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Lives That Are Gradually Destroyed

Nooshin Mohajerin
Nooshin Mohajerin Author Interview

Where I am Standing is a thoughtful collection of short stories that provide subtle but potent commentary on life. What inspired you to write this collection of stories?

The book is about a hometown which, little by little, witnesses ruins in all aspects there. It is a narrative of valuable spiritual and worldly lives that are gradually destroyed and turned into ashes. The name of the book “Where I am standing” illustrates the place a human is born and stands on his root, hometown. This can be interpreted as every human being’s life status encompassing all sorrows, joys, struggles and desires.

Did you write these stories specifically for this book or did you write these stories over time?

I have written the stories over time since each story was an inspiration through gradual degradation of human’s life around me.

My favorite story from the collection is ‘Human Being’. Do you have a favorite story from this book?

As you know generally it is almost impossible to choose one of them, but I can tell you some of them are different; Scarecrow-The Alley- Titanic, War, Lost, and My Shadow.

What are some themes you wanted to explore in this book?

The themes mostly deal with the human values which are about to vanish as well as all symbols of life in every individual’s life span.

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Her head was full of words; the words to be spoken every day, to be heard every day. But now, there was neither one to listen nor to talk to. She was experiencing a miserable downfall every day. She was born in the capital and had lived there for a long time. Every day, little by little the city went toward devastation in years. In fact, she lived in ruins. The city descended in all aspects.I can see how has an ugly new city been constructed on my city; my ruined city. The small trees were planted and the stout trees were cut and left just as a decayed log. Sometimes I can find an old tree with cut branches, ashamed, faded in a run-down alley.I am lost in a city that looks other than mine. I feel I am drowning in a swamp. I have only strong roots while all my branches have been cut; so even with a hand, I can do nothing. The crows fly above my life, I just observe how they feed on this slough. The Oriental Planes, the trees of my childhood grown and rose with me. The trees with whom we spent seasons and left the springs to the winter. The trees made four seasons with you.To say goodbye means you enter a new chapter of life; means something pushes you and, inevitably, you have to continue your way. Sometimes it seems bitter than a simple bye; a long journey, to die, divorce; a long sulk carrying heavy bad feelings for long. All these can damage your heart, your feelings and throw you toward a new and completely different way. Sometimes, there is some hope in goodbye and the future in front of you and freedom. Though there might be confusion, feeling blue, loneliness.I open my eyes while I do not really know for what purpose I have to. By waking, the first thing that always my brain asks is “what day is today” but what I just know is the sun has risen and the day has started. The global calendar says today is just a day with no prefix. The world has completely lost its attractions and, more importantly, its luxuries and all your stuff, like your expensive clothes, the precious rugs, and furniture, charming accessories, all seem worthless and useless. As if the death angle is around the corner. It is a sign and power of death. Our world was paralyzedI am walking in my city; among ruins, Stinky stagnant waters, the old ugly crows, and the rats chewing the bottom of bases in my city. The trees have been growing, but with distress, have spread their branches. Taking all these together, Covid-19 has devastatingly spread itself over my city.

Where I Am Standing

Where I am Standing by Nooshin Mohajerin is an emotional collection of short stories that explore and illuminate many internal struggles. From anxiety, abuse, war, and loneliness, author Nooshin Mohajerin captures despair in several forms in this remarkable literary collection. I loved how Nooshin creatively described each feeling in the stories. This shows that internal battles are more complex than they seem. When you don’t suffer from experiencing negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, or abuse, it doesn’t seem as big as it really is. This collection is written from a perspective that shows a great depth of understanding in these matters.

There are so many stories to love, but my favorite is “Human Being”. This revealing emotionally charged and eloquent story is an overall expression of the many barriers in life. Some of us are more fortunate than others, but we don’t value it as much as others who dream to be in our position. These difficulties are a part of being human, yet we aren’t always looked at as a part of the human race. I admired the strength that it took to write these stories considering the sensitive content included.

Where I am Standing by Nooshin Mohajerin is a deeply thoughtful collection of short stories that provide subtle but potent commentary on life and the struggles we all face.

Pages: 128 | ASIN: B09244XVGR

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The Art Of Losing

The Art of Losing. Nooshin Mohajerin,. Kartoniert (TB) - Buch

What do you do when life gets you down? Do you stay down and give up on trying to get up? Do you let yourself drown? No. You get up and you try again. Many times, you will fall right back down but then success is built on how many times you get up. The Art of Losing is a book of short stories about human suffering and failures. They are about everyday people with everyday issues just trying to get by. Trying to beat life before it beats them.

Nooshin Mohajerin has taken a look at common failures that humans go through. It is about the failures that are designed to keep you in a rut. At first glance, they just seem like regular entertaining stories to keep you busy, but much more deeply, they are stories to encourage you. Stories that lead you to triumph. They are stories meant to get you to look at your life and that of others with fresh eyes. This is a very motivational little book to have, especially with so many disappointments plaguing everyone on the daily.

The author seeks to speak to the regular person. The idea is to show that no one has a monopoly on failure. That suffering can be a good thing. Take for example the story of how shiny metals are shaped. They go through intense heat so that they can be molded into something beautiful. Everyone should consider themselves a precious metal that is simply being molded. This is the essence of the book. To show you that in the end, you will be a lustrous jewel.

This book is written in very simple language. It is written with a certain poignant and sad undertone that affects the reader. It gets you thinking about your own failures. This book will kickstart your second wind. The stories are short and deeply meaningful. It is a short book to bring with you on particularly grueling days. Like, say, that job interview after you have had numerous rejections. This book is a supportive companion. It is a sympathetic friend.

There are some errors but they are small issues here and there. They are barely noticeable considering the strong message of the book. The Art of Losing is thought-provoking. It can be entertaining to some degree especially the balloon story although it ends in tears.

ISBN-10: 6139858852

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