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The Church of God or Church of Man

The Church of God or Church of Man by James Rondinone helps believers choose churches that align with God’s ways and the teachings of the Holy Scripture. The author wrote an essential book for Christians, as many may not be aware of what goes on in the churches that they attend and how ministers, bishops, and pastors run their places of worship. In this book, Rondinone includes biblical references, how to worship, and what to look out for in a pastor and a church.

While some people may find this book a bit controversial, the author’s aim is to improve Christian worship and the growth of churches worldwide. I appreciate how Rondinone is raw and writes about the good, bad, and ugly sides of what’s often concealed in places of worship. His intentions are clear in that he aims to guide individuals to find a church with high leadership standards and scriptural ideas. It’s essential and vital to ask questions before joining a church, and the author offers a comprehensive checklist with features often skipped or forgotten.

Rondinone provides an in-depth look at the importance of joining a place of worship with programs for various groups, such as men, women, youth, children, and ample accommodations for weddings, social gatherings, and community involvement. He also invites readers to review a church’s principles concerning being a charitable ministry, how well leadership supports members, and other elements that contribute to being an excellent place to worship. The author also covers the ability of a church to closely follow the doctrines of the Christian faith, if the leadership is qualified, and how they ordain pastors and ministers. The book thoroughly delves into all aspects of practicing one’s faith and finding the right church for worship and community.

The Church of God or Church of Man by James Rondinone is a respectful, insightful look at churches and a guide for Christians and those unfamiliar with organizational structures and scriptural ideas. It’s a compelling read, and I recommend it as it brings positive changes and guidance in finding the right path for worship while promoting well-organized churches and supportive ordained leaders.

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Experiences of a Lifetime

Donald Brown’s book Experiences of a Lifetime is a memoir of his life. At the age of 88, he wrote a book that tells the stories he has experienced since his childhood as a farm kid living in New Mexico to various places not only in the USA but also in Europe and elsewhere in the world. He studied at Eastern New Mexico University, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and worked in several different positions, including president of a pharmaceutical company, national sales director, director of missions, and pastor.

All the stories and experiences that the author of the book shares with the reader are not chronological, but it does not affect the quality of the content in any way; in fact, it gives you a greater picture of his life when you finish the book and reflect on it. Experiences such as being assaulted by thieves in Egypt while visiting the pyramids, which eventually led to a new opportunity, helping people who survived hurricanes in several places, watching the sun ceremony of the Ute tribe, educational Hawaiian experience, and ordinary daily situations that will convince you that even in the little things there are hidden strong messages. The experiences that Brown shares are sometimes breathtaking. Each of his stories has a reference to the holy scriptures, as the author says, “in the hope that the reader will receive a practical benefit,” and in several cases, a powerful lesson.

Experiences of a Lifetime is a poignant memoir and inspirational story. It is written in an engaging but light style; quotations and references to holy scriptures do not feel like a sermon but rather like the narration of an acquaintance who tries to advise you in various situations and directs you more toward God. If you like traveling and short stories and are open to perceiving the world in a way other than logic, it is worth reading this book.

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Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritising Internal Truth over External Influence

Divine. Messy. Human. is an excellent work of art that covers the broad spectrum of what it is to be human. The book’s title should give the reader advanced notice that you’re in for a ride on the rollercoaster that is quite honestly “Us” or what we call “being human.” Though this book speaks to what we might call the “human condition,” it really is quite spiritual in its constitution and meaning, with the understanding that spirituality isn’t something that one needs to aspire to. Instead, this book speaks to the spiritual and the physical, or the manifest world as one and the same, and that we need only align our Higher and Lower Selves to take full advantage of our Divine Humanity.

The absolute beauty of this book, Divine. Messy. Human. It is about a subject that eludes most people: “As within, so without.” Whenever the said subject is approached, the average person automatically assumes a posture of spirituality, thinking they need to “straighten up and fly right.” The problem is that this way of thinking often steers us in the wrong direction regarding our most beneficial path in this life.

Amanda Kate has done an outstanding job of taking the human experience and removing the “mysticism” or “spiritual materialism” from the equation. The way she brings the subject matter into the realm of “everyday folk” that can be understood by the individual as she lays out her views of what it means to be human, not from the elevated platform of a titled position, but from a first-hand, honest “human” perspective.

