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She Is Enigmatic And Quirky

Suzanne Simonetti
Suzanne Simonetti Author Interview

The Sound of Wings brings three women together that all have secrets they are hiding, the unlikely trio form friendships that could change the course of their lives. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The seed for the story began with a beach walk I took along the shoreline. I had a vision of Krystal, a beautiful 40-something collecting sea glass and seashells, feeling like there was something missing deep inside of her. All of the women are at different stages in their lives with their own unique challenges which was important to show how we can bridge divides and make friends where and when we least expect to.

What was your favorite character to write for and why?

As much as I love all three of the women, Goldie was the most fun to write. She is enigmatic and quirky and I loved getting inside of her head to see how she views and responds to the world. She also has many pets—Brutus the boxer, Laverne & Shirley the Himalayans, and Malcolm the African grey parrot—which were so fun to research and add their own personalities into the story. Stepping back in time to the 1960s to paint Goldie in her go-go boot days was also enjoyable.

What was one scene in the novel that you felt captured the morals and message you were trying to deliver to readers?

The scene when Krystal and Goldie are in her butterfly garden to discuss their new business venture and Jocelyn makes an unexpected appearance. While the three women are standing there in the yard, the automatic sprinklers kick on and they all get soaking wet. They scramble from the grass, laughing. It was a funny and somewhat embarrassing circumstance but they all made the best of the situation. I take this as a reminder to expect the unexpected and you never know where or when new friends will arrive in your life.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My new book is a stand alone but Krystal and Jocelyn will make appearances in this new story. It takes place 12 years down the line, which is neat because we get to see Jocelyn’s little boy Billy as a teenager and how Krystal has expanded her business operations. Abe is retired from his law practice and causing all sorts of silly trouble with idle time on his hands. I will provide updates on a publication date on my web site.

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Seventy-year-old Goldie Sparrows faces declining finances, questionable health, and a late husband who torments her from the beyond. She seeks refuge in her butterfly garden, which is filled with voices and memories from long ago.

Jocelyn Anderson is a struggling writer who finds escape from her custody battle in the journal of her late mother-in-law. As she gets pulled through the pages of time, Jocelyn discovers her own husband has a hidden history she knows nothing about. Is this secret now Jocelyn’s to keep?

Krystal Axelrod is living a life she never dreamed she could have. And yet the demons of a dysfunctional childhood and mean girl culture from her cheerleading days cast their shadow over her ability to feel whole, capable, and worthy. Does Goldie hold the key to Krystal’s path to freedom?

A masterfully crafted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and the risks we take in the pursuit of justice.

The Sound of Wings

Three women from different social backgrounds, united by their shared interest in the creative arts, have their fates collide at an auction. Bound by their insecurities, their encounter reveals the dark secret they have buried inside themselves. The secrets slowly come to light as their friendship solidifies. However, it is not only the bond they share that proves therapeutic to those women, but also that flutter of wings, signaling the everlasting presence of the vital forces in their lives.

The author of the book, Suzanne Simonetti, expertly depicts the anxieties and uncertainties of the human mind through the voices of women of various ages, experiences, and circumstances. From the struggling writer who fears losing his son’s legal custody to the ‘real-life Cinderella’ of Cape May Krystal Axelrod. Each character in this women fiction novel is on the hunt for their individuality. The motherly affection contributes an important part in the story, cropping up through Jocelyn, Goldie, and Pearl, the housekeeper.

In addition to focusing on its human characters, this psychological thriller also explores and depicts animal faculties. The statement “Her babies always knew where to find the love and could easily decipher whether they were in companies of allies and foes” provides the reader with an interesting glimpse into animal nature observed by the author. In titling The Sound of Wings, which begins and ends with the arrival of monarch butterflies, the author does an excellent job of conveying the sentiment behind the work’s subject matter. The concept Suzanne Simonetti has associated with butterflies and their arrival will fascinate readers.

The Sound of Wings, by Suzanne Simonetti, enumerates the practicalities of life with its mystical elements. The theme of self-belief, or lack thereof, runs throughout the book and the characters. Characters displayed courage and determination through their interactions with each other. The pace of the narrative will appeal to people who enjoy slow-paced novels that spend time really developing their characters and telling their stories. This women’s fiction novel will prove to be a page-turner if you enjoy mystery fiction, with plenty of drama and a drizzle of occult and spiritualism.

Pages: 297 | ASIN : B08F2BJP1N

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