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Tionsphere by J.C. Gemmell is set in a future where people live in spheres, resources are scarce, and death is not what we know it to be. People in this world live in concentric spheres that encircle the globe and are rapidly reaching capacity, causing the universal processing service to fail and endangering the lives of those who reside in them. These spheres, ironically, were built by two global corporations that joined to solve Earth’s overpopulation problem. While Caitlyn and her small team of contract theorists try to figure out why their society is collapsing, Pazel is hell-bent on destroying all within Tion’s spheres and saving only the elites. Who wins in this futuristic, multifaceted race for the fate of the globe?

This is an intellectually-invigorating book that would appeal to sci-fi fans who are ready to be immersed in a complex world with an equally deep plot. Consciousness can be separated from one’s body in Gemmell’s thought-provoking story, and viewing the stars and celestial objects is a thing of the past.

Tionsphere has an intriguing cast of characters whose personalities are a product of the mysterious world in which they find themselves, such as Jovana, who assumes leadership in the group and enjoys salvaging because it allows her access to Tion’s history. While this is a visionary science fiction novel, I found I needed frequent breaks from the book to absorb all the information and the different perspectives of the characters. The story switches between situations swiftly, so if you like fast-moving stories over character-heavy development, then this novel is for you. For example, instead of devoting time to considering a task and the impact it might have on their lives, the girls simply discuss it briefly and go on to start it.

As his novel is based on plausible issues and solutions that may arise as a result of overpopulation and globalization, J.C. Gemmell has proven to be a writer with vision and a creative imagination. Tionsphere explores concepts that challenge our perceptions of reality and the limitations of our understanding of life. This riveting dystopian novel will undoubtedly captivate your attention and transport you to its picturesque world.

Pages: 415 | ASIN: B0893KJ74K

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