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License to Loot

License to Loot: How Racial Injustice, Able-Bodied Americans, Illegal Immigrants, and the Opioid Epidemic Split America by Pascale Batieufaye discusses issues that impact the United States from a different perspective or lens. The author covers a wide range of contemporary problems, including the mismanagement of resources, the government’s role in protecting Americans, and other societal issues that impact all areas of life, including education, health, drugs, crime, and controversial subjects.

Pascale Batieufaye is straightforward about the topics discussed in this book and does not shy away from speaking his mind. He covers subjects that are often not openly discussed without backlash, and he offers long-term solutions to addressing problems in America, which may or may not be successful. Realistically, many of the issues facing Americans today do seem to have an easy solution, especially where there are multiple problems impacting numerous communities.

The author begins the book with an in-depth discussion of the opioid epidemic and how this crisis impacts Americans directly and indirectly. Batieufaye dives into how this epidemic extends to involve the pharmaceutical industry, economics, and individuals who suffer from addiction. There is further discussion on homelessness, debt, tax evasion by corporations, and many other factors that shape the world Americans live in.

My favorite part of the book is the second part, which tackles one of the most important questions every reader will ask: How do we improve America? The author covers a wide range of political points, including the various administrations, their faults, and how many governments do not face the consequences of their actions when they fail, and he readily applauds their successes.

License to Loot: How Racial Injustice, Able-Bodied Americans, Illegal Immigrants, and the Opioid Epidemic Split America is a rich and layered read that provides a lot of content to digest. It’s an important learning experience, from a socio-economical point of view.

Pages 194 | ASIN 1954647026

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Beware of Companies That Rip Off Their Employees – Book Trailer

Beware of Companies is the story of how one man contributed a number of visionary ideas that the casino he worked for used to grow its business 

and add comforts to its customers. This should be a story about great success for the writer and his employer, but unfortunately it is not. This memoir is also the chronicle of how the author’s ideas were stolen, under the guise of an “employee suggestion program,” then he was marginalized, his sanity questioned, and then ultimately pushed aside. It revolves around a series of dark chapters from 1996 to 2004 that would change the author’s life, but also teach valuable lessons about the nature of casinos and the truth about what can go wrong between the powerful and the powerless. This is one man’s story, but it could happen to anybody.

License to Loot – Book Trailer

License to Loot is a full of fire and fury look at America’s problems and how we begin to solve them. It unapologetically examines illegal immigration, opioid misuse, controversial vaccinations, and ethnic prejudice.

This book is about helping low-waged employed folks do their best to get off government handouts, and encouraging able-bodied job refusers to stop viewing Uncle Sam as their piggy banks, not caring or not aware of their nation’s debt crisis.

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