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Desert Angels

Desert Angels by Lyman Ditson is an eloquently written short story interspersed with bursts of poetry throughout and charmingly drawn illustrations. The reader follows our protagonist and his dog Lion as he wanders the desert trying to find his way home to his cabin. Along the way, he meets a host of characters amidst a series of fantastical interactions with them, starting with a Slavic angel named Boris, who implores him to conduct a sacred mission.    

The desert wanderer appears in an active state of confusion and, following his meeting with Boris, is catapulted to the bow of a ship where he meets a parrot trying to seek the tree of eternity.  

Throughout the book, various philosophical themes are examined, from immortality to the secret of life. In addition, the theme of belief is addressed throughout the story, with multiple characters asserting what they promised can only come true if the recipient truly believes it will happen.  

Ditson’s writing is both philosophical and humorous. I particularly liked the funny aspects of the book; it was both easy to read and comical, which made the story entertaining. All the characters are well thought out and written with sharp, flowing dialogue. The dynamic between the protagonist and his dog is particularly amusing as Lion the dog begins to talk.  

The author Lyman Ditson is clearly a talented poetry writer, and the poems included throughout add a level of depth to the story. I liked how the poems are spread through the book, making them easier to relate to compared to a traditional volume of poetry. The book’s ending is somewhat ambiguous, and we are left wondering what exactly happened to the protagonist. However, that suits the style of the story. Readers looking to take an adventure with side trips into the author’s poetry and philosophical thoughts will find this short read magical.

Pages: 78 | ASIN : B0B57RBP6K

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The Law of Love – Book Trailer

What does love mean to you?

Do you know that you can harness its energy and use it as a super fuel to create the life of your dreams.

In The Law of Love, Karen Weaver gifts insights into different aspects of love and how you can navigate it to get the most out of every scenario you encounter.

Love helps things grow and when you learn how to make it work for you, you will be the master of your own destiny.

The Law of Love in the fourth of seven life principles that multi-award-winning publisher, author, coach and TEDx speaker Karen Mc Dermott (Karen Weaver) uses every day in her life, and it is at the centre of the collection for a reason. It is the beating heart that helps her live life at the highest vibration, on her terms and all as a hands-on mum of six, author of over 40 books and CEO of 3 thriving publishing companies.

Are you ready to learn how to embrace love at a whole new level? The Law of Love has the answers your heart desires.

With contributions from Cliona O’Hara, Kym Oakhill, Taryn Claire, Patricia Lovell and Leanne Murner.


THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SECRETS: The Hidden Power in Our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge by [Ramzi Najjar]

Ramzi Najjar wrote a remarkable book that will enable you to not only think about your existence but also question things that are considered the norm in society. The Ultimate Human Secrets is a valuable book that will help readers identify with what it entails to be human and how society and the environment one is raised in shape their views of life. Readers get to enjoy the content in Ramzi Najjar’s book because he writes based on facts and proved theories. I enjoyed reading this book mostly because the author was raw with the facts and data presented in the book.

A lot of people like living in fantasy. Some people do not want to embrace reality nor face facts. When you read this book, you learn that there is no escaping reality forever. In chapters that the author discussed reality and realism, I was able to learn about being responsible. As a functioning adult, you are supposed to take care of your mess. The author explains in detail why being a responsible human works best for you. This book has a dozen powerful life lessons.

Spirituality is a topic that is intimate for many. While reading this book, you get to learn why people choose the path of spirituality and how it works for them. The author is objective throughout this chapter and doesn’t show bias when highlighting his points. The chapter on awareness of dynamics and spirituality was so significant to me that I went through the text more than once.

By the end of the reading, one only thinks of prospering and how to align positive energy around self. Ramzi Najjar’s words are powerful.. The impact the author has on readers is massive. I appreciate the author for the wholesome content in the book and for writing about truths that many people are afraid of facing. This book will give you the confidence to face your fears. As a reader, you learn that the world is too big to be focusing on trivial issues.

The Ultimate Human Secrets is not only enlightening but also inspiring. This book takes readers on a thought-provoking and profound journey that will ultimately help readers take control of their life.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B095PD5NLX

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