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Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm

In this touching story written by Warren Martin, we follow Dean and Levi, who learn about the importance of spending quality time with family. All families have their traditions. It could be yearly summer vacations, specific foods during the holidays, or a family trip. In, Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm this is where Dean and Levi year after year spend time with their loved ones on a family trip. We watch through sweet illustrations done by Kat Powell as each member grows and connects with one another with every passing year.

Children will love following Dean and Levi as they visit Grant’s Farm. They will see all the different animals on the farm. It is also great to see how they return for other holidays and how things change and stay the same, highlighting how one place can bring many different memories and emotions. It is touching to see how not only did the farm change over time but so did the family.

This story hits a very emotional spot by the end. It showcases the time we all have together and highlights the fact that we should all fully enjoy the experiences we have with one another and be so grateful for the time allotted to us. Our love and memories of the past make up a good part of who we are as people. The message of family is delivered clearly enough for any reader to grasp and enjoy.

Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm is a touching children’s book about the importance of cherishing family. This book made me reflect on my memories with loved ones who are still with us and those who are not. Although it made me tear up by the end, they were happy tears. I would recommend this to any reader; just maybe grab a tissue or two.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B0BFM85GX7

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Grandman Dean’s Preschool Adventures

Grandman Dean's Preschool Adventures (Adventures with Pop Pop Book 2) by [WARREN MARTIN, Star Huddleston, Karen Tucker]

The second book in the Adventures with Pop Pop series follows Grandman Dean to preschool. Readers get to follow along as Dean learns about all the fun activities that happen at school. This is a great story to read to children that are about to go to school for the first and might be apprehensive about what they will encounter. This is one of the few children’s book that I’ve read that shows a great variety of the different activities that can happen at school. I even remember the day when I was young when a firetruck showed up to school. Each scene at school shows a different activity and shows what is great about it in an easy-to-understand manner.

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s book with lots of cute and colorful pictures that will sure keeps kids’ attention as their parents read the story. My favorite scene was of Dean holding a picture of his family that he drew. It was so cute. Warren Martin’s book provides plenty of fun and education as Grandman Dean goes on his preschool adventure.

Grandman Dean’s Preschool Adventures is an enjoyable and instructive children’s picture book that is perfect for young kids who want to read a fun story or need a little encouragement to get to that first day of school.

Pages: 58 | ASIN: B08XX3HC3K

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Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping

Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping (Adventures with Pop Pop Book 1) by [Warren Martin, Star Huddleston, Karen Tucker]

Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping follows young Dean and his grandfather, ‘Pop Pop’, on a trip to a big-box store, which they endearingly call ‘big shopping’. Dean and Pop Pop’s trip to the store is filled with many things that many people are used to; pushing the shopping cart, roaming the aisles, and best of all, finding the toy aisle.

What I loved most about this book was how it presented an everyday trip to the store as an adventure. This book is able to capture the unique view of the world that children have and bring it to life on the page with colorful images that are bright, simple, and adorable. Children will love pointing out all the cute toys found throughout the book and parents will undoubtedly recognize things they do in the store with their own children. Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping shows that not every story needs to be about some wild fantasy world. Memories are made every day, within our normal lives, by doing them with the ones we love and creating our own fun. Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping is the first book in author Warren Martin’s Adventures with Pop Pop series. I really enjoy this down to earth children’s series and I think any parent and child will as well.

Pages: 18 | ASIN: B084DKMB36

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