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The News According to Mr. Freels

The News According to Mr. Freels is a feel-good read that will have you smiling from beginning to end. Readers are introduced to an old man named Mr. Freels, who lives alone and spends his days sitting on his porch listening to the news. Mr. Freels likes to share the news with anyone who would listen, but unfortunately, he cannot hear so well, so the news he relays to others is not always accurate.

Author Sheri Lynn Buckner has written a story that takes young readers to a time when life was simple, and people would enjoy time outside and even enjoy having conversations with one another. Mr. Freels’s character is charming, and he reminded me of hearing a story about my grandfather. The images in the story are so beautiful and transport the reader into Mr. Freels’ world. I appreciated that the author not only told a story but she also aimed to challenge the reader by asking questions at the end of the book. This is the perfect way to involve the reader and to test their comprehension. There is also a section at the end of the book where the reader can write down the definition of words that they did not understand.

This book is the perfect read for parents to share with their young ones, and the activities at the end will certainly be a great project to work on together. I highly recommend this charming and captivating read to those who want to learn a little about history and simpler times.

Pages: 46 | ASIN : B093LKCSBF

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