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Pursuing Love Rather Than Fear

Abby Farnsworth Author Interview

Moonlit Skies is book two in your EverGreen Trilogy. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that was different from book one?

Moonlit Skies is definitely a little darker than EverGreen. It’s not in any way as dark as Fallen Snow, but it’s somewhere between the two. In Moonlit Skies, I really wanted to highlight Jack, because I thought everyone deserved to know about his redemption arc. Many of my readers really love Jack, and I wanted them to know that his life isn’t permanently filled with sadness. I also felt the need to show a different side of Giselle, one that I think is very relatable to many teenage girls who struggle with mental health problems.

I also really wanted to elaborate on the Watchers. Obviously they were included within EverGreen, but I really needed to show the extent to which their radicalism could take them. Cults have always interested me. One thing I’ve found is that they are always motivated by two things: a desire for power, and uncontrollable fear. The Watchers are no different than any other cult. But the hopeful side of the story is that LeAnne is capable of seeing past her family, and pursuing love rather than fear and violence.

Moonlit Skies really delves deeper into the world of EverGreen, and is definitely relatable to a lot of my readers. People can connect their own lives to Jack and Giselle’s. It takes the story to a whole new level.

Your characters are intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

A big part of making my characters well developed and intriguing is not taking away their humanity. They are flawed, broken, and sometimes evil people. Each of my characters can be connected to someone or something in the reader’s life. That’s what makes them feel real. I treat them like real people, and I don’t hide their flaws.

Giselle is so relatable to women. She’s insecure, fun, dramatic, and loving. She’s a hopeless romantic with dreams of love and a happy life. Women see themselves in her. I think that’s wonderful.

Jack is the funny, slightly lost friend that everyone has. Maybe you see him as your brother, son, friend, or partner. No matter who he is to you, he’s the kind of person you can’t help but love. Jack will always be an incredibly important character to me, because he’s inspired by someone within my own life.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The EverGreen Trilogy as a whole centers around eugenics. Of course, the series is YA Paranormal Romance, but there are also other meaningful aspects. Mental health is an important theme within Moonlit Skies, as well as loyalty. These themes continue to be relevant in Fallen Snow.

What can readers expect in the final book of the EverGreen Trilogy?

Fallen Snow completes the EverGreen Trilogy in a bold way. It strays from the sweet, innocent nature of EverGreen. EverGreen provides a glimpse at first love, and two people, Lily and Rowan, who have to fight to be together. It is, in many ways, a very pure love story. Moonlit Skies follows the lives of two minor characters in EverGreen, showing that even in a loving, magical community, there is darkness. Fallen Snow then completes the story, showing the most raw aspects of the characters’ lives.

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“I wanted nothing more than to run into his arms, to collapse into him and ignore the world around us.”
One year after the events of EverGreen, Jack finds himself lost, both physically and mentally, with nowhere to go. When he unexpectedly meets a few strangers, his life erupts into chaos. Meanwhile, Giselle struggles with depression and insecurity in the weeks leading up to Ginger and Drew’s wedding. Everything changes when she meets a compelling stranger who appears to be infatuated with her. When a terrifying threat begins to loom over Lily, Rowan, and their unborn children, Jack and Giselle will work together in an attempt to save the lives of those they love.

Moonlit Skies

Jack is of fae blood and desperate to escape his past. When he stumbles upon fellow fae, LeAnne and Maggie, they graciously invite him back to their home. Jack soon discovers his new friends are Watchers (of the extreme variety) who oppose marriage between fae and humans. At the same time, Giselle, another fae, is going to visit Lily and Rowan who are pregnant with twins. Her trip is thrown into chaos when she meets a handsome man with whom she has an instant connection. Their lives soon become intertwined in a way no one could have expected.

Moonlit Skies, by Abby Farnsworth, is the second book in the EverGreen Trilogy and tells the fascinating story of Jack and Giselle, two faes connected through a shared fondness towards Lily. They must face the threat from the Watchers who are determined to put an end to intermarriage with humans and Lily, unfortunately, is on their radar.

Farnsworth has effortlessly blended the fantasy and contemporary genre to create a fascinating modern fantasy experience. The author seamlessly shifts the point of view between characters allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in the characters’ thoughts. The dual points of view allowed me to become emotionally invested in the characters. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the mystery of exactly how Giselle and Jack are connected and how the two storylines will intertwine.

The author’s descriptions are so vivid that readers will feel as though they are in the story alongside Giselle and Jack. The author touches upon serious issues that are prevalent in society today, showing readers that we are not alone. Readers will find Farnsworth’s characters are both captivating and relatable.

Moonlit Skies is a charming romance novel that will enchant readers as they fall in love with the characters and travel to a breathtaking fantasy world.

Pages: 118 | ASIN: ‎ B09BLP5VV1

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