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Brooklynn Dean
Brooklynn Dean Author Interview

The Word of the Rock God follows a rock star he struggles with the physical and spiritual aspects of his life. What was the inspiration behind the idea for this novel?

I was driving home from a concert and a scene just popped into my head. I saw very clearly a man sitting a table in a café, and I watched a woman sit down across from him. He seemed shocked by her appearance, but she looked at him as if she’d known him forever, as if she had plans for him. The next day, I sat down with this scene and these characters and tried to imagine who they might be. Max became clear to me first– this meek, artistic man who was more threatened by the idea of an obsessed fan than thrilled by it– but when that image became clear, the fact that Malum was no ordinary fan followed immediately.

Max is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

Thank you for saying so. Max’s standout qualities to me were meekness and creativity. I knew he was a rocker right away, but I knew he didn’t fit the stereotypical mold of a rocker either. I wanted to test his morals, of course, but I also needed a better understanding of those morals and where they came from, especially considering how atypical his level of inexperience was. With Malum in mind, knowing what she was and what she represented, it became clear to me that Max’s inexperience and strong moral compass came from his personal approach to and understanding of his faith.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I know it seems as if my greatest commentary centers around religion, but genuinely that was never my intention. My initial exploration was one of art and the artist; of successful artist vs up=and-coming artist. Did Max’s morals reflecting in his messages and songs matter to the crowds? Did they only matter because they were introduced to him as he stood on a stage? Was it his attractive features that made his music popular amongst those who listen to it? Would these same people be as receptive if he were not on stage, if he were, instead, on Twitter promoting it? What if he weren’t as traditionally attractive? Are people drawn to the art or to the artist who creates it?

I wanted to explore Catholicism and what it might be like to live life according to Christian morals. I consider myself agnostic– I’m sure something greater than we are is out there, but I’m not willing to believe we’d even be able to understand it, much less understand what it expects from us– so it was exploration of morals according to a specific deity and faith.

I also wanted to challenge it with Philip, a character who goes against what is traditionally accepted by this faith, but is not only detested by the evil entity, but also very important to the good one and to the protection of Max.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have three other novels available– Fiberglass Galaxy, Amethyst, and 2288– but I’m currently working on a project with the tentative title “Deification”. It’s in its infancy, so I don’t have an expected release date just yet, but I’ll share updates on Twitter and Facebook as we near its publication.

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If the road to Hell was paved with good intentions, then maybe the righteous path was forged in sin. Regardless of its composition, Max Lenett always felt a strong desire to walk its road reverently and with devotion. Armed with musical ability, poetic talent, and a powerful voice, Max followed it across the country to smoky bars and underground clubs where he masked his morals in cryptic lyrics and harsh, heavy vocals. When he’s presented with the worry that an artist’s striking features are more important to the masses than the profound message of the art itself, a debate between the physical and spiritual opens up inside Max’s mind. In time with this duality, he meets two new friends– one with strangely golden eyes and heated skin and the other with the ability to understand even his most enigmatic lyrics. Max begins to question not only his position on the stage, but also his place in the universe as he struggles to reconcile his strict moral code with the appeal of sin. However, much more than Max’s soul hangs in the balance, as things are rarely what they seem, and people, especially his new friends, are almost never who they appear to be.

The Word of the Rock God

The Word of the Rock God by [Brooklynn Dean]

In The Word of the Rock God, we meet Max. He is the talented front man of a rock band who are making their way around bars and clubs building up a following, singing songs written by Max. Max isn’t a typical rock god but has a strict moral code. Brooklynn Dean creates a world where good battles evil, where we look at how people can tempt others to stray from their paths. Although there are religious elements, you don’t need to be religious to read or enjoy this. The author creates a set for good to do battle with evil and brings that to life with her words.

Brooklynn Dean has written a thought provoking novel that is consistently entertaining. It opens with Max in another new city, and the author quickly cements Max as a musician devoted to his art, but he is a person with a strong moral code and they way these two motivations interact gives Max’s character much more depth thn I was expecting. Max’s strong moral code doesn’t sit with the stereotypical idea of a rock god, but how the authors makes it work throughout the story is intriguing. She uses Craig and Philip to fulfill the stereotypes, but in a realistic, non-judgmental way. From the outset, I liked Max. I liked the fact he wasn’t a stereotype. The author then introduces the characters of Malum and Bodum, both of whom follow Max around. The author does a great job of building connections and relationships between people slowly and methodically so that they feel authentic. The book develops the idea that temptation lives in all of us, even when we believe we have a strong rigid moral code. As we follow Max around the gigs, the author creates a world where we can see good and evil, without resorting to creating caricatures. She also doesn’t make the reader feel like they have to be religious to enjoy this book. She shows the battle we all fight to avoid temptation and what happens when we decide whether or not to give into temptation.

In The Word of the Rock God reminds me of the methodical and thought-provoking writing of Anne Rice. In The Word of the Rock God is a thrilling mystery novel that explores the old age battle between good and evil with a unique perspective.

Pages: 331 | ASIN: B07P9DPM2Y

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