The Covenant Names of God

In The Covenant Names of God, Richard Sones shares scriptures and tales from the Bible that show how God reveals himself to human beings. I highly recommend this book to readers trying to find God and those new to Christianity. Richard Sones writes in-depth, discussing various aspects of the Bible, religion, and human beings. The author lists the many covenant names God is known as. They are Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Ropheka, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shamah, Jehovah Zidqenu, Jehovah Mqaddishcem, Jehovah Ro-ih, and Jehovah Shalom. Richard Sones introduces readers to names they may never have heard before and discussed the significance of these covenant names.

As a reader, you experience a new wave of biblical knowledge. Richard Sones writes as an expert and gives the reader a clear view of God. I enjoyed reading the content in this book as it strengthens one’s faith as a believer. In addition, there are different examples the author uses to show the reader how beautiful life can be when you trust in God.

There are many reasons that made the reading experience a delight. I like how the author uses different characters in the Bible, makes comparisons with the modern man, and expounds on how living during the Bible’s time was different from life today. The author is patient with his readers and explains even the most basic concepts. Richard Sones will get you to understand the Bible in the simplest way ever. I applaud the author for focusing on uplifting, enlightening content and nourishing the soul of the average believer. Reading about the covenant names of God exposes you to a diverse side of religion.

This book is spiritual, and the language used is inviting. The tone in the book is convincing, and one is assured that the words they are consuming will help them in the future. There is no better way of understanding our creator than reading this amazing book. You get to learn about covenants and are taught the various covenants of agreements human beings made between themselves and God.

The biggest lesson in this influential book is love and kindness. The love of God is more significant than all. The lessons shared in this book will enable you to become a better person and better understand faith. Richard Sones’s style of writing is distinct. The author infuses rare elements in his writing that make the book more striking. Richard Sones made me more aware of who I am and allowed me to learn about Jesus on a broader scale.

The Covenant Names of God is a fantastic supplement to the Bible. It is something to be read and give deep thought to. The encouraging words in this divine book will push readers to pursue things that will help them on their physical and spiritual journey.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B09FFW3S5G

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