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Conflict of Intrigues

Conflict of Intrigues: The Marylebone Intersection, the first book in the Intersection series by ML Yost, introduces readers to Professor Jon Markston, a former member of the British Army intelligence corps who finds himself in an exacting position when a mysterious call signals a decade-old troubled mission. Alongside him is Katherine McKenna, an American publishing executive in London who is also struggling with a kindred dilemma. As the two former intelligencers, now professor and publisher, cross paths, they soon realize their conflicting interests could impact a broader audience than they initially anticipated.

ML Yost has managed to create a lasting impression with Conflict of Intrigues. Set in 2015, Yost has carefully curated fictional characters against the backdrop of real-life events, crafting an impeccable example of historical fiction. The story depicts the role of British intelligence during the war in Iraq, introducing characters as former intelligence officers whose past has made it difficult for them to continue down the same path. Yost has done an excellent job of creating each character’s backstory, adding depth and layers to their personalities. Additionally, the author has added fantastic side characters, such as Harold MacAlister, who gives this action-packed book a comical edge.

This psychological thriller is equally funny and thrilling, with each scene meticulously planned and written in a visually descriptive manner. Despite the unpredictable twists and turns, Yost’s straightforward writing style doesn’t overcomplicate the story. Furthermore, the author has accurately presented the events as they happened in real life, incorporating historical details at the appropriate times.

Conflict of Intrigues is a well-crafted book that stands out for its excellent storytelling, historical accuracy, and well-rounded characters. Yost has expertly blended elements of history, psychological thrillers, and humor, making this an engaging read that leaves readers wanting more.

Pages: 302 | ASIN : B0BN4SBK11

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Ignition 2084

Ignition 2084, a new science fiction novel by Jordan Hampton, takes place in the long shadow cast by a Second Civil War fought in the United States in 2020. From the War rose the tyrannical and white-dominated Scarlet Kingdom, opposed by three other factions mainly divided along racial lines. As the Kingdom redoubles its efforts to reunify the country by force, one of those factions, the Yaiba Insurrection, manages to level the playing field via new military technology and the skill and courage of warrior John Hamlin.

Hampton’s greatest strength lies in his action scenes; he understands well what makes for good action in print. Not simply in spectacle, as in a movie; instead, he gives each scene context through dialogue and just enough description that the reader always understands the stakes in each fight and, from the prologue onwards, feels invested in each character’s fate. Even incidental characters who appear only briefly often receive a name and a small piece of characterization through dialogue or narrative so that every scene feels like it involves real people with a life outside the immediate context of the story. One should also note that while technology certainly plays a significant role in the story and the spectacle of, e.g., the heat-generating Reikiken sword are appealing, Hampton never lets them overshadow the main points of the story.

Now, Hampton seems to have meant for the racial divisions among the various factions and how they’re handled to be relevant to the real world, which forms an essential aspect of the novel. However, Ignition 2084 is primarily the story of John Hamlin. Though Hampton does have something to say about the real world, he’s not heavy-handed or overly preachy but lets the novel speak for itself.

Overall, Ignition 2084 is a gripping and entertaining Science Fiction novel that’s easy to recommend to any fan of the genre. With espionage, military action, and thrilling battles, readers will be drawn in and hooked from the opening pages of this not-so-distant future story.

Pages: 642 | ASIN : B0B7D2S22Q

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Octavio Souza is a wealthy man on a mission to make his adopted country a better place. This includes attacking the White House, and not just politically. While building up to the crescendo, Souza’s men kill, steal, and recruit Americans to their extremist causes. All the while, Janusz Soltani is working to figure out who is bumping off Unit 81 agents. As most paranoid American government agencies believe, it is always the Russians.

In the third installment of his book series, MJ Javani puts a twist on modern-day American society in The Billionaire’s Conspiracy. The book’s concept is fascinating. Everyone loves a good, old fashion conspiracy theory like the Watergate scandal or the John F. Kennedy assassination. This book definitely preys on Americans’ obsession with government secrets. A secret society that looks to mold America into its ideal image is interesting. The author immediately immerses the reader into the conspiracy and continues flipping between multiple narratives, making this an intense read. I would recommend reading books 1 and 2 prior to reading this book because the author doesn’t provide a recap which I didn’t mind because I wanted to pick up where the story left off.

The author creates an intriguing mystery as we get key pieces of information to put the puzzle together. I found it a little frustrating to wait for the characters to catch up with what we already know. There are some controversial political topics as the characters preach inclusivity and equality, including the harm of white supremacy and racism within society.

The Billionaire’s Conspiracy is a thrilling read with a captivating plot. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a thrilling conspiracy theory. Filled with espionage and assassination plans, the suspense will keep readers on edge as they follow this part of the story to the exhilarating conclusion.

Pages: 307 | ASIN : B09WQJD8K8

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Slay the Dragon

Slay The Dragon by William McGinnis is a compelling thriller novel with complex storylines with action and adventure. Readers will be invested in the story from the opening pages. This action-filled novel portrays the pure brutality and intensity of life in the espionage world. With political agendas, civil turmoil, and an all-knowing agency watching everyone all the time, the future of the U.S. as we know it is at risk. Adam Weldon and his friend BC attempt to unravel what is happening and stumble upon more than they bargained for. While searching for a murderer, they risk becoming the next victims.

McGinnis’s writing is well-paced and has a nice rhythm to it. The story is quick but consistently keeps the reader engaged with a steady buildup of intrigue and action that all comes to a head in the riveting climax of the story. The characters really come alive due to detailed characterization and well defined personalities that make them interesting if not authentic. For readers that get confused by all the characters, the book includes a contents section for all of the characters and who they are. This makes it easier for readers to keep track of all the characters in this page-turning novel.

The author is able to create unique characters using free-flowing dialogue in a story that is constantly moving. Because this story has a quick pace it is important that we always know who is speaking and the author is able to keep readers fully aware of who is saying what in conversations that are both believable and succinct.

Slay The Dragon is a riveting thriller novel that will appeal to readers looking for a suspenseful spy story. This unpredictable mystery novel will engulf the reader in its complex exploration of geopolitical predicaments while providing them with a unique storyline that will keep them engaged from the first to the last page.

Pages: 268 | ASIN : B09PMPH7FN

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