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Pamela D. Smith Author Interview

While at the Altar shares your life experiences and a list of prayers to help readers improve their spiritual connection through prayer. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was important because so many do not believe in the power of prayer and many do feel as if they do not know how to pray. By sharing my life experiences readers get a chance to see the power of prayer manifested through my life therefore they will know what is possible for them, through prayer. I shared actual prayers so those who feel as if they do not know how to pray and can how I pray and can formulate their prayers based on the examples I shared.

What is one practical prayer that you find yourself often using?

Me thanking God for all that He has done and asking for His continued blessings, protection, and guidance for me and my family.

Where should someone start if they are new to faith and prayer?

They should definitely start with the bible with the Lord’s prayer-Matthew 6: 9-13. Read that prayer as much as you need to until you get comfortable praying what’s on your heart.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That prayer works. That the power and presence of God are manifested in prayer and that life is better if you develop a fervent prayer life.

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Would you like to:
•Enhance your spirituality?
•Learn practical and fervent prayers?
•Find out how to have a better focus on God and His kingdom?
•Reap the benefits of successful prayer?
But you:
•Don’t know how to achieve the connection?
•Use prayers that yield no results?
•Have faith that is faltering, or you are new to faith and prayers?
If so, then this is the perfect book for you. Many other books have similar content, but only this book will show you the right path.
This prayer book will remind you that God’s grace is sufficient for you and that He is your strength and redeemer. You should pray both during trying times and during good times.
After reading this book, your faith should have increased, and your prayer life should be enriched. Prayer should become your lifestyle, and your life should become a letter that others will read. They need to see God’s glory demonstrated through you, because that is going to give them hope, and it will help them during some of their most difficult times.
Here’s what this incredible prayer book can offer you:
•Discover short and easy prayers for salvation with prophetic affirmations
•Use prayers against anxiety, depression, and evildoers
•Find out more about enhancing a positive attitude and personal development
•Discover how to develop a Christ-like mind
You don’t need to have any prior faith or experience with praying, because this book is here to strengthen your faith and to show you the right path. Follow God’s way, and be the person that everyone will look up to.

While at the Altar

While at the Altar: Becoming a resilient, healed, whole woman through the power of prayer by [Pamela D. Smith]

Praying is something many do on a daily basis. For some it is second nature and part of their upbringing. Others find themselves wanting to make a habit of praying but find it difficult to do so effectively. For so many, prayer does not come naturally, and they need guidance on how to ask for the things they seek. From asking for patience to finding answers to a trying situation, the way we pray matters. Where we pray is another dilemma many find themselves facing. Whether it be in a church pew, around grandmother’s kitchen table, or beside one’s bed, prayer has the power to change things.

While at the Altar: Becoming a Resilient, Healed, Whole Woman Through the Power of Prayer, by Pamela D. Smith, is a combination of one woman’s life experiences and testimonies and a list of specific prayers for readers to use as a guide. Smith offers readers a glimpse into her personal spiritual story and helps them understand exactly how difficult it can be to find their way to becoming a praying individual. Something we all take for granted others know how to do–Smith explains precisely how much of a struggle it can be to come to rely on prayer.

Generally speaking, I don’t find most inspirational and self-help books to be all that engaging and frankly not all that helpful. While many can be difficult and not so relatable, Smith’s book is the polar opposite. She is genuine, opens her heart to readers, and offers a very real look at what life is like living with anxiety. She willingly offers readers the opportunity to share in her heartache and walk with her as she finds the path to a prayerful life. Her life will inspire readers.

As a reader, I am especially thankful for Smith’s specific prayers throughout the book. Admittedly, I am not always comfortable with the ways or reasons to pray, and Smith gives readers like me exactly what we have been looking for. I appreciate the time and thought Smith has put into her writing. The journal opportunities throughout the reading make her book an interactive and even more useful one.

I recommend While at the Altar to any person who is seeking to make a spiritual move in their life. Smith truly strikes a chord with readers and provides advice across life experiences in a tone all readers will appreciate.

Pages: 120 | ASIN: B08714BS5V

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