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Mercy: The Devil is in the Details…

Mercy: The Devil is in the Details... by [Alan J. Paul]

Anthony’s life has never been what most would call normal. From an early age, his entire family was plagued by one tragedy after another. Anthony can’t escape what some might consider to be the family curse. When he is dared to enter a room otherwise off-limits to students at his military school, he again meets up with an old acquaintance–an entity vile in the most personally devastating ways. One after another, the demon lists his family’s shames leaving Anthony to fear what may follow. Once Anthony steps from the cursed room, will his life ever be the same? Will he look at his family in a new, more ominous light?

Mercy: The Devil is in the Details, by Alan J. Paul, follows Anthony Banna on a strange venture into the supernatural as he deals with the presence of a demon who seems hellbent on showing Anthony the error of his family’s ways. Anthony is introduced to the entity as a young boy and can’t seem to shake it. It’s almost poltergeist-like feel makes the demon all the more palpable and keeps readers on their toes.

The author has mastered the art of the backstory. Including a good bit of historical fiction/supernatural history, he has created a truly terrifying read. The notion that a possession can pass from generation to generation is as unsettling as it is fascinating. No matter where Anthony is, he faces the return of the demon–his fate seems sealed. His resolve to prepare himself and remain armed for the next encounter makes for a well-rounded character. It is interesting to watch Anthony research and gather an arsenal of information to combat what is coming his way.

The introduction of Professor Gilligan into Anthony’s life is a godsend for Anthony as well as the reader. It is through Gilligan we see how deeply disturbing the study of the occult can be. Gilligan’s own story adds a new layer to the plot and enhances Anthony’s own family tragedy all the more. There is something about a tragic character who draws strength from his adversity that draws me into a book. Both Anthony and Gilligan are these types of characters. As a team, they are unstoppable.

Readers who are interested in the religious aspect of angels and demons will find Paul’s work a fascinating supernatural read based on historical religious figures and tied neatly into an engaging fictional account of one man’s struggle to overcome his family’s mistakes. Paul’s main character is memorable and relatable and takes readers on quite the thrill ride through history and into his present day nightmare.

Pages: 213 | ASIN: B086JDH43C

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