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Mimi’s Adventure

Mimi’s Adventure, by Keith Wheeler is a wonderful children’s story of a little doll named Mimi who wants to go on an adventure. As she sits on the window sill one night, she wishes upon a star to go on a magical and amazing adventure. Just then, a balloon flies into the room and Mimi grabs on tight and the balloon whisks her away. She journey’s around the world, but as she realizes she doesn’t know where she is, she begins to miss the little girl she belongs to. Now, she wants to go home, but is unsure of how to get back!

Author Keith Wheeler’s story is filled with easy flowing rhymes and vibrant pictures that grab your attention. Each page has fun and whimsical illustrations showing emotive characters in various settings. From the little doll Mimi, to her little girl, and her little farm, every page is filled with sharp graphics that bring to life the different locations and settings found throughout this magnificent adventure. The book is filled with simple words, making this a great book for kids learning to read.

Mimi’s Adventure is an amusing and lively children’s story that will capture the imagination of any child who can imagine their own toys going on their own adventures, much like the Toy Story movie. With rhymes that are fun and engaging, and a character that will surely bring a smile to your face, Mimi’s Adventure is a book that is easily read multiple times.

Pages: 26 | ASIN: B078MW5XBG

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My Buddy Knows

Keith Wheeler
Keith Wheeler Author Interview

My Buddy Knows… Letters is an educational picture book that teaches children about the alphabet in a fun and playful way. What inspired you to write this book?

I was helping my high school aged daughter study for a chemistry test and we were using flash cards. Afterwards, I was marveling at how often we use flash cards to test our memory.

That got me thinking, “Why don’t we use flash cards for teaching early concepts?” My Buddy Knows series was born.

Fun fact: each of the “Buddies” in the books are named after my children.

I loved the art in this book. What was the art process like in putting this book together?

Surprisingly, all of the art in the books were acquired from a site that offers royalty-free images, approved for commercial use, free of charge.

It was a case study, of sorts, for my YouTube channel for authors, Keith Wheeler Books. I wanted to prove that you didn’t have to spend a lot of money to produce a book, if you focused on quality content and provided your reader with an amazing experience.

How does this book help young children with their alphabet comprehension?

The simple answer is that it makes learning fun. It’s like a game. Plus, as you turn the page, Josh(the “buddy” in the book) pops up in different places.

I can’t tell you how many parents tell me that their child loves to see where he’s going to pop up next.

This is volume one in the My Buddy Knows series. What are the other books in the series and what is the goal for the series overall?

There are currently 4 volumes in the My Buddy Knows series. They are:
My Buddy Knows Letters
My Buddy Knows Numbers
My Buddy Knows Colors & Shapes
My Buddy Knows Baby Animals

I’m also in the process of creating a spin-off series: My Buddy Knows Languages. I’m in the process of creating the first 5 books in the series:

My Buddy Knows Spanish
My Buddy Knows French
My Buddy Knows German
My Buddy Knows Italian
My Buddy Knows Japanese

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Say GOODBYE to boring old “A is for Apple” alphabet books and say HELLO to the exciting, playful world of My Buddy Knows Letters!

Learning the alphabet? My Buddy can help. Big, bright illustrations catch the eyes of youngsters, delighting them and grabbing their attention. The unique flash card approach helps them to learn their alphabet while building their confidence, turning learning into a fun game.

Your preschooler will look forward to learning their letters with this fun and unique book.

My Buddy Knows the answers… Do you?
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