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Addison Braves Brazil

Addison’s family is planning a trip to Brazil, and Addison is preparing herself for quite the adventure. What begins as some light reading to become familiar with the beaches she is looking forward to visiting becomes something a little less inspiring. Before she knows it, Addison is reading about some of Brazil’s less appealing features, and she begins to dread their trip as she pictures herself amidst a plethora of jungle-dwelling bats, bugs, and snakes! Will her trip be everything she fears? Or will she find a different side of Brazil–one that will amaze her and leave her with fun memories?

Addison Braves Brazil, written by Laura James and illustrated by Jasmine Smith, follows young Addison as she travels with her family, meets new people, and finds herself having a very different experience than the one she anticipated. James’s book offers young readers a look at Brazil while also addressing issues with which readers will relate to including bullying, some common medical problems, and children’s misconceptions.

Addison Braves Brazil is the second in a series by the author. This book has a unique structure and offers readers a thorough look at a long list of words that begin with the letter “b.” While it is written for readers who are typically older than those who are studying initial consonants, it is a great addition to school libraries and classroom libraries for grades K-5. There are many ways James’s book can be incorporated into a curriculum. The author has essentially handed parents and teachers a wonderful tool filled with vocabulary words and their definitions used in context–a teacher’s dream come true.

Addison Braves Brazil is a children’s adventure story that is a great addition to a child’s library. Within one book, young readers will be introduced to nearly 40 pages that are filled with challenging vocabulary words. James’s work is an asset to any parent, homeschool, curriculum, or classroom. It is short enough to read in a couple of sittings and lays the framework for some great discussions for both teachers and students. As a teacher, I look forward to more installments in this series.

Pages: 41 | ASIN : B09SBS5622

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Hot Shot

Solomon King has only ever done things one way- his way…much to the chagrin of his superiors. However, despite their frustrations, no one could deny that Solomon was one of the greatest assets to the Durham Police Department. He ends up assigned to a case involving a string of apparently random, accidental deaths, determined to prove their connection to each other and find the person behind it all. With little more to go on than some tenuous leads and a deep gut instinct, Solomon has to work against time and a police task force to solve a crime with no solid clues. But, if anyone can do it, Solomon King can.

Hot Shot by Wayne Daye is written in the solid tradition of hard-boiled crime thrillers. This suspenseful action novel reads like a fast-paced, cat-and-mouse game between a grizzled old detective and an unhinged killer. While the killer is introduced to the readers reasonably early on, watching Solomon and his partner trying to connect the dots and reach the same conclusion is both tense and exciting. Daye creates enough twists and turns to keep the story fresh while keeping things from ever getting too deep. Readers will enjoy following the clues and watching as Solomon analyzes facts and uses his intuition to make connections that other team members miss.

This intriguing story is a fun and enjoyable read. There were some editing challenges in parts where readers may have to slow down and reread a few lines, but overall this does not distract from the novel’s composition. The creativity of this unique storyline makes up for any missteps there may be in editing. Watching the mind of a star detective at work is always fascinating, and the killer was also a well-written and multi-faceted character who was fun to watch.

Hot Shot is a riveting crime mystery novel that lovers of detective stories will gravitate to. The character of Solomon makes this suspenseful thriller novel a must-read.

Pages: 217 | ASIN : B08T5X667Q

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A Brownstone In Brooklyn 

In order to evolve, it is necessary to observe the past, so that we do not make the same mistakes. The fictional work A Brownstone In Brooklyn by author Julius Thompson exemplifies this theory very well. The story takes place in 1960, a turbulent period in America. The story deals with the dilemmas experienced by Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man who like many others in that context, had his conflicts being measured with social and economic conflicts. Racial struggles and prejudice were important markers of the time, not only in New York, but in the world.

The accounts brought by the author are totally necessary to understand the path taken by society, which even today cannot be considered a vanquished struggle, and racism has not been decimated by far. The description of the story and the dialogues between the characters give the reader a feeling of familiarity and belonging to the plot, because it is done in a simple and ordinary way, showing the daily life of a peripheral place. In this way, the reading becomes instigating and easy, turning an extremely serious and pertinent subject into something of simple interpretation for everyone.

To approach a theme of this magnitude and lead the reader to search his or her conscience is not easy, however, Thompson has done it masterfully in this work. The importance of the racial movements and their precursors is made evident at every moment in the stories of the Brooklyn residents’ daily lives, and the positive impact they had on the way they see themselves not only as citizens, but also as people who deserve to be culturally appreciated and recognized for their beauty.

A Brownstone In Brooklyn by author Julius Thompson allows readers to be immersed in the story and really understand the sixties in America in a contextual and individual way. It will make a lasting impression on readers who enjoy stories based on reality and African American historical fiction.

Pages: 184 | ASIN : B004ZW98S4

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