Daisy, Bold & Beautiful

Daisy, Bold & Beautiful by [Collins, Ellie]

Daisy Jane, affectionately known as D.J. by family and friends, has experienced great loss and faces the challenge of attending a new school. With the support of her loving father, D.J. heads into the daunting situation with strength and a resolve to make friends and succeed academically. D.J. has another source of strength–her fern. Unlike many girls her age, D.J. opts for outdoor activities instead of games, stuffed animals, and make-up. Having inherited her mother’s love and great skills for gardening, D.J. strives to introduce her new friends to her interests as she learns from a unique acquaintance of her own that friendships involve compromise.

Ellie Collins book, Daisy, Bold and Beautiful, is a highly engaging tale woven with bits of mythology. Collins has managed to take some of the more complex elements of Greek mythology and finesse them into verbiage that is relatable and entertaining for tween readers. Most middle school students would not choose to read about gods and goddesses in the formats with which we are all familiar. Collins is providing her readers with a sure-fire hit that will involve readers, teach them the basic outline of the story of Persephone and Hades, and never let them realize how much they are learning. That, my friends, is the true hallmark of a successful writer.

Collins hits the mark with her dialogue, her main character’s emotions, and the dynamic between two very different friend groups. Young readers will be able to find themselves easily in one or more of the characters. The mere mention of popular video game titles is a huge draw for gaming fans, but Collins is thorough with descriptions, the exchanges between the characters as they excitedly discuss scenarios, and the way they are wrapped in the world of the game itself to the exclusion of all else. The author, without a doubt, knows her stuff.

As I read, I became increasingly amazed at Collins’s stunning ability to pull out the most relevant parts of Persephone’s story and meld them into modern day scenarios. Nowhere else have I read such perfectly revamped story lines. It takes quite the imagination and a firm grip on the mentality of today’s youth to manage a task like this. If I am being completely honest, I have to say I learned a great deal myself regarding Hades and Persephone’s relationship. Collins nails it. I would not hesitate to read this story to and with fifth graders in my after school tutoring group and recommend it to any teacher or parent seeking to spice up a reading list.

As a teacher, I am thrilled to see such highly relatable text for middle schools students. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Collins follows this exceptionally well-written piece with many more. Her ability to teach young readers Greek mythology on the sly is to be envied!

Pages: 150 | ASIN: B07BKRVGDX

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  1. Thank you SO much for all the very kind words. I just read this to Ellie (who is sitting across the room, doing her Language Arts homework) and neither of us could be more thrilled with your beautiful review! Ellie LOVED writing Daisy, Bold & Beautiful, but she hadn’t even finished that project before she started her next. Due out Thursday November 1st (just 3 more days!!!) is the 2nd in her series, Mylee In The Mirror. This tale features Aphrodite, and Ellie decided to challenge herself as a writer. It was pretty easy for her to relate to D.J. and her friends in Daisy, Bold & Beautiful, as she was the same age as the characters. Mylee is a freshman in high school, so Ellie had to do a little extra research on an age group she hasn’t reached yet. Luckily she wrote it this past summer, just after her older brother finished his freshman year, and he made himself available to answer random “What would a 9th grader do with this?” and “What would a 9th grader say to that?”-type questions. All the better that he was around to help, because Ellie challenged herself even further by having TWO main characters in this tale – Mylee, along with her best friend and teammate, Tyson. She had so much fun writing from the point of view of a boy that she’s thinking the main character in her next book just might be a boy, too! Thanks again. To earn such high praise from a teacher has Ellie totally walking on air! 🙂

  2. Murphy’s Law – mention a book release date on something you can’t edit, and 5 minutes later you’ll get an email from your publisher, apologizing about a delay. Looks like Mylee In The Mirror will be out November 5th, not the first. We’re still really close, though, so it’s still a very exciting time! 🙂

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