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The Sacred Choice

Bedri Cag Cetin Ph.D.
Bedri Cag Cetin Ph.D. Author Interview

Sacred Life shares your story to help set readers on a spiritual path to Awakening or Enlightenment. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Since a very young age, I had a strong interest in spirituality and wanted to be a healer. When I suffered traumas as a child and developed many psychological disorders as an adult, I have decided to devote myself to the study of the mind and psychology. By learning how to heal myself, I wanted also to help others in their own healing, and the universe miraculously helped in my endeavor by making my life a laboratory and a journey in healing and discovery of Truth. This book — which is a spiritual self-help guide written in the form of a memoir — is a result of this inborn passion.

What is the first step readers should take on their spiritual journey?

The first step is their ultimate discovery of their own divine Inner Guide within. It is the Sacred Choice that allows us to leave the ego that has been guiding our thinking and acting, which has led us to ever-growing conflict and suffering in our life. This is because the ego is based on the illusion of separation and it never works to bring us the true happiness that we seek other than fleeting feel goods, which are empty and meaningless. Sacred Choice happens when we value and want Inner Peace above all else having realized when we lose peace, we lose everything. By this core choice, our divine Inner Guide starts replacing the ego as the guide in our life. The Inner Guide is our spiritual Heart, and is the center for our direct silent Knowing, which when surrendered to, guides our thinking, deciding, and acting as well as our experiences. When we surrender to this divine Knowing, we are led by a universal Presence that bring peace, happiness and harmony to everyone involved and restores Meaning in our life. It is the only Truth there is, and the One that truly works to bring what we deeply want!

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

There are several revolutionary ideas that emerged throughout the 25 years that prepared the grounds for this book:

1) We are not a mortal body with a limited intellect based on the brain, but what we truly are is a Mind (or Consciousness) that is eternal and infinite.

2) While the intellect is personal, the mind is universal in essence, and is nonlocal (beyond time and space).

3) We do not exist in the world, but the world arises in our universal mind as mentations (universal thoughts), which collapse into energies when observed. And thus Einstein was right in asserting that matter is energy, yes, but what he missed to reveal is that energy is a mentation (universal thought). (And that makes Carl. G. Jung wiser in my book since he came closer to the idea of a collective universal mind.)

4) As we — nonlocal mind/consciousness — are the creator of the world, what we experience is merely the outward picture of the inward state of our mind. And thus, the world is the effect, but the true cause is the mind. Therefore, TRUE HEALING is always in the mind, and not in the intellect, or in the body/world. Traditional psychology and medicine fails as a result of this, and can best treat the symptoms.

5) Unlike how we seem to experience it, our CHOICE (or FREE WILL) does not reside in our thinking (intellect) or acting (body/world), but the only true choice we have is the choice we have in the mind, choosing our guide between the ego (felt as conflict) and the divine Inner Guide (felt as inner peace). The former acts based on thinking without knowing, whereas the latter acts based on direct Knowing, which then guides thinking, deciding, and acting.

6) The ultimate choice in the mind is then at the level of feelings of energies: between inner peace and conflict. There is no other choice. Once this choice is made, all our consequent thinking, deciding, and acting as well as experiencing happens according to the laws set by the thought system of our guide, and all our our perceived subsequent choices at the level of the world/body/intellect are mere illusions.

7) While choosing conflict in our mind makes us unhappy and lost in an imaginary separate world of our own making, only our choice for Inner Peace heals us, bringing true wholeness based on unity of Being/Truth and thus makes us truly happy.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hope and trust readers can save time, hopefully years, in their own healing so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to say, by benefiting from my life experiences of suffering and recovery, as well as the valuable realization and revelations that has emerged from my spiritual teacher and my Inner Guide throughout the years of my ceaseless devotion to divine Truth and Healing.

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This is a COURSE in HEALING. Yet, it is not a theoretical teaching. This book is all about realizing and living universal Truth written for anyone seeking a practical Guide for lasting inner PEACE and HAPPINESS. It is a psychological JOURNEY with spiritual realizations.
WHO this book is FOR:
For those, who feel disillusioned with religious teachings that have brought more wars and separation to the world than peace and unity, and more sin, guilt, arrogance, attack, and suffering to the minds than forgiveness, love, innocence and joy.
For all Truth-lovers, who would like to fully discover their own divine Inner Guide and become free from ego based “mind control in the matrix” based on illusions and lies.
For those, who are troubled or suffering from some aspects of their life involving lack, limitation, disease, or adversity, and are seeking for wholeness, happiness and harmony to be restored.
For anyone, who is disturbed by emotional or psychological issues, such as anxiety (OCD, phobias & panic attacks) and depression, and is seeking to have a healed mind with unshakable inner peace, meaning and joy.
If you are on a spiritual path to Awakening or Enlightenment seeking personal transformation and freedom with a direct path to Truth while looking for answers to profound questions.
For anyone searching for higher awareness and understanding of life inspired by an intuitive and fresh new teaching.
For anyone seeking to reach deeper realms of spiritual consciousness and experience an equally deeper level of fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace.
Finally, to all A Course in Miracles (ACIM) students and teachers, who have some difficulty in fully realizing or applying any of its teachings.
WHAT this book is ABOUT:
Learn how to make the Sacred Choice and discover your divine Inner Guide through this spiritual self-help guide written in the form of a soul story, taking its readers on a Sacred Path of Awakening to a Healed Mind imbued with inner Peace, Happiness and Harmony.
This book introduces new, yet profound ways of perceiving life through the realization of the divine Inner Guide based on Unity of Being, and transcending the ego centered on the illusion of separation. It also takes readers into the world of intuitive silent knowing, the art of forgiveness, and joyful living via miracles and revelations.
Sacred Life ultimately aspires to reestablish the missing link between science and spirituality towards the start of the NEW MIND ERA.

Sacred Life: Healing from the Virus in Consciousness

Bedri Cag Cetin has lived nothing short of an amazing and awe-inspiring life. From his teen years and a harrowing experience with first-love and a chance encounter with extortionists, gang activity, and trafficking in illegal weapons, Cetin has met with challenges that would strike down most people and leave them looking for a way out. Cetin, however, survived by means of different tactics–he turned to spirituality and the search for inner peace. Himself a student of brain sciences, even Cetin had to warm to the idea of seeing a true inner peace as the answer to the problems that plagued his life.

Sacred Life: Healing from the Virus in Consciousness is the autobiographical account of author Bedri Cag Cetin’s life of turmoil and eventual peace and happiness. He begins his journey in much the same way as the rest of us, but he is plagued by traumatic events from which many are unfortunate enough to never recover. His quest begins with doubt, skepticism, and a lot of second-guessing, but he soon sees the light through a much different and clearer window than he ever dreamed possible.

The idea of complete surrender is pivotal in Cetin’s story. This is a difficult concept for so many, however, he takes readers along on his journey and makes the idea of reaching the point of surrender seem much more attainable. His passion for inner peace is almost palpable and at the same time feels quite magical. I have never been an overly spiritual person, but the accounts of Cetin’s are striking and full of hope.

Cetin tells a poignant story of his battle with OCD and panic attacks. His feelings are relatable on so many levels, and the way in which he faces these obstacles will resonate with many a reader. Self-study is incredibly important to the way Cetin copes with his challenges, and he gives readers something toward which they, too, can work.

Many self-help books focused on finding inner peace and happiness delve only into the how-to aspect of changing your life. Sacred Life, on the other hand, reaches out to readers via Cetin’s own personal stories and provides proof of the way he has been able to turn around many horrific circumstances. I highly recommend Cetin’s work to anyone feeling lost spiritually and emotionally.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B08R7M6SNL

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