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“You deserve all you can get.”

Sharon Hayes-Martin Author Interview

The Future Survival Guide discusses how Christianity can help bring you peace and forgiveness after surviving abuse and coping with the memories that remain. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wrote this book because so many are fledgling after years of adulthood, held down by past events, or outright ignorance not because of laziness but rather having trusted wrong, and they are still punishing themselves for it instead of assessing it and casting it aside in order to be free. I believe if I reach a decent percentage of readers they will share “The Future Survival Guide” with others.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

Being a plain, overweight child, I entered adulthood with a range of insecurities. I did look a lot better as an adult, but psychologically I was still that plain unpopular girl. When I was 22, I was offered a job that paid more than I ever thought I’d be making, and the first words out of my mouth was “I don’t deserve that much.” Interestingly, that was my mindset, but his reply still resonates to this day. It’s been years so I don’t remember his name, but I do remember the hard look he gave me when he said, “You deserve all you can get.”

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

That my book is God inspired and it was put on my heart to write for them. What I’ve observed and learned over the years is in those pages. So it is from His wisdom, and my strength arrived from the same, that I trust all who reads “The Future Survival Guide” will personalize whatever touches them in those pages.

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Many enter adulthood damaged, haunted by remembrances that pipe-in during the quiet times, causing their transition into adult life to be laden with challenges. It may take years, but most eventually get a footing. Yet, for some, the ugly memories can clarify, serving up torment that they inflict upon others. The Future Survival Guide is for everyone, but it’s also a road map to freedom, to strength and peace of mind for those who need it.

The Future Survival Guide

The Future Survival Guide is written for readers who are seeking clarity and freedom from the damaging experiences they have had in life; whether as a child or an adult. Author Sharon Hayes-Martin candidly discusses how Christianity can help bring you peace and forgiveness. The author covers topics such as surviving abuse, cult churches, the saved and unsaved and many more significant topics.

Author Sharon Hayes-Martin has written an enlightening guidebook that is designed to help readers become a better version of themselves. The author uses a conversational tone throughout her book so it felt like I was speaking to a teacher or a mentor the whole time I was reading. With this eager and passionate tone, the author conveys the vast knowledge and experience she posses, and l was eager to know more.

Even though this book is written from the author’s perspective I never felt like she was trying to convince me to turn to the Christian faith, rather she discussed what the faith has to offer. Hayes-Martin covers heavy topics such as suicide and depression and I appreciated that she openly shares her experiences with us and how she was able to come through to the other side and be in a better place. I also enjoyed the fact that this is a short read that is packed with useful information.

One aspect of this book that I found to be interesting and helpful were the details of cult churches and Christian predators, which are hustlers and grifters. This served as a warning sign to all and is a great way for readers to open their eyes to this threat. This is a difficult topic to cover and I commend the author as she is not afraid to also tell the dark side of Christianity in order to help people. The author provides readers with pragmatic tips to avoid these situations when being introduced to the Christian church and she recommends to do your research before committing to one church.

I highly recommend The Future Survival Guide to readers who are curious about Christianity and to those who are lost and want to be put on the correct path. Hayes-Martin provides readers with critical information and actionable advice they need to make informed decisions so that they can safely give faith a chance and find their way to freedom.

Pages: 106 | ASIN: B09WTN43KW

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