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Our Trees

If you are interested in biology and nature, Our Trees: Botanics, Beliefs, & More is definitely the book for you. In this book, you will find a compendium of trees that include past beliefs from ancient Celtic cultures and what the trees represented. You can also read about the medicinal properties and uses that the tree can offer to this day.

This fun yet informative book is also family-friendly and even has activities for kids. These games will encourage children to want to know more about the green giants that surround them. I definitely recommend reading this incredible walk through nature.

This book is aesthetically pleasing and is also very informative. Readers will definitely learn a ton about what trees can offer us. I love a book that is written with the goal of educating today’s youth and Our Trees does exactly that. While I enjoyed the book, I would have liked a deeper explanation of the Celtics Runes, because I found them so fascinating and I wanted more information.

I also enjoyed that it is an interactive book. The fact that the book has activities and games for all of the family to enjoy takes the learning experience to a whole other level. The games are a great recreational activity but they also reinforce the knowledge that is spread throughout the pages of this wonderful book.

I would even recommend it to teachers for their classrooms. You could do a whole week of activities for your students from the ideas in this amazing book. The short story at the end of this illuminating book also provides a thought-provoking narrative that will give children plenty to ponder after they put this book down.

If you are a fan of nature or are curious about learning more about trees, don’t miss out on Our Trees: Botanics, Beliefs, & More. This is an enlightening and informative book that provides an interesting array of facts about trees.

Pages: 100 | ASIN: B09TN3H6ZS

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Honey: Words to Heal & Mend by Derek R. King & Julie L. Kusma is more than a book; it’s an experience. “Honey words” refers to inspirational, healing words that soothe and heal the soul. It’s a literary journey where the author brings you along through a clear motivational path of cognitive thoughts and worries, letting go of the negative and embracing ideas of joy and peace along the way.

As you turn each page of the book, you’ll find extraordinary artwork and visuals accompanying uplifting phrases and thoughts. Instead of leafing through each page or section of the book, you’ll find yourself dwelling on one, maybe two inspiring quotes or poetic prose at a time. It’s a beautifully illustrated coffee-table book that draws a sense of wonder and self-reflection in a more positive, engaging way.

One of the most motivational aspects of Derek R. King & Julie L. Kusma’s book is the overall theme, which is centered around the poem by Derek R. King, entitled “Kintsugi.” A portion of this poem is included in this inspiring book. Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken objects with gold, highlights and celebrates imperfection as a form of beauty. The power of this theme is in how we embrace and accept personal flaws and find the strength in these characteristics instead of viewing them as weaknesses.

This collection of stunning images and thought-provoking prose is the ideal gift. It’s a beautiful flow of motivational and healing words to create a sense of peace through meditation. Honey: Words to Heal & Mend allows you to slow down and absorb words and phrases of love and inspiration, which is an excellent way to hold onto the moment, relax, and reflect.

Honey: Words to Heal & Mend is a well-curated collection of striking images, art, and poetic prose to soothe your mind, soul, and body. This unique, beautifully arranged book proves the power of words and their inspiration can provide healing to those in need.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B09L56G5MT

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