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Xhoseti First Contact


Xhoseti First Contact is an engaging sci-fi thriller about a mission to save human civilization. While the premise sounds somewhat cliched, Robert J Stephens is a masterful storyteller. He weaves together the stories of miners that awaken the horrific Xhoseti, the omniscient Guardians plotting to save the universe with minimal collateral damage, and multiple historic events that defined human civilization. When the Xhoseti are awakened, the Guardians are aware that it is only a matter of time before humanity is under the threat of complete destruction. They enlist the help of Krys Reenberg, leaving him in charge of seven colonies on Earth. He has to ensure that the growth and development of humanity remains unhindered, while at the same time putting out fires throughout history,

Similar to the other books in the Xhoseti series, there are lengthy and fascinating descriptions of technologies. Things like the Morph Suit were elaborately explained; the science and science fiction ideas behind it all laid out. I enjoyed these parts, even if they verged on a bit too lengthy and unrealistic.

Although the characters and story lines are interesting, the dialogue can come across as a bit unnatural at times.  It works for the Xhoseti and Guardians, but the humans, not so much. Same goes for the character introductions. Take for example a description like this one- “Graham had the physical attributes of a twenty five-year-old human male.” Things like these threw me off a little, but these are easy to ignore.

However, the dialogue did have snippets of humor this time, especially with Krys. This was a refreshing aspect, especially since the rest of the book can be dry and serious. I loved the different events in history taking place in real-time, from  Japan to Mexico, and from the spread of Buddhism to Mary in Jerusalem. Krys’ ingenious ideas and debacles were fun to follow.

There were a lot of disturbing scenes, from violent and gory depictions of battle and barbarian human acts. I suppose these are a necessary evil if an accurate reflection of humanity is expected. The book ends on an intense but satisfying note- I look forward to more of the Xhoseti universe. Xhoseti First Contact is a superbly intriguing science ficiton novel.

Pages: 287 | ASIN: B07QGLNRT2

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A Galactic Eternal War

Robert J Stephens Author Interview

Robert J Stephens Author Interview

XHOSETI: AD 2492 is the second novel in your Xhoseti series where the Guardians must prepare humans for the coming war against the Xhoseti. What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this novel?

The idea for the books started when I was in South Africa over a few beers with my father who was convinced that the human race had come from another galaxy and that there were 7 tribes who had been sent to Earth to see if we can co-exist with each other. This is an ongoing experiment as there is a galactic eternal war happening between many different species and they are at a stalemate. Project Earth is what I am writing about, and as such will terminate in the end of the experiment – eventually…

You give a new perspective to human history in a way that leads to one goal; preparing humanity for the coming war. Where did this idea come from and how did that develop while writing?

In the story, the human race has colonised a planet approximately 12000 light years from Earth namely, Termite, and they have discovered a future prediction machine which the Freemasons on that planet use to prepare for a war with the Xhoseti. They know they will lose the war and need to come up with a plan ‘B’ if mankind is to survive, so they head of to Earth. Which they have already tried to colonise one in the past and failed, another story in the wings.

Was this book a natural extension of book one Xhoseti Moon or did come after you finished the first book?

I have unfortunately sent the books to Literary titan in the wrong order. The first novel is the start of the story and is Xhoseti First Contact, which I might add is still to be reviewed. So the Xhoseti Moon story is a follow-on from Xhoseti AD2492 which in turn is a sequel to Xhoseti First Contact.

Will you write a third book in this series? If so, where will the story pick up?

The third or first book I will send through to you for review as soon as I get my a into g. I work as a full time piping stress analysis engineer and move around from country to country quite a bit, my apologies.

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XHOSETI: AD 2492 by [STEPHENS, ROBERT J]The Pyramids are complete. The weapons have been installed.

All that remains is to stop the wars and unite mankind against the Xhoseti when they arrive.

Will the Grand Master succeed with Plan “B” and finally create a united front against the insectoid invaders?

War advances man’s technology. As man advances, the Xhoseti become more empowered with every human they absorb.

Will man unite to defend the Earth against the Xhoseti or will their infighting be mankind’s downfall?

United man will survive…divided man will fall.

The eternal war between the two species wages on,one trying to survive the other trying to enslave… in the 2nd book in the Xhoseti series.

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Xhoseti AD 2492 by RJ Stephens is a dystopian, mind-warping read. We are introduced to the Guardians, who are concerned about the inevitable attack of the Xhoseti. This time around, the plan is to revive Earth and train the humans so that they may be ready for the Xhoseti attack in the far future. Chris, the grand-master is to control the fate of Earth and its inhabitants. Humans are to be shepherded onto the right path, an unsurprisingly difficult task. The book navigates through crucial turning points in history. These events are retold in a surprisingly believable manner. Everything from the Spanish inquisition to Nazi Germany was laid out, dissected, and manipulated in the story. The Masonic association and pyramids feature heavily in this book, complementing the doomsday conspiracy atmosphere of the book.

Similar to its sequel, Xhoseti Moon, this novel creates an immersive and intricate universe. It snaked its way through space and time, leaving me pleasantly disoriented. However, I found myself drifting off during the explanation of technicalities. Although they were imaginative and thought-provoking, some of them ended up being too lengthy for my taste. The futuristic technologies like the morph suit, neuralink, and mind dump were intriguing, but a little too well-explained.

The author did not hold back on the vivid and gory details of disturbing scenes- this one is not for the faint-hearted. Cannibalism and historic cruelties were laid out in their full glory. My favorite part of this book was the revisiting of historic characters. There were plenty and all of them were wonderfully fleshed out. I never tired of encountering the royalty, peasants, and people across the centuries. Chris is a masterfully created character- all in grey. Some of the things that he allowed to happen were hard to stomach, and his reasoning behind them even more so.

I had read Xhoseti Moon first and went in expecting the same sort of sci-fi thriller content. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Xhoseti Moon was an intense and thrilling ride but Xhoseti AD 2492 takes a more intricately interesting route. I don’t know whether or not I agree with the philosophy of the ends justifying the means, but I look forward to a long, bloody journey with the Xhoseti.

Pages: 303 | ASIN: B07SBHVJBW

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