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An Alien Version of David Bowie

George Ander Author Interview

To Those We Found follows an alien that is sent to a world similar to Earth to investigate and report back, what he finds is corruption, greed, and a disregard for each other. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The main inspiration for the book came to me during a trip to the desert country of Morocco. I was intrigued by the language and culture of the local tribes. The Berber aka. Amazigh people. The sound and the strange geometrical symbols of their language really made me feel as if I was on a completely different world. I’ve even used their language for some of the character names and significant places/things in the book.

Did you create an outline for the characters in the story before you started writing or did the character’s personalities grow organically as you were writing?

Before I even wrote a single word, I first took one year to research everything that I could need to craft the world of the book. Apart from astrophysics, orbital mechanics, engineering, and biology the topics ranged from economics to psychology, philosophy and religion. I wasn’t aiming to create a believable world, to me, it had to be real. But simultaneously characters came into my mind that could populate the world. Some were inspired by people I know from everyday life, but there also other, larger than life people that influenced my characters. Stars like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie were one of the most dominant figures to draw from. While writing the main character Taman Yedder I even imagined an alien version of David Bowie. But personality wise, there’s a lot of me in it of course.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

One of the main themes that were driving my story was the concept of truth. In our world, there seems to be an infinite number of truths, depending on what line of evidence or philosophy you follow or the political stance you take. I think that aspect played a large part in the way I designed the world characters and plot of the story.

The second theme is the idea or perception of foreign-/alienness. That’s why for example I chose my main character to be gay. Because the experience is alien to me, and I wanted to explore it, understand it. Also, the world as a whole was designed to feel real, relatable, but also strange and alien at the same time. In a way, it’s a queer mirage of our own world, populated with beings that are shockingly like us in some ways and in others not.

Just imagine staring into a telescope and discovering beings that seem to be an alien version of you.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Writing this book has been incredibly exhausting, mentally, physically and financially. I had a strict writing regime. I’ve forced myself to write every single day and on weekends, even if I absolutely did not want to. I literally had two full-time jobs during that writing period.

I was also aware, with English not being my first language, that I couldn’t possibly finish the project on my own. So I’ve hired professional editors who worked in the publishing industry, to make sure is up to standard.

Originally I’ve planned this book to be its own thing. But as time went by, I felt that I definitely want to continue the story as there were so many ideas that I couldn’t possibly put into one book. When that is going to happen however, I can not say at the moment. As it’s nearly impossible to sell enough books this day to be profitable. It’s always a losing game for most indie authors.

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If aliens would send a message, what would they say?
Let this book take you to a world beyond the cosmological horizon, and find the answer.

In a far-off galaxy, the purple-skinned alien, Taman Yedder, left his home colony for the motherworld Yemma.
As one among billions, he was chosen to represent his home system and compete against six other chosen ones, in a grand contest called, the Anermis-report.
A welcome message that’s intended to be sent to another species that they have discovered.
After meeting his sponsor, he embarks on a high-speed journey to locations of historical and cultural significance. This way he must capture the essence of his species. Yet on his way, angry mobs of protesters, seemingly try to stop his progress. They are terrorists, he is told.
But are they truly as evil as the government says? And will Taman survive to finish the contest?

To Those We Found

To Those We Found by George Ander is a science fiction book based in a completely different galaxy. Instead of having features like tentacles and an exoskeleton, the aliens have the same physical construction as humans. This captivating story has been told from the viewpoint of an alien competing for the position of a champion; the winner will represent their planet in other solar systems.

The protagonist of the story, Taman Yedder, is selected by a random lottery to represent his world to the whole universe. He reaches the destination but finds himself trapped in a desolate hospital with the doctor forcing him to stay there. After a scuffle, he escapes the hospital and begins exploring this mother world he is supposed to prepare a report about.

Through the journey and thoughts of Taman, readers will explore his world. The historical evidence and the leaders’ talks are contradictory, and Taman begins his search for truth. However, his investigation leads him to deep and dark secrets which no one wants to hear about. He also explores his sexuality and begins to question the reason for his sacrifices. The leadership doesn’t want anyone to know things Taman has started asking.

The author explores many human world problems like religion, politics, economy, sexual identity, and technology through the alien world. The characters and their responses are eerily human but being in a different world creates an estrangement with the readers. This book is a deep dive into the psychology and philosophy of the human mind. I felt that, at times, the author’s explanation of the psychology of humans was lost in the story’s narrative or just confusing to understand. The cultural hegemony of our world has been shown, and capitalism has been questioned. The protagonist is an outsider, enabling him to question and look at these from a fresh perspective rather than blindly follow them. This book is fiction wrapped in ideological and realistic problems that plague our world.

The author brings out a lot of contemporary issues through the story. I liked the subtle yet firm way the author establishes the parallel between our world and this fictional world. The writing style is captivating, and the plot engages with enough dialogues and actions. So many contemporary and chronic issues of our world have been represented without any solution.

To Those, We Found is a riveting young adult science fiction novel for teens who want to read action-filled and engaging plots and for people who want a philosophical look at the world in their readings.

Pages: 389 | ASIN : B09MNS6J4V

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