If there were one negative thing I could say about this book, that one thing would quite possibly be the most positive aspect of the entire work, which is the fact that we are very messy as humans, a fact the author drives home by laying “herself” bare in as an example. This self-help book is filled with the message of self-acceptance and self-empowerment. It is a must-read for those that want to take control over their lives and live with peace in their heart and souls.

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Elizabeth H. Cottrell wants to bring back the art of note writing. Through her book Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire, the author takes us down memory lane, discussing note writing back in the day and how it compares to modern-day forms of communication. Elizabeth Cottrell writes with a special grace that gives her words warmth and shows her compassion. Readers will know that she writes from the heart and writes to leave an impact. Reading this book will give readers a feeling of nostalgia.

The author starts the book by describing to the reader the purpose of writing the book and also giving a little history of writing. Elizabeth notes down how writing came into being, how ancient folk communicated, and why communication was critical. I found delight in learning about the papyrus paper and how ground-breaking it was back then. One of Elizabeth Cottrell’s strengths is the ability to virtually take the reader back in time. While reading about ancient forms of communication and how writing was, the reader gets into the moment and experiences the author’s text as she expresses her thoughts.

The discussion gradually moves from the ancient communication use of parchment papers by Greeks to letter writing and note writing. I enjoyed this part the most as the author included bits of her years growing up and how valuable writing and receiving letters were. I like how passionate the author is when writing about this subject. One can feel her ties to note writing and its significance. Elizabeth Cottrell writes about how exciting it was to receive a note written by family and friends and also articulates how the culture is slowly but surely fading away. Reading this book will make me miss the simplicities of life before technology. The author is clear in her message and does not condemn modern forms of communication; rather, she compares and writes enthusiastically about note writing as a superpower even in Today’s world.

Elizabeth Cottrell shares some intimate moments in her life. The author writes about how notes make her feel and perfectly puts in words the authenticity message in notes feel, compared to those sent via electronic media. There is nothing wrong with sending messages via email or text messages. The major lesson drawn from this book is that as we embrace tech trends, we should not toss aside the beauty that comes with note writing. The author shares how you can fervently write notes and how the habit will help you cultivate new relationships and get you to bond and connect more with people close to you.

Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire is an easy read which brings about lots of memories and also has lifelong lessons. Apart from learning about the weight of note writing, Elizabeth Cottrell also shares how you can use the art of note writing in your professional life. The author shares tips on how to improve your writing skills and how you can find your own voice through words. These guidelines are useful in your personal life and can help you run your business.

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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now? Building a Solid Christian Foundation by Nakia Trader is a Christian book that aims to guide new believers and seasoned Christians alike on what to do next after professing Jesus Christ as their savior. This book is an 8-chapter book detailing the author’s walk in the Christian faith from her teenage years to adulthood.

Nakia Trader tells of her strained relationship with her father, who verbally abused her for years. The trauma of this experience made her question if she was worthy of love, both from the people around her and from God. The consequence was a fall from the place of belief and faith in God. Over the years, she realized her inability to maintain her relationship with God was because she didn’t have the proper guidance on how to strengthen her faith and be assured of God’s love at all times.

Recognizing some of the burning questions that new believers ask, Nakia addressed the doubts bound to spring up. With quotes from older Christians and Bible scriptures, the author ended her story of rededication to God by highlighting what you can do in your new life in Christ. From providing practical steps on how to study God’s word, and how and why you should pray to even demonstrating the importance of fellowship with brethren, Nakia left no stone unturned.

In reading this book, you cannot fail to notice the unmistakable desire of the author to have new believers get to know God the right way. Many Christian books dwell on building spiritual fortitude, but only a few acknowledge the questions that stir doubt among the Christian faithful, especially when they go through difficult times. So, it is refreshing that What do I do now? also tackles in simple language the hassles believers will be faced with because of their faith, isolation, and persecution being chief among them.

What Do I Do Now?: Building a Solid Christian Foundation is for new and struggling believers. This book is an invaluable manual to keep handy. When you don’t know what to do next after receiving the salvation of Christ, this book will be a good compass to guide and stir you back to the path of righteousness in Christ.

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The Left Turn

The Left Turn by Becky Parker Geist is the first book in the Split Universe Series. The book is a blend of genres, part science fiction, part romance, part self-help book, and part beginners guide to quantum physics. That may sound like a strange mix but rest assured, Geist nails it.

