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Being Transparent

In Being Transparent, Wilda Rodriguez tells the heartbreaking story of how she dealt with her son’s drug addiction. This emotional book is a collection of journal entries that she wrote over the years, and it depicts the raw and honest nature of her emotions. Rodriguez struggles to cope with the most challenging season of her life, unsure of where she went wrong as a mother. In her hopelessness, she finds refuge and relief in religion. Wilda focuses on reminding people that there is a God out there. You also gain internal peace and tranquility by being transparent with him and trusting him to do the right thing.

Wilda Rodriguez has bared herself in front of her readers by sharing her brutally honest story in Being Transparent. Her intimate thoughts are openly written so that people can connect with them and feel less isolated. Through this inspirational book, she illustrates how being transparent with herself, God, and others gave her journey a head start and eventually led her to heal. Furthermore, Rodriguez has shared in-depth the steps she took that gradually helped her gain inner peace and acceptance. Finally, she has written her realistic experience in a raw and honest tone which exhibits how discombobulated and tangled she really was.

Rodriguez has written this book authentically from the core of her heart in hopes of reaching out and helping those in similar situations. The author also discusses how addiction affects not only the victims but those around them too. She narrates the events that took place over the years while offering truth, answers, and comfort as well. People usually feel suffocated and helpless in such situations, which is why she advises them to embrace reality and trust in God’s plan; by doing so, she rekindles their hope and helps them through an impossible time. 

Being Transparent: My Story: Facing my son’s drug addiction is Wilda Rodriguez’s heartbreaking and inspiring memoir. Her true story shares the pain she experienced the questions she had no answers to, and the path she took to self-healing and acceptance.  

Pages: 57 | ASIN : B0BMRVVBZ1

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Fingerprints of God

Fingerprints of God by Melanie Burgess takes young readers on a scenic adventure of where on earth we could possibly find God’s fingerprints. With each question asked, it beckons us to look deeper into the truth behind everything. That God, in fact, made it all with his goodness and greatness.

This beautifully done children’s book shows children how to find God in all that surrounds us. His goodness is in everything we see, and the art and illustrations in this picture book are captivating. I was so enthralled that I couldn’t help but linger on each page long after reading the narrative.  

I enjoyed that there were verses from the Bible sprinkled throughout, connecting the dots for the reader to put together. It shows that the author is well-versed in the Bible, it’s teaching, and how the information was researched and put together expertly. I also appreciated all the animal facts at the very end of the book because it felt as though the author knew people would want insight into all the creatures in the story and made sure to include it all.

Fingerprints of God is definitely an excellent book for young or beginner readers due to the simple language that the author has used. In addition, kids are so curious and are fascinated by animals, which, in my opinion, is what makes this the perfect story to get conversations started about God and his workings with young children.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B0BBLG44GM

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Christmas Begins With Christ

Have you ever wondered what Christmas was all about? Why do we get presents and celebrate with our loved ones? In Christmas Begins with Christ by Gina Kirkland, we are taken on a beautifully magical explanation of the meaning of Christmas. The story is told through poetic prose and charms you quite thoroughly from your head to your toes.

The author does a splendid job incorporating the Christian faith along with other non-religious traditions that all play along in the celebration of Christmas. The illustrations by Marissa Napolitano are so magical and whimsical that, as an avid reader, I found it hard to turn the page. The characters and backgrounds were awe-inspiringly gorgeous and added to the rhythmic tone of the author’s words.

This is a perfect story not just for young readers but adults as well. It truly felt like Christmas to me, and it would be a great addition to my own family’s holiday reading library to get us in the spirit. The dedications from the author to her family were tear-worthy and left me blurry-eyed before I even started the story. I am so glad she was motivated to write this book because it was simply meant to be. It’s like when you read an amazing book and just know it was fated to be written, and you can’t stop recommending it. This is one of those books. It was dazzling from start to finish. I look forward to reading more books from this author and undoubtedly adding them to my family’s reading library.

Christmas Begins with Christ is a magical Christian-based picture book teaching children about the meaning of Christmas. This educational story will entertain and enlighten young children as they follow along through the pages.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BD7C5QRJ

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