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Jordan Ring
Jordan Ring Author Interview

Volcanic Momentum helps readers set and achieve goals and gives them the tools they need to keep the momentum going. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I was struggling with momentum not just as I wrote it, but most of my life. I needed to tell my story of what it takes to keep moving forward from a real perspective. I’m not an expert or guru who’s “made it.” I’m a relatable guy whos down in the trenches clawing my way to success bit by bit.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about the goals they set for themselves?

The most common misconception is believing it won’t take long to meet our goals. Often it takes many times longer than we think or expect.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope they learn to question everything. To question their beliefs, goals, personality, current circumstance, everything. We can only learn once we admit we don’t know very much at all.

Do you plan to write more books on this same topic?

Absolutely. My next book, Catalyze Your Destiny is launching in early 2021.

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Finish What You Start Without Losing Momentum

In this inspiring work, Jordan shares how you can build a solid foundation for lifelong success with 9 powerful momentum strategies. Using these tools, you will never again lose motivation, inspiration, and the drive needed to meet your goals once and for all!
Whether it’s those pesky last ten pounds, the remaining twenty pages of your thesis paper, or the kite-making side-hustle that you know will one day make oodles of money — getting a copy of Volcanic Momentum in your hands will give you superpowers.
With Destiny Goals, your potential will be reached, and your purpose on this earth made clear to you. With the Energy Code You’ll discover how to never again lose steam. With your next steps in hand, you’ll be unstoppable. 
Stop dreaming about “someday” and let Volcanic Momentum show you how to tap into unlimited energy and reach your goals now, not later.

Volcanic Momentum

In Jordan Ring’s book Volcanic Momentum, the author uses friendly language to communicate with readers who either need encouraging texts or words of affirmation. Life can be cruel with the ups and downs every adult faces. In this book, the reader feels like they are not alone. Jordan Ring uses examples of situations that almost everyone has been through. By being relatable to many, readers feel at ease when reading his book and trying to connect with the discussed situations. This is the kind of book you need by your bedside every night, not just to help you focus on life, but also to help you understand that life is not easy for many.

Jordan Ring discusses various subjects in the book, all of which are significant, but I had a few that spoke to me on a personal level. Most of my favorite chapters in the book were in section two. In this part of the book, the author lays out nine strategies to master your momentum. The topics, discussions, and general explanation of terms and the subjects were helpful. Reading the book is easy because of the author’s clarity. One barely struggles to understand the context of the topics, even when reading about a new or unfamiliar subject. Anyone who grapples with procrastination and time-wasting will find gems of wisdom in section two of this book. Other important topics in the same section touched on succeeding and failing, taking criticism, working on your targets, and how to prioritize your work among other things.

Volcanic Momentum is a self-help book that will enable you to climb the career ladder, improve your social life, boost your confidence, and tighten bonds with family and friends. While writing the book, Jordan ring hoped that the reader will come out as an all-round person after finishing the last page. One of the greatest elements of this book was how the introduction and conclusion were smoothly laid out. At the start of the book, the reader feels like they are listening to a stranger, while when they finish, the reader gets the virtual impression of being acquaintances with the author. Jordan Ring’s words make one feel at peace. His mastery of the right terms to use, application of warm language, and emphasis on primary points when discussing made the book a great read.

I recommend Volcanic Momentum to any reader that is looking for a short but impactful book that will get them motivated. Volcanic Momentum is a must-read if you want to improve at least one thing about yourself. Jordan Ring writes from the heart and this is one of the dozen things that make him a special author.

Pages: 178 | ASIN:  B07J5PVBP2

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