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Tales From the P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son

Dr. Darrell Diamondback, an intriguingly sardonic character, finds himself immersed in a chilling real-life mission akin to the plot of a spine-tingling horror novel: to rescue missing children held captive by the mysterious bogeyman. As a seasoned CSI paranormal investigator, Diamondback faces an unfamiliar challenge that runs counter to his solitary nature. He must assemble a team to aid in this perilous quest. An unenviable choice lays before him: foster collaboration or jeopardize the safety of more innocent lives.

Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son, penned by J.M. Tilbury, is a riveting synthesis of a true-crime detective narrative interlaced with a spectral supernatural realm. From the outset, Tilbury exhibits a knack for engaging the reader, demonstrating a masterful command of descriptive prose that portrays the eerie ambiance of the novel’s setting. His consistency extends beyond mere backdrop details, encompassing the characters, their emotional ebbs and flows, and the vividly depicted scenes.

The dialogue, characterized by sharp repartee, succeeds in holding the reader’s interest, albeit occasionally succumbing to overly dramatic tendencies. Nevertheless, the characters, endowed with distinct personalities, are the beating heart of this novel. Their thrilling convergence is one of the many delights this book offers.

The book’s captivating descriptions, lifelike characters, and enthralling dialogue collectively contribute to an immersive reading experience that maintains suspense throughout. The overarching narrative quality, and indeed the engaging ensemble of characters, will have readers hooked. This page-turner is a delightful read, and I eagerly await the subsequent installment in the series.

This is one mystery that will have readers turning on the lights and checking on their families to make sure they are safe and sound. Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son is a riveting paranormal detective novel that will have readers in suspense as they follow the thrilling adventure with Dr. Darrell Diamondback to rescue the children.

Pages: 252 | ASIN : B09V1BDKTX

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Go to Hell

Feeling stagnant in his successful career as a tech startup growth marketer, Alex is ready for a change and hopes to become an author. However, after his girlfriend gives him below-average feedback on his recently completed novel, he feels adrift until his friend Ernie demonstrates his new ability to get anything he wants. Ernie reveals that he made a deal with the devil, otherwise known as Lucy, a tattoo artist, and wants to share his experience with Alex. Unintentionally, Alex enters into a contract with Lucy and must now fulfill the terms or otherwise suffer an unwanted fate.

Go To Hell by N.R. Alexander is an entertaining paranormal thriller with dry humor injected into the ideas of good versus evil and knowledge versus beliefs. The author does an impressive job of retaining the reader’s interest in the story. This thrilling book offers a refreshing and irreverent take on the concepts and exciting characters to move the plotline along. It is a compelling and enjoyable read from start to finish.

Alex finds himself in a work contract with Satan and has six months to fulfill his end of the deal. If he fails, his soul is at risk of ending up in purgatory. The stakes are high, and I wanted to know what would happen to Alex, and this is what kept me coming back to this novel again and again. Alex’s character is brilliant, and although he comes across as aloof and seemingly lacking in emotions, readers may find themselves intrigued by his complex personality. While his hubris may create obstacles in the plot, it also adds depth to his character, making his journey all the more captivating. The story itself is entertaining, and the concept is a unique one that I enjoyed.

Overall, Go to Hell is a gripping paranormal suspense novel that gives readers a unique perspective on the traditional themes of good and evil. This intriguing thriller story is worth adding to your reading list.

Pages: 223 | ASIN: B0BWSH3FZG

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The Forgotten Prophecy

In Ray LeCara Jr’s The Forgotten Prophecy, readers are treated to a captivating blend of supernatural elements and international intrigue that elevates the suspense and thriller genre to new heights. Set against the backdrop of Catholicism’s epicenter, the narrative follows protagonist Simon Free as he grapples with vivid dreams, the tragic loss of his uncle, and an unspoken foreboding about his town’s future. As Simon enlists the aid of an unlikely group of allies to unravel the truth, he discovers his crucial role in an ancient prophecy. He faces a profound choice: uphold his family’s traditions or adhere to his personal convictions, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

The Forgotten Prophecy challenges Simon’s faith and the reader’s, with LeCara Jr’s evocative writing style and vivid imagery exploring the intriguing concept of a conscious, living evil. The novel poses the thought-provoking question: “If evil is natural, would you still try to stop it?” Delving into this philosophical theme, LeCara Jr’s work resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impression. Religious readers will appreciate the authentic incorporation of Christian motifs and quotations throughout the text. However, this engrossing tale also appeals to a broader audience, with its gripping narrative that builds tension and anticipation with each page.

Fans of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, James Erith’s Power and Fury, or Amber R Duell’s Dream Keeper will find much to enjoy in The Forgotten Prophecy. As readers accompany the reluctant hero on his quest for truth, they may find themselves questioning their own beliefs. Undoubtedly, this stimulating and emotionally charged novel merits a resounding endorsement.

Pages: 405 | ASIN : B0B95TTRBF

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A Portion of Malice

Two-time Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick is about to end his life when he gets the offer to write the biography of well-known billionaire Thaddeus Drake in exchange for a mouth-watering payday. Merrick accepts what appears to be a lifetime opportunity and soon discovers a staggering truth: Drake is Cain from the Bible, the first murderer who God caused to roam the earth forever. Merrick’s gradual absorption into Drake’s life reveals the secret society of immortals, the billionaire heads, and his plan to fulfill a biblical prophecy concerning the end time. What is Drake’s plan for humanity, and what darkness lies at the other end of it?

A Portion of Malice by Lloyd Jeffries is a thriller that weaves a fascinating and somewhat controversial tale involving events and characters from the Bible and history. One of its biggest selling points is how different it is. It’s thought-provoking, and some might even call it startling. The book’s pace is riveting, and the alternation between present-day and historical events creates multiple layers of engagement.

Jeffries delivers his writing with a beautiful cadence that lets you slip into the story easily and follow every action or scene being described. His descriptions are vivid, giving life to the story. His detailed approach to articulating his characters’ experiences is immersive. It makes his writing robust, provocative, and soulful, like a good poem. I always admire a writer’s ability to encapsulate an entire body of art in an apparent mood without being too obvious about it. It’s the subtlety that thrills. And with Jeffries’ book, you can always sense an ominous shadow lurking at the edges of the story the entire time. All in all, I’d call this a great read. It’s fresh, bold, and entertaining.

A Portion of Malice is a captivating political and paranormal suspense thriller that will have readers on edge as the nefarious plot unravels to cause the end of humanity. The journey of a man into the apocalypse and a confrontation with God himself will leave readers stunned and waiting for book two of the series.

Pages: 379 | ASIN : B0BG8ZPY7D

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Hope and Belief

William L Harben Author Interview

I’ve Been Waiting follows a narcotics detective who, at the request of a beautiful woman, investigates an unsolved mystery and encounters paranormal activities. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Well, this is a good question. I guess I was going through some difficult times personally. With the loss of family members, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Parents passing away, I guess you begin to question our very existence. You begin to wonder, is there something out there beyond this life, or is this it? So, with each passing of a loved one, a deep sadness begins to fill your heart. I feel that this was the place I was in at the time, and then I started having this reoccurring dream. It was the same dream, over and over, becoming more vivid each time. So, I started telling people about the dream.

The dream was about this guy walking down the street in an older part of Boston. The street was dark with high buildings on each side. It was a dark night with a slight fog that had rolled in. I had a feeling that the guy was aimlessly walking down the street, heading toward his favorite bar. As he got closer to the bar, he noticed this very attractive woman standing on the street corner under the lights. For whatever the reason, he was drawn toward the girl, and as he approached, he asked her if she was lost or needed help. She looked back at the guy and said, No…I’m waiting for you.

So, that was the dream. What exactly it meant, I didn’t know, but I finally decided to write it down. Writing it down made me realize that this guy, who became John O’Roark in the book, was lost. He had lost everything, his family, his self-worth, his career, and everything he ever believed in. However, I knew that this woman, who mysteriously came into his life at just the right time, would help him find his way back.

John is an interesting and unique character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Once I wrote down the dream, I had to go back and determine just what happened to this individual. So, I asked myself what tragedy could occur in a person’s life to make him feel the way he feels and put him in this situation of feeling totally lost. The most important thing in this world is your family, and if anything were to happen to them, you would be devastated. In knowing that, then you ask yourself, how would you respond and what would you do if something happened to your family like what happened to John’s family in the book? So, this is the direction I went within the book.

What was strange was when I started creating the different characters in the story. For instance, Dex, the stutterer came out of thin air, but he’s a big part of the story. Once I had the characters in place, the story just took off. It was as if I was just along for the ride, typing away as I saw the scenes play out.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I would say that the overall theme of this book is about hope. It’s about an individual who is in complete despair, lost, and alone in his grief with no sense of purpose due to his circumstances. Yet, on an unexpected meeting with a mysterious woman, his life begins to turn around as he embarks on an incredible journey that allows him to overcome his hardships and find a new purpose in life. It’s about the hope and the belief that he will be together again with his family someday and that, for now, he has much more to do in this world as he realizes that his new purpose is to help others.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I have several books in mind and have written the outlines for each. Obviously, this book has an ending that leads to another journey for John’s character. So, I’m in the process of outlining his next adventure.

Two other books that I am working on are: “Frantic Panic” and “The Family Secret

These books have no release date and are in the early stages of development.

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Webpage

Haunted by his own guilt, John O’Roark, an undercover Boston narcotics agent, and his stuttering partner, Dex, embark on a ghostly journey as they pursue an old unsolved mystery that will ultimately change their lives forever.

John, a dedicated family man with two kids and a beautiful wife, blames himself for the senseless assault on his family. After which, John’s only intent in life was hunting down those responsible for the attack and seeking revenge. In doing so, he becomes lost and alone as he begins to question and doubt all that he believes to be true.

Until he meets a young and mysterious woman named Angelica, who begins telling him a compelling story about her friend who has been missing for years. Reluctant to take on a missing person’s case, he simply can’t resist being pulled into her captivating plea for help. With the aid of his old partner, Dex, the three set out for the mountains of Colorado to uncover the truth about the missing girl, only to discover that Angelica isn’t who or what she seems to be.

The Swords of Blood and Gold

When Jon Sherman, who is part of the Deep Blue Marine Exploration Crew, has a disagreement with his boss he finds himself left without a job. Jon’s teammates find five chests at the bottom of the ocean that prompts a supernatural killer to murders the entire crew. Jon becomes the prime suspect and he must team up with his boss’s daughter to find and defeat this supernatural killer and prove his innocence.

Author JCR Paulino has created an exciting story with likable characters which make this a book that is hard to put down. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed the evolution of their characters. I was always interested in seeing how the characters would react to certain situations. Natalie’s character is a pleasant addition to the story because she is smart, sharp and a no-nonsense type of woman. She is a stand out character for me personally, but in this ensemble story it’s easy to find characters you’ll relate to.

This is a riveting adventure story, as well as a paranormal thriller, and you can really tell that the author has done his research when it comes to deep-sea diving and treasure hunting. The details are what really make this story feel real, even with the supernatural elements the gritty details keep this story grounded.

The author’s writing is sharp and effortlessly keeps this suspenseful novel moving forward. I had a hard time finding a place to put the book down, especially when Jon and Natalie embark on their deep-sea adventure. As the story progresses we get to see Jon and Natalie’s relationship blossom into something that is heartwarming and sweet.

A story like this has an inherent sense of adventure, but the author is able to draw you into a world that feels like that sense of adventure is just a foundation for a more compelling character driven story; which makes me think ‘what if Michal Crichton had written an India Jones book’?

While this is a fast-paced thriller I enjoyed the emotional moments in the story because I felt like that is what gave this story heart, where otherwise it would have just been an action adventure novel. Couple this with vivid scenes that immerse readers in the story and you have a book that will keep you consistently entertained and guessing; I was constantly wondering if Jon was going to be able to win, or at least what the cost would be?

The Swords of Blood and Gold is an enthralling novel with an entertaining mix of action and romance. If you’re a fan of paranormal thrillers with a deep sense of adventure than you will certainly want to embark on this deep-sea expedition.

Pages: 308 | ASIN : B09YN3SJ9V

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