally, I wanted to explore the idea that human history may be painted with a broad brush (and usually on a massive scale), but most of it is actually made up of billions of actions taken by individual people. We may never know the massive consequences of our own tiny acts of courage or cruelty or kindness. But they matter.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m in the middle stages of a second historical fiction novel centered around the concept of freedom vs citizenship. When will it be available? Great question! Keep you posted.

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2019: Alison Wiley, a once-idealistic biotech CEO, is processing her new reality: she’s the last bud on the last branch of her family tree. On the heels of her mother’s illness and crushing death, a phone call from Scott Wilcox, a former combat medic turned government investigator, pulls her into a seventy-four year old mystery that begins beneath the surface of a Norwegian glacier.

1945: Squadron Leader Jack Barton, a cocky Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, flies combat missions over occupied Europe. Major Günther Graf, a war-weary and disillusioned Luftwaffe pilot, is trapped in the unspeakable horrors of Nazi Germany. Their paths, so different yet so similar, are connected by a young girl, a victim of appalling cruelty who may carry the promise of a better future.

As these five lives converge in a sweeping arc that takes readers on a tightly woven and gripping journey–from the destruction and cruelty of war to the relentless pressures of corporate greed–EO-N reminds us that individual actions matter, and that courage comes in many forms.


EO-N by [Dave Mason]

Having just lost her mother, Alison realizes just how lonely she is in the world. Her frustrations are compounded by the pressures at work as she struggles to keep her investors happy. While she tries to navigate these turbulent waters of grief and anxiety, another deeply unsettling situation crops up. Fragments of the last known aircraft flown by her grandfather before he went missing more than 70 years ago turn up in Norway. As the last known relative of the ex-Royal Air Force pilot, she chooses to link up with the investigative team trying to find out what had happened to her grandfather. For Alison, this soon becomes more than just a chance to find closure. The mystery surrounding the case brings back the familiar feeling of having nagging questions but finding their answers painfully elusive. This case must be solved because Alison wants some answers for a change.

Dave Mason’s EO-N is a thriller in every sense of the word. The Canadian author serves up a delightful cocktail of mystery, suspense, and excitement in his debut novel. To tell his story, Mason simultaneously narrates the events of the past and present. The switch between the different but connected periods adds extra intrigue as you anticipate their point of convergence. The structure is great, and the language is so apt that it helps you really experience the story.

EO-N is an engaging story where Mason relies on familiarity and resonance to keep his readers engaged. I found myself nodding in agreement as certain characters reflected and talked on several occasions. In case you’re wondering what familiar and thought-provoking ideas the book holds, I’ll share a bit. It reminds us that despite our attempts to make sense of the world, we never seem to settle the questions that really matter. I’m referring to those pesky queries that gnaw away at our minds in the dead of night, like “why are we here”, “why do we have 7 billion intelligent beings roaming a planet”, “why’s life so darn hard”, and “why do we have to lose the ones we love?” The book also alludes to finding purpose and how even the littlest sighting of something worth living for can pull us out of a rut, energize us, and set us on a new path.

EO-N is a thought-provoking, emotionally resonant, historical fiction novel that is consistently entertaining and has a depth to the story that will appeal to anyone looking for a meaningful story.

Pages: 298 | ASIN: B08LBRVL7B

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