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What I Tell Myself About NO

What I Tell Myself About NO by [Michael A Brown, Michelle Mathews]

What I Tell Myself About NO teaches young readers about the value of know in a positive light. The story presents several situations where parents often tell their children no, and follows it with an explanation of why they said no. What readers learn along the way is that ‘no’ is actually saving them from danger, preparing them from rejection, and making them into better people by teaching how to bounce back.

As a parent, sometimes we say no so much it loses meaning. For me, eventually it just feels like something negative your putting in the air. But this teams teaches children, as well as parents, why no is important and how it’s a teaching tool rather than a tool for punishment. This provided a great opportunity for me to have a discussion with my child about why they hear no so much and how they should see it.

The book teaches children about the power of ‘no’ but it also teaches them how to deal with different situations and emotions, like rejection. I enjoyed the various ways in which no was used and the lyrical why in which it is all strung together.

What I Tell Myself About NO turns a negative comment into a positive teaching tool with fun and colorful art that is fit for an animated cartoon. Once again, author Michael A. Brown teaches children a potent lesson in a short but entertaining picture book.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B08KRWR4GQ

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My Black Life Matters

Malik is smart. He loves school, and he runs–he has to. He is teased by kids just like him for loving learning. Malik knows this is unfair, and he is tired of living this way. He isn’t alone. His friend, Keisha, knows how he feels. She and Malik have been there for each other through many difficult days. Matt is their friend, too. Not unlike Malik and Keisha, Matt’s days are spent running from trouble in his own way. One afternoon, while the three friends are gathered at Keisha’s house, the doorbell rings and things change in a way none of them could have guessed.

My Black Life Matters, by Michael A. Brown, is the story of young Malik and his friends, three African American elementary students who explain how they deal with the abuse and bullying endured on a daily basis. Malik, Keisha, and Matt live with mistreatment on many levels, the most painful of which comes from their own peers and family members. Readers of all ages will find Malik’s story relatable, and teachers and parents will recognize many children in Keisha and Matt. They represent a large part of the African American population all of whom deserve to have their voices heard.

Author Michael A. Brown brings to light the incredibly challenging lives of children across the country. In making sure that their lives matter, he gives them voices through his vibrant and engaging characters. Brown’s book is a must-have for school counselors. Brown deals with triggering content in a tasteful way that parents and counselors can easily incorporate into important personal discussions. Kudos to Brown for giving readers a story grounded in real-life with a positive and uplifting message.

Pages: 44 | ISBN: 1735604194

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Impatient Patience (What I Tell Myself)

Impatient Patience (What I Tell Myself) by [Michael A Brown, Lovyaa Garg, Michelle Mathews]

Impatient Patience follows a little girl named Patience who is very impatient. When in line, or ordering food, or riding her bike she is a very impatient child who is about to learn why patience is a virtue. A simple and colorful rhyming book brings into focus a quality that a lot of children often struggle with. Being patient is not easy, but being impatient can bring painful consequences as Patience soon learns in this educational picture book.

Patience represents a lot of children, or all children in at least one moment in their lives, when they want everything now. With easy rhymes and repetitive words, this charming kids book also serves as a great beginners reading book.

This marvelous book shows Patience being impatient throughout the story, it then shows the consequences of being impatient, and it also shows several moments at the end where her mother is speaking to her, in very calm terms, about patience and why it is important. This was my favorite part of the book because I think this provides a wonderful opportunity to show children where their parents fit into their life lessons.

Impatient Patience easily conveys a singular but important lesson to children in elementary school with cute imagery throughout. Talking to children about patience can often be abstract, but author Michael A. Brown gives parents and teachers a fantastic tool to teach children that sometimes slowing down can be a great thing in this fast paced world.

Pages: 17 | ASIN: B08LQY4VB1

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Stay on Track!

Stay on Track! (What I Tell Myself) by [Michael A Brown]

Stay on Track! Is a colorful, and lyrical, children’s book that follows a train, and an engineer, as they shuttle passengers to Oakton Park station, learning a valuable life lesson along the way. Will Eddie the Engineer know what to do when the train takes a wrong turn? Luckily Travis the Train is there to support his friend and provide sagely advice to get them back on track.

Author Michael A. Brown adds another beautiful book to his What I Tell Myself series that helps kids understand that mistakes are normal and, while it’s okay to aspire to be like others, everyone is different and take different paths in life. The art in this book, like in many of Michael Brown’s books, is vivid, cute, and emotive. This story is reminiscent of Thomas The Train, but readers will enjoy the modern suburban feel in this story.

Kids’ books rarely surprise me. I knew that something was going to happen to challenge our character, like many stories do, but I didn’t see this one coming. I was like Eddie the Engineer, distracted by the fun time and Oscar the other Train Engineer, that by the time the turn came and Eddie missed it, I was just as shocked.

The story is easy to read, with rhymes throughout, ensuring that new readers will easily be able to follow along and build their vocabulary. Stay on Track! is a fun children’s picture book that conveys a valuable life lesson.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B094HLM5DG

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Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!

Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! (What I Tell Myself) by [Michael A Brown, Michelle Mathews, Zoe Ranucci]

Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!, by Michael A. Brown, is an educational children’s story about appreciating what our parents have done for us. Through this book readers will learn to value the things their parents have taught them by exploring various real life examples such as learning to dress themselves and learning to love themselves. The story portrays diverse families in many different situations that children find themselves in on an average day. The author then uses this base to show some simple, but effective, examples of the numerous ways that parents help their children learn and grow.

It’s important to appreciate the things our parents have taught us. They have taught us a lot of things that have helped us become the people that we are today. Our parents have always been there to guide us through life and it is important to think about what we have learned from them. Michael A. Brown inspires this kind of thought and understanding in his exceptional picture book.

Along with the multiple examples given that show how parents educate children, this cute book also helps remind kids to cherish the lessons their parents give them. If the reader were to discover something in the story that they didn’t know about, such as the concept of money, then they’d have something new to discuss with their parents.

Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! is yet another brilliant book by Michael A. Brown that uses beautiful illustrations to capture children’s attention and then inserts a lesson while looking over all the beautiful imagery.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B08K3QQNMG

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