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The Broken Justice System

Marta Nater
Marta Nater Author Interview

Villains For Justice tells the story of what happens when citizens take justice into their own hands. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

As a growing child of harsh inflicted abuse, I have always wished for a hero to come to my rescue to change and fix the broken justice system. Unfortunately, due to child protective services failure to aid me and my siblings, we kept on suffering constant daily abuse from our father. Child protective services has failed one too many times by not improving in their methods for the better, and that is the reason why many children have died while in their own watch. There are actually thousands of children nationwide who are subjects of child abuse cases. Based on these facts, I was inspired to write about fictional villains who aid the innocent young victims, finding some kind of solace. This book was also created to bring to light matters such as these by advocacy. This particular book is slightly different than other books because it positions the protagonists as villain’s who fight for better improving methods for both children and women and against a rash of injustices that need to be addressed by the proper channels.

Your characters were all creative and intriguing. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

All my characters were created with a specific purpose. My first character Nina Dansk was created to bring out the failures of the child protective system, therefore later taking actions against them in order to be heard. Nina had suffered the loss of her whole family including her beloved dog mainly due to her abusive step mother and her sister rapist. Nina’s father couldn’t handle the stress and pain of his daughter’s rape and death and passed away shortly thereafter. This drove a teen Nina to became distant and frigid with her step mother who she view as the cause of her families lost and pain. Nina avenged her families death with no regrets nor remorse. Once Nina got her psychologist degree she worked for a child protective agency and she began changing the way she saw the laws when it came to how children were being handled. Against all the odds against her, Nina continued with her quest to achieve justice and making an example out of her brutal attack on child abusers, pedophiles and rapist. The following character, Jerico Raven, he was taken about to a loss upon the death of child Blair, once he began his investigation into her death he discovers hidden secrets and agendas that lead back to law enforcement involvement. It was with the help of both his good friends Lieutenant Danny Rojas and Shadow Claw that Jerico was able to get his life back in track eventually but not before suffering a great deal. Character Cora Rollins was the worse and most difficult villain to bring down. Experiencing two prior rapes plus her own uncle’s rape as a child, Cora grew to dislike all men. Cora went more against pedophiles and rapist demanding changes or else. Cora had won the New York public over as she was cleaning house unlike the proper authorities were. In real life, some villain’s are like superhero’s because they fight for a good cause but their causes sometimes don’t align with the norms of life and that is what had caused so much division and perplexity with these characters development. This book is the first novel that begins with an effort to try and achieve rightful justice when the law isn’t upheld properly, and we’ve seen this happen time after time.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Well there are a few but the most important one to me really is the advocating the characters bring up about these issues regarding child abuse, pedophiles and rapes. Sometimes we often wonder why people go as far as to take the law into their own hands, well this fictional book provides the answers to that question. There are thousands who have suffered like me as my siblings out there who don’t know or realize that there exist and there is help out there. The main point of the book is not to keep silent, but to make a stand, and let yourself be heard. And even if that means that one has to go all the way to the supreme court to he heard and try to make some kind of improvement fair change. It is only through advocacy that one can be heard, noticed and succeed in accomplishing it’s goal.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

It is a book under the name “The Return Of The NY Villains For Justice” which is the second novel following this one. The book brings in and features a new villain who joins the team in his cause for justice against his own race. The book will also reveal shocking and unexpected discoveries about the villains themselves. Even though the book continues to highlight the story of each villain and their different struggles for rightful social justice, the book will also highlight the importance of not taking matters into ones own hands but instead go through the proper legal justice ways required by the law. Book has been out as of August 10, 2021.

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The Return of the NY Villains for Justice is the second novel in this series by author Marta Nater. It highlights the story of each villain and their different struggles for social justice. Amadou fights for black lives and prejudice within the law enforcement system in the Bronx (and all over the country), Nina Dansk and Cora Rollins (along with the beast Shadow Claw) fight for harsher punishments for pedophiles and rapists, and Jerico Raven and Danny Rojas fight for order in their precinct. The villains are very passionate for justice and will stop at nothing to achieve it, no matter the consequences.

Villains For Justice

Villains For Justice by [Marta Nater]

Villains for Justice is Marta Nater’s provocative idea of a modern world where super-powerful villains take justice into their own hands to hunt down the most horrible criminals that exist. The book starts with Nina Dansk’s story, a woman tired of seeing her loved ones and regular people constantly abused by a legal system that neglects its victims and that doesn’t provide adequate punishment for criminals. Nina Dansk’s story is very detailed and starts from her childhood, so the reader can easily follow how Nina’s mentality slowly changes to the point where she abruptly decides to punish rapists, predators and sexual abusers by viciously killing them, fighting for the protection of abused children and women.

The book also follows the story of other captivating villains. Jerico Raven, an ex-detective passionate about law and justice, and Shadow Claw, a mysterious man-hybrid with hawk-like features also take justice into their hands, this time to fight off the crime and corruption that was abundant in the streets of New York. Later on Cora Rollins is also introduced, an ex-police officer that was inspired by Nina Dansk’s story and decided to follow her path, becoming possibly the worst villain of all, torturing and murdering exclusively sexual abusers and predators.

Hunted by the authorities and loved by the regular people, these intriguing villains keep their promises as vengeful vigilantes, giving a new meaning to the word justice and thus gaining the respect and admiration of those who had been living under fear throughout their entire lives. This book serves as a reflection of modern day society and showcases how constantly the real victims are left unprotected while the criminals are sheltered and given new opportunities to live among those they hurt the most. Through the main characters, we see how the suffering they endured transforms into anger and thirst for revenge, at times going too far and ending in tragedy.

The characters presented are quite interesting and have complex and compelling storylines. I enjoyed reading each of their motives and how they carried out their plans to bring justice to the world and save abused children. While I enjoyed the story I felt it could use another edit, but the story is gripping enough and presents some entertaining scenes. The idea of villains that want to punish criminals is interesting and pulled off in creative ways throughout the story, it kept me wanting to find out constantly how the story was going to end. This is a story about revenge and taking justice into one’s hand, with the understanding that sometimes good intentions may build a terrible path that ends in tragedy.

Villains for Justice by Marta Nater rousing crime fiction novel with interesting characters that embark on an entertaining revenge rampage throughout the city.

Pages: 262 | ASIN: B08R29CFKV

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Villains For Justice

A story about fictional villains seeking justice where there is injustice instead. With the lives of children and women being affected in the hands of rapists and child abusers, Nina, Cherry, and Cora, in separate but connected stories, shows what can happen when a citizen with built up anger takes justice and the laws into their own hands.

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