The book follows Hannah and James, a couple who have been together forever. Both characters are haunted by their pasts. Hannah is a mess of anxiety and neuroses, whilst James is unable to settle, determined to forever keep pushing forward. Both unhappy with their lives, a sudden decision made by Hannah during a seemingly ordinary bike ride throws both of them into a parallel universe.

In this new universe, they are seemingly separated, both left with few memories of their former lives. Yet, both set out on a journey of self-discovery to discover their authentic selves as they attempt to fill the shoes of their alt-universe counterparts.

The book is excellently written, and Geist proves adept at blending genres. The characters and the story itself are both deeply engaging. Geist sprinkles mysteries throughout the book as the reader is left trying to work out the differences between universes. At times these mysteries can feel like plot holes. For example, who is Bob? But it seems that the loose threads Geist leaves here are picked up in the next book.

The book deals heavily with quantum physics and the idea of self-actualization. These are clearly things Geist is passionate about, and for the most part, she weaves them into the book naturally. No prior knowledge of quantum physics is required to enjoy the book, but a little might help. Geist seems to know this as she name-drops several beginner guides to quantum physics.

There are many minor characters Hannah and James meet through this journey. The people they encounter come across as walking, talking self-help books at times. These characters have a tendency to dive into deep conversations with complete strangers in a way that can feel a little unnatural. Still, it is a great way to get information and help the main characters figure out themselves.

The Left Turn is an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has left me with several questions I can’t wait to answer in the sequel.

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Finding Happiness In The Dark

Finding Happiness In The Dark is an insightful self-help book with actionable tools and pragmatic tips that will help readers find their genuine self and discover authentic happiness. The book covers issues such as depression and other mental illnesses in a raw and real way. What I found compelling was the way in which the author does not shy away from these difficult topics, but instead faces them down with information, experience, and sober guidance. Author Kenneth Liddane shares his own experiences while putting the focus on the overall human experience. The book doesn’t just focus on mental health struggles but rather on the journey we call life and the fact that we are faced with constant ups and downs.

Liddane’s knowledge and experience as a holistic counselor and mind coach shows in his writing and in his thoughtful approach to helping others. The author dives into the conscious and subconscious mind, perception, and concepts that are crucial in psychology but also crucial in understanding ourselves and the people around us. Liddane helps readers to identify obstacles, both internal and external, that effect us negatively and provides ways to overcome them.

This is an inspiring book and the author’s writing makes the text feel like you are speaking to a sympathetic life coach. I appreciated how concise this book is, wasting no time to dive deep into topics, but what I really appreciated about this book was how easy it is to understand.

The author states that the ultimate goal of this book is to provide knowledge and support so that anyone can learn to accept all aspects of themselves. Once you can accept all aspects of yourself you can gain a greater understanding of your own subconscious mind, and learn to work with it instead of against it.

Finding Happiness In The Dark is an enlightening guide that will help readers reach their full potential. This book can be a powerful tool for readers who struggle with with negative thoughts, and struggle with finding happiness.

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On The Turning Away

Author Xavier Hernandez takes readers through the different stages of life, explaining the changes that people undergo and discussing why transition is important. In his thought-provoking book, he uses the analogy of the children’s game Hide and Seek to discuss the complexities of life and the nature of human beings. Hernandez’s writing style is engaging and gives the reader a sense of belonging. The author talks not only about his experiences but also about his observations and hypothetical situations. Reading this intriguing book will get readers thinking about everything they have to appreciate in life and make them more aware of what they are seeking in their hearts.

The author lets readers into his world as he talks about family, work, culture, and other personal things. He is open to the readers as he shares the knowledge, wisdom, and insight he has gained over the last forty years. In On The Turning Away: The Real Life Hide & Seek, readers are shown some of the realities that impact life and inhibit growth at times. The author then inspires readers to reach for greater heights and to fulfill the dreams they have kept hidden away inside themselves. Hernandez wants to help readers develop a positive view of life. The author discusses what ails human beings and the activities one can take to become a better version of themselves.

The writing style used is straightforward and conversational. The author’s tone is considerate and he is thoughtful in his writing and encourages readers to embrace the changes needed to achieve their own goals.

On The Turning Away: The Real Life Hide & Seek is an inspirational book that will resonate with readers in all stages of life and from all demographics. This is an excellent reference if you are a student aiming for the corporate world, married, planning on starting a family, advancing your career, or going through a transition in your life.

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