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Life After Losses

Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life by [James LaVeck]

James LeVeck takes the reader on a personal journey of loss, healing, moving on, facing loss again, mourning, and learning how to handle bereavement. Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life is not an emotionally easy book to read; I had to put the book down several times to compose myself. The traumas, emotional turmoil, and agony shared by the author make the reader appreciate life and everything that we go through. James LaVeck is candid about his life, something not many people are able to do. I applaud him for being bold and sharing the most intimate details about himself. Reading this book will help you connect with your inner self and help you go through the grieving process.

There are many lessons shared by the author. My biggest takeaway from this book is that it is okay to be vulnerable no matter your age. Life After Losses is the book you need by your side whenever you are mourning or going through a difficult time in life. James LaVeck’s words are inspiring and give one a sense of belonging. The author will encourage you and motivate you to be yourself. Cry your tears; make the world know that you are grieving. Along with his emotional support the author also provides readers with the lessons he has learned about trying to move on. This book is filled with practical and comforting advice that will help anyone overcome the seemingly insurmountable grief they face when losing a loved one.

James LaVeck’s book is emotional but ultimately uplifting and empowering. I enjoyed his stories about his first and second husband. Though the content is potent, this memoir is short and easy to read. Life After Losses is a sentimental memoir with a powerful message that will stay with you long after you put the book down.

Pages: 170 | ASIN: B08NRMZQM1

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A Change of Scenery: The Canon City Chronicles

A Change of Scenery: The Canon City Chronicles - Book 4 Sweet Historical Western Romance (The Cañon City Chronicles) by [Davalynn Spencer]

Change of Scenery by Davalynn Spencer follows the life of Ella as she tries to reclaim her life by moving to Colorado. And while she has made peace with the fact that her love for riding and romance had been permanently taken away from her by a tragic accident, a chance meeting with Cale changes everything.

Throughout the story, we get insight into both Cale and Ella’s lives and the tragic events that have shaped who they are. Although the story is based in the 1900s, many of their problems are quite relatable, especially their grief.

The main themes of this emotionally-charged novel are; love, family, healing and second chances. And the author does a splendid job at bringing them to life. Davalynn Spencer brings us into Ella’s pain, making it relatable and easy to empathize with. We are also given details into the life of Cale’s grief-stricken brother, Hugh as he struggles to move on in the wake of his wife’s death.

Another important character is Hellen, a mother figure to both Cale and Hugh who takes up the care of the latter’s young children, eventually filling a big hole in their family. Ultimately, this story is as tender as it is personal. The plot is solid though somewhat predictable and the characters are well developed. The author has really excelled in bringing the 1900s to life, successfully building a narrative that combines both the age of horses and that of the automobile.

The one thing that I did not expect was how Cale behaves towards Ella – he pushes her to be better and not settle for less. Otherwise, most of the narrative tallies with what I expect from a western romance novel. The writing style used matches the typical style of historical fiction, perfect for fans of the genre looking to be immersed. When it comes to catering to historical romance audience, the author has truly excelled.

If you love elegant and heartfelt historical romances, filled with intriguing characters, and set in the western frontier, then Change of Scenery by Davalynn Spencer is the book for you. This was a western that was hard for me to put down, and stayed with me long after the last page.

Pages: 254 | ASIN: B08RWJBTWG